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The New Generation of Japanese Accommodations - The New York Times
Any traveler to Japan knows that its sense of hospitality — the sober, subtle beauty of the country’s lodgings, and the elegant, unobtrusive service within them — is unmatched anywhere else.
travel  japan  tmagazine 
december 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Bruce Chatwin: One of the Last Great Explorers - The New York Times
Forty years after the publication of his groundbreaking travelogue, ‘‘In Patagonia,’’ the author’s writing — and style— have lost none of their power to bewitch and inspire.
brucechatwin  patagonia  travel  argentina  chile  nytimes  tmagazine 
december 2017 by brendanmcfadden
What to Do (and Where to Stay) in the Western Catskills - The New York Times
One of New York’s last isolated frontiers, sleepy Sullivan County has finally found its place in the sun
newyork  upstatenewyork  catskills  westerncatskills  sullivancounty  nytimes  tmagazine  travel 
december 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Navigating Sometimes Chaotic, Always Fascinating Addis Ababa - The New York Times
Addis Ababa is the capital of the oldest independent country in Africa (though it was occupied by the Italians, Ethiopia was never formally colonized). The capital, where both Orthodox Christianity and Islam are practiced, is an extraordinary, fascinating and sometimes heartbreaking city. Dire poverty is still a harsh reality for many in the country despite a booming economy. And while the city can certainly be navigated inexpensively, you will also find fascinating cultural landmarks, wonderful food and an almost unparalleled coffee culture.
addisababa  ethiopia  africa  travel  nytimes  thefrugaltraveler 
december 2017 by brendanmcfadden
In Norway, the Journey Is the Destination - The New York Times
A writer finds emotional solace on some of Norway’s scenic remote
roads, which have been transformed into architectural wonders.
architecture  design  norway  travel  nytimes 
december 2017 by brendanmcfadden
180,000-Year-Old Candlelit Ali Barbour Cave Offers Unparalleled Fine Dining in Kenya | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building
We were delighted to discover the otherworldly Ali Barbour Cave Restaurant during our recent stay in Diani Beach, Kenya. Thought to be up to 180,000 years old, the multi-chambered coral cave reaches depths of up to 10 meters below ground - and it's been converted into a world-renowned fine dining establishment.
kenya  travel  inhabit  dianibeach  africa  restaurant  alibabarbourcave 
november 2017 by brendanmcfadden
In Spice-Laden Kerala, a Break From Urban India - The New York Times
Younger Indians, flush with disposable income and a
newfound appreciation of the cultural riches within their
own borders, have discovered Kerala. And for good reason
nytimes  travel  india  kerala  tea  teaestates 
november 2017 by brendanmcfadden
A Meditative Train Ride Through South Africa - The New York Times
My train journey between the two South African cities would take 26 hours and cover nearly 1,000 miles before reaching its terminus in Cape Town railway station on the coast. Besides tapping into a new found love of train travel, my trip on the Shosholoza Meyl Premier Classe provided the ultimate in affordable luxury: For 3,120 rand (plus a 75-rand booking fee, for a total of about $235), I had my own air-conditioned sleeper compartment, a shower and a proper dining car serving multicourse meals. And, of course, there were a multitude of vistas, from the grassy, steppe-like plateau in the heart of the country to the craggy Hex River Mountains in the southwest.
travel  nytimes  southafrica  africa  johannesburg  capetown  train  traintravel  trains 
november 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Detroit: The Most Exciting City in America? - The New York Times
In Detroit, the future is still being written. Time and time again I felt giddy with possibilities, informed in large part by the innovators I was talking to. Yet many of these same innovators — community activists, artists, small business owners — took issue with the trendy notion of a “New Detroit,” as this term largely ignored the fiercely independent and creative spirit that has existed in the city for decades and made Detroit such a haven for creatives and visionaries in the first place.
travel  detroit  michigan  nytimes 
november 2017 by brendanmcfadden
36 Hours in Kauai, Hawaii - The New York Times
All the raves you’ve heard are true. Kauai is a lush island with just the right mix of amenities and untamed beauty
hawaii  kauai  travel  nytimes 
november 2017 by brendanmcfadden
The Travel Podcast Comes Into Its Own - The New York Times
In a commissioned episode, Nate DiMeo, creator of the podcast the Memory Palace, invites guests of the Freepoint Hotel in Cambridge, Mass., to cross the street and wander around Fresh Pond while he tells a story. It’s a dreamy story that reaches well into the pond’s past in the 19th century when the entrepreneur Frederic Tudor managed to create an empire in the ice trade, shipping frozen blocks from the pond to distant, sweltering climes. The ice found its way into “the drinks of Maharajahs, of men and women in waterfront bars in midsummer in Martinique,” he says, over soft music that mixes in sounds referencing the industry and export geography. “He had turned pond water into a luxury item.”
travelpodcasts  podcasts  travel  nytimes 
november 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Five Places to Go in Ojai, Calif. - The New York Times
Long a haven for yogis, spa-goers and anyone with vaguely spiritual inclinations — the Ojai Valley runs east-west rather than north-south, which some say creates an “electromagnetic vortex” of good energy — the city is also drawing fashion types and foodies with new shops, restaurants and cool places to hang out. Many popular spots are located along or just off Ojai Avenue, the main drag that is easily traversable by foot or bike.
ojai  california  travel  travelguide  nytimes 
november 2017 by brendanmcfadden
The Brief, Wondrous, High-Flying Era of Zeppelin Dining - Atlas Obscura
The Hindenburg’s fattened ducklings and caviar were essentially German propaganda.
travel  history  atlasobscura  dining  zeppelin  airtravel 
october 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Vancouver Island, Through an Artist’s Eyes - The New York Times
Revered in British Columbia, little known in the U.S., the artist Emily Carr, born in Victoria in 1871, may be from another era, but amid environmental concerns, her words and images resonate.
canada  travel  vancouver  emilycarr  vancouverisland  nytimes 
october 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Hunting for the ‘Promised Land,’ Haunted by Chuck Berry - The New York Times
The musician’s 1964 hit chronicles the African-American experience in the 20th century. We followed Mr. Berry’s lyrical route to see what had changed.
nytimes  chuckberry  promisedland  travel 
october 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Meltdown - Outside
The writer travels with his father to Iceland and Greenland.
wellstower  outside  iceland  greenland  travel 
october 2017 by brendanmcfadden
In the Footsteps of Charles Darwin - The New York Times
A land-based vacation in the Galápagos offers snorkeling, cave
exploration, mountain hikes, tortoises and, sometimes, a little mystery.
galapagosislands  travel  nytimes 
september 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Mohonk’s Farm-to-Table Rebirth - The New York Times
The executive chef at the venerable Hudson Valley resort infused a “dependable” menu with purely regional flavors. The results are delicious.
hudsonvalley  monhonk  travel  upstatenewyork  nytimes  newpaltz  newyork  dining  food  restaurants 
september 2017 by brendanmcfadden
In New Yorkers’ Vacation Homes, Less Is More - The New York Times
For most people, if there’s a line to be drawn in terms of what can be bought on Craigslist — which somehow lives on after all these years — it might be at a house. Things to put inside a house, yes; materials to build a house with, sure; even a car, to be parked in the garage of a house that’s been rented via Craigslist — why not? But the house itself? That’s what real estate agents are for. And yet, to hear Amanda Bupp tell it, and to see Amanda Bupp’s house, buying a house on Craigslist is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, even a great idea.
nytimes  vacation  homes  travel  tinyhomes  tinyhouses  prefabhomes  prefabhouses  tmagazine 
september 2017 by brendanmcfadden
What to Do (and Where to Stay) in the Western Catskills - The New York Times
One of New York’s last isolated frontiers, sleepy Sullivan County has
finally found its place in the sun.
westerncatskills  catskills  newyork  upstatenewyork  travel  nytimes  tmagazine  sullivancounty 
september 2017 by brendanmcfadden
A Bohemian Surf Town in Bali, Where Serenity Rules - The New York Times
Escape the province’s bedlam with a quick pilgrimage to the artsy
coastal town of Canggu. Here’s where to eat, pray and chill there.
surftown  travel  nytimes  tmagazine  bali  canggu 
september 2017 by brendanmcfadden
The California of the Caucasus - The New York Times
Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, has an ancient wine culture, thermal
baths, excellent food — and an unlikely electronic music scene. Party on.
nytimes  tmagazine  travel  georgia  europe  tbilisi 
september 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Bornholm: Crafts and Sunshine on the Danish Isle - The New York Times
The homespun island oasis has inspired many an expat, and always has room for one more. We hear it’s particularly nice in the fall.
denmark  bornholm  travel  tmagazine  nytimes 
september 2017 by brendanmcfadden
On Anxiety, Writing, and Taking the Nature Cure - Catapult
The nature or “West cure” was developed in the nineteenth century to treat men with anxiety. Women were sent to bed.
travel  nature  thewest  anxiety  westcure 
july 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Andes Mountains + Sacred Valley - Paradise in Peru | Travel + Leisure
High in the Andes lies the the fertile paradise that gave rise to the Incan Empire which, even today, remains a place of almost divine communion between the land and its people. 
peru  andes  andesmountains  travel  travelandleisure  sacredvalley 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Tofino, the Canadian Surf Town Seafood Lovers Need to Visit | Bon Appetit
Tofino may be heaven on earth. If heaven were a tiny surf town in British Columbia surrounded by ancient rainforests, pristine coastline, and pine-covered peaks. chef Nick Nutting of local favorite Wolf in the Fog invites us along for an afternoon of foraging, driftwood-fire cooking, and plenty of fried oysters down by the water
tofino  britishcolumbia  canada  travel  food  bonappetit 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
A Spicy, Greasy, Cheesy, Boozy Southwest Desert Tour | Bon Appetit
Start with a Japanese spa in Santa Fe, end with a chic hotel in Austin, and try all the incredible tamales, tequila, and Texas BBQ you can't miss along the way.
travel  southwest  bonappetit  texas  newmexico  arizona 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Oaxaca: The Most Colorful City in Mexico | Bon Appetit
The art world has Mexico City. The fashion crowd takes Tulum. And for true food lovers? Oaxaca is the essential Mexican pilgrimage: a legendary destination for deep-flavored moles, brothy posoles, and more.
oaxaca  mexico  travel  food  bonappetit 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Why Pantin Is Paris's Next Great Neighborhood | Travel + Leisure
That's because it's a suburb. Pantin, a dynamic banlieue just beyond Paris's traditional boundaries, has improbably become the City of Light's next great epicenter of art and culture. Leave Le Marais to the tourists and come here to discover what's next for the French capital.  
pantin  paris  france  neighborhoods  travelandleisure  europe  travel 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
On a Georgia Island, a Lot of Good Food and Plenty of Nothing - The New York Times
Cumberland Island offers memorable meals, finefishing, wild horses, empty beaches and a rich history
georgia  travel  cumberlandisland  food  nytimes 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
An Adriatic Feast on the Italian Coast - The New York Times
For those pitiable souls suffering from a lifelong aversion to seafood, I propose Italy’s Adriatic coast as the place to get over it. Many times over the past two decades, I’ve navigated the trek from Venice to Trieste, two of Europe’s most bewitching cities. It was along this arc that I came to appreciate how Italy’s core culinary principle — a reliance on the freshest of ingredients — extends to the sea. Anyone who thinks that anchovies (alici) taste fishy, or that calamari is palatable only if it’s fried, or that the only worthwhile fish on an Italian menu is sea bass (branzino), needs to feast on Adriatic cuisine for a proper disabusing.
travel  food  italianfood  italy  adriaticcoast  seafood 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Finding My Florida - The New York Times
It’s a much-mocked place — but also many states in one. All of them can be
fascinating and, yes, sometimes weird.
florida  travel  jasondiamond  culture  nytimes 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Conquering Machu Picchu, the Cheap and Quick Way - The New York Times
“Was it worth it?” That’s the most common question I’ve fielded since I visited Machu Picchu, the ruins of a 15th-century Incan estate that sit almost 8,000 feet above sea level. Thrust back into prominence when the American explorer Hiram Bingham “discovered” it in 1911, it was used, by some accounts, as a palace, a retreat for the wealthy, a religious sanctuary or all three. Today, the photo-friendly ruins (popular with tourists and Obamas alike) receive thousands of visitors daily and are the engine that drives Peru’s tourism industry.
machupicchu  frugaltraveler  lucaspeterson  travel  peru 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
My Mexico City Is Everyone’s Now - The New York Times
Places that live on in the author’s memories have been
wholly transformed as tourists discover her hometown.
mexicocity  mexico  travel  nytimes 
may 2017 by brendanmcfadden
52 Places to Go in 2017 - The New York Times
There are thousands of getaways to explore this year. Here are some ideas to get you started.
travel  nytimes  2017  wheretogo 
may 2017 by brendanmcfadden
A Return to Guadeloupe: Tropical Life, French-Style - The New York Times
A food traveler went back to the Caribbean island amid
growing recognition for its cuisine. That wasn’t the only draw.
nytimes  travel  guadeloupe  caribbean  frenchcarribbean 
may 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Hiking in a Forest Born Out of Mount Fuji’s Lava - The New York Times
A thick forest thrives on hardened lava that once flowed down Mount Fuji’s northwestern flank into lakes that reflect the volcano’s snow-capped cone like rippling mirrors. Within it, the roots of hemlock and cypress trees snake out over the ground through a blanket of moss, and trails lead to deep caverns filled with ice.

The Aokigahara forest, as this tangle of woods is called, was born on 12 square miles of lava from an eruption in the year 864, the biggest in 3,500 years. The event left Japan’s rulers awe-struck and its countrymen inspired to worship the volcano as a god. A walk into this isolated place, where nature’s power to rebound from cataclysm is so clearly on display, can be intensely spiritual.
nytimes  japan  forest  hiking  mountfuji  travel 
may 2017 by brendanmcfadden
36 Hours in Marrakesh - The New York Times
In Morocco’s “Jewel of the South,” the streets and bazaars spill over with artistry, whether it be in architecture, cuisine, crafts or fine art.
marrakesh  nytimes  morocco  travel 
may 2017 by brendanmcfadden
My Paris: Seduced by the Past - The New York Times
Amid the chic cafes and boutiques in the Marais,
footnotes of antiquity around every corner.
paris  france  travel  nytimes 
may 2017 by brendanmcfadden
36 Hours in Sapporo, Japan - The New York Times
The capital of Hokkaido has more to offer than snow: urban parks and a spate of new galleries, shops and restaurants make this a city for all seasons.
travel  japan  sapporo  nytimes 
may 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Is Gascony the Most Delicious Corner of France? - The New York Times
Even a week or so spent eating and drinking your way around this rural
area of southwestern France is enough to spark a lifelong love affair.
france  travel  nytimes 
may 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Millennial Entrepreneurs Give Sleepy Montevideo a Fresh Jolt - The New York Times
On a recent afternoon in Montevideo, a young couple approached the counter at Futuro Refuerzos, a snug sandwich shop that features artisanal breads, house-made spreads and locally sourced meats. The woman was wearing a wide-brimmed felt halt and carried a vintage leather handbag; the man sported tousled curls, forearm tattoos and skinny jeans. There was nothing remarkable about this scene — stylish 20-somethings ordering gourmet sandwiches in a self-consciously rustic space — except that it unfolded in a destination that has seemed immune to hipsterdom.
uruguay  montevideo  nytimes  travel  south  america 
may 2017 by brendanmcfadden
The Other Airbnbs: Alternative Home-Sharing Rentals - The New York Times
What Airbnb has popularized — the peer-to-peer rental of apartments, homes and spare bedrooms — the market has embellished with a roster of new and growing services that offer home sharing.
travel  nytimes  homesharing  airbnb 
may 2017 by brendanmcfadden
The American Guide
THE AMERICAN GUIDE is a revival of the Depression-era guidebook series by the same name. It’s part archive curation from back in the day, part documentary travel in the here and now. It’s here to keep a state by state record of an America coming out of the Great Recession and beyond: to document people and places both pretty and hard because, all things being equal, that’s what makes America, America.
blogs  theamericanguide  travel  theunitedstates  america 
january 2016 by brendanmcfadden
Trouble in Paradise
Settled in 1790 by mutineers from the storied H.M.S. Bounty, Pitcairn Island is one of the British Empire’s most isolated remnants, a mystical hunk of rock that was largely ignored until 1996. Then Pitcairn’s secret was exposed: generations of rape and child molestation as a way of life. Delving into the South Pacific island’s past, the authors chronicle its 10-year clash with the British legal system, which ripped apart a tiny society.
vanityfair  pitcairnisland  crime  anthropology  society  sexuality  travel  rape 
september 2014 by brendanmcfadden
“On Tipping in Cuba”
In which the writer discovers the uncomfortable socio-macroeconomics of the cheap beach vacation
justice  economics  travel  cuba 
may 2012 by brendanmcfadden

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