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A 17th-Century Russian Community Living in 21st-Century Alaska - The Atlantic
This clan has traveled from Russia through China, Brazil, and Oregon to make a home in the remote north, struggling to avoid modernization.
alaska  oldbelievers  theatlantic  Nikolaevsk  religion 
december 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Two Pastors in Love, and Only God Knows - The New York Times
Ms. Brown, 46, and Ms. Gause, 45, both pastors of Rivers of Living Water United Church of Christ, which has locations in Newark and New York, heard much softer words on their wedding day while holding hands before the Rev. Dr. Yvette Flunder, the presiding bishop of the Fellowship of Affirming Ministries, who read from the First Epistle to the Corinthians.
marriage  relationships  lgbtq  pastors  religion  gaymarriage 
november 2017 by brendanmcfadden
The House Of Worship The Cheesecake Factory Built | The FADER
A well-funded California religious order announced plans to build a sanctuary. Then the battle lines were drawn.
california  culture  religion  cults  sufism  sufismreoriented  saranap  development  thefader  thecheesecakefactory 
july 2017 by brendanmcfadden
In the Fifties and Sixties, the Reverend Will Campbell marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and helped desegregate the University of Mississippi. Then he took his ministry in a different direction.
lawrencewright  rollingstone  reverendwillcampbell  civilrights  music  counterculture  religion 
july 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Faith and Family, in Transition - The New York Times
An evangelical minister reassesses his Brooklyn ministry when his father, also a minister, comes out as a transgender woman.
nytimes  religion  gender  transgender 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Religious Liberals Sat Out of Politics for 40 Years. Now They Want in the Game. - The New York Times
Faith leaders whose politics fall to the left of center are getting more
involved in politics to fight against President Trump’s policies.
nytimes  religion  politics  faith  religiousleaders  williamjbarber 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
The Past 50 Years of Israeli Occupation. And the Next. - The New York Times
Three months after the 1967 war, Israel’s ruling Mapai Party held a discussion on the future of the newly conquered territories. Golda Meir, who would become Israel’s leader a year and a half later, asked Prime Minister Levi Eshkol what he planned to do with the more than one million Arabs now living under Israeli rule.
israel  middleast  Palestine  1967war  religion  war  occupation 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Aleppo After the Fall - The New York Times
As the Syrian civil war turns in favor of the regime, a nation adjusts to a new reality — and a complicated new picture of the conflict emerges.
syria  asaad  corruption  nytimes  nytimesmag  aleppo  basharalassad  isis  terrorism  radicalislam  class  religion  war  civil  iran  turkey  russia 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
The Passion of David Bazan - Chicago Reader
At the Cornerstone Christian rock festival, a fallen evangelical returns to sing about why he broke up with God.
jessicahopper  chicagoreader  davidbazan  christianity  christianmusic  god  religion 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
From Indonesia, a Muslim Challenge to the Ideology of the Islamic State
The scene is horrifyingly familiar. Islamic State soldiers march a line of prisoners to a riverbank, shoot them one by one and dump their bodies over a blood-soaked dock into the water. But instead of the celebratory music and words of praise expected in a jihadi video, the soundtrack features the former Indonesian president, Abdurrahman Wahid, singing a Javanese mystical poem: “Many who memorize the Quran and Hadith love to condemn others as infidels while ignoring their own infidelity to God, their hearts and minds still mired in filth.”
nytimes  isis  islam  terrorism  religion 
february 2016 by brendanmcfadden
The Creation of Beachwood Canyon's Theosophist "Dreamland"
In 1918, LA Times reporter Grace Kingsley went to visit Krotona, the national headquarters of the Theosophical Society. This idealistic community of around 300 or so was nestled in the hills of Beachwood Canyon, above the expanding village of Hollywood.
curbed  curbedla  beachwoodcanyon  theosophism  krotona  hollywood  hollywoodhills  spirituality  religion 
january 2016 by brendanmcfadden
Lest Ye Be Judged
Pastor Dean has baptized 66 professional umpires, calling them safe in the only way that matters.
espnthemagazine  baseball  sports  umpires  religion 
june 2014 by brendanmcfadden
Valley of God
Faith in technology is at the heart of Silicon Valley but Christianity is a force here too– from Bible apps to the divine power of the internet
siliconvalley  technology  ftmagazine  religion 
september 2012 by brendanmcfadden

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