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Marvin Gaye's Abiding Unrest
I anticipated an upbeat conversation full of the self-righteous I-told-you-so fervor so many performers, back from commercial death, inflict upon interviewers and the public. After all, Gaye was in the midst of one of the most thrilling comebacks in pop music history. “Sexual Healing,” some freedom from the IRS, CBS’s mammoth music machine in high gear for him, and adoration from two generations of fans, were all part of a wave of prosperity. Even his stage act, in the past marked by a palpable diffidence, had been spellbinding. The night before, at San Mateo’s Circle Star Theater, he had been brilliant, performing all the good stuff, and even reviving Mary Wells’s “Two Lovers,” one of Smokey’s best early songs, about a total schizophrenic, a man who was both lovingly faithful and totally amoral.
nelsongeorge  villagevoice  r&b  soul  music  marvingaye 
may 2017 by brendanmcfadden
The High Lonesome Gospel of Al Green
Let’s look at the facts about Al Green. Or rather, the fact, the biographical detail he does not discuss, the moment around which the whole story turns: At 4 A.M., October 18, 1974, when the last, great, sweet falsetto soul singer of the South eased into a bath after a long night of recording and got a pan of boiling-hot grits poured on him by a spurned lover.
algreen  music  soul  r&b  oxfordamerican 
february 2016 by brendanmcfadden
The Godfather of King Drive
Arrow Brown wanted badly to be a player--he wore a black hat, packed heat even in church, and exploited a houseful of wives and concubines to finance a record label. But his tiny empire wouldn't last.
music  arrowbrown  banditrecords  numerogroup  eccentricsoul  r&b  soul  chicago  crime  chicagoreader 
june 2015 by brendanmcfadden
D'Angelo Interview at the Red Bull Music Academy
D'Angelo opens up about his career in a rare extensive interview as part of Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York.
d'angelo  nelsongeorge  interview  music  r&b  video  youtube 
september 2014 by brendanmcfadden
Meet ILoveMakonnen, The Eccentric Rapper Drake And Miley Cyrus Want To Be Down W...
Makonnen Sheran, 25, on facing manslaughter charges, quitting his day job, and battling depression. “I just wanted to kill myself, honestly. Now everything is starting to pick up.”
makkonsheran  ilovemakonnen  hiphop  r&b  music  atlanta  buzzfeed 
september 2014 by brendanmcfadden

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