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A brief catalog of citrus diseases with photos.
citrus  orange  lemon  disease  reference 
Preface :: Reasonably Polymorphic
This is good. A book about computer science written in a very informal fashion. Gates, logic, latches, numbers, etc.
compsci  book  memory  multiplexing 
3 days ago
Musicians' Guide
Lots of good info here on how linux deals with sound.
linux  music  fedora  explainer  hardware 
5 days ago
Gears – Bartosz Ciechanowski
Interesting visual, intutitive, and math explainer of how gears function.
engineering  physics  animation  gears 
7 days ago
Area of a Circle by Rabbi Abraham bar Hiyya Hanasi
Interesting takes on well known math formulas. Nifty.
math  explainer  geomety  algebra 
7 days ago
Ask HN: What's the best resource for learning modern x64 assembly? | Hacker News
A good Ask HN about learning 64-bit assembly language. Save for the links and discussion.
assembly_lang  programming  books  explainer 
11 days ago
Lease Calculator
Very good lease calculator. Helps you understand going in what you're really paying in terms of interest. Can help you "back out" what you're paying on an existing lease. Some good definitions and explainers here.
lease  finance  calculator  APR  explainer 
12 days ago
Reverse engineering my router's firmware with binwalk - #embeddedbits
The 'binwalk' program is a tool to extract data from firmware. It's a pretty cool tool.
firmware  diassembly  reverse_engineering  programming 
13 days ago
FOSDEM 2020 - Events
Huge list of videos and other links from FOSDEM 2020. Really a great resource.
fosdem  open_source  videos  programming  hardware 
14 days ago
computer generated art. Talks about principles and shows code and output. Really quite fascinating.
art  code  computer  programming 
14 days ago
Microsoft Word - CompilerConstruction1.doc - CompilerConstruction1.pdf
A good book from Niklaus Wirth about compiler design. Updated in 2017.
compiler  design  tutorial  explainer  book 
19 days ago
A very neat tool for securely syncing between two systems. Seems like a more secure rsync?
file_sync  sync  linux  backup  rsync 
21 days ago
Who Says Tcl Rules? | Hacker News
HN comments and links on the article. I still want to learn TclTk. I use Tkinter in Python and like it. The old AOL webserver is now called naviserver. I guess you can use it now to serve data to a Tk app? in addition to using it as a web server.
programming  tcl 
21 days ago
Recommended Books on Higher Mathematics | Math Vault
Modern list of math books for everyone from the high schooler to graduate student.
math  books  list  algebra  calculus  statistics 
24 days ago
Understanding UnboundLocalError in Python - Eli Bendersky's website
This is a great (if older) article about UnboundLocalError in python. Long story short, if you reassign a global variable in a local scope, you will, likely unknowingly, change it into a local variable. Use
global some_var
inside the local scope before doing any assignment and you'll probably be goo.
python  unboundlocalerror  gotcha  explainer  programming 
26 days ago
Fermat's Library | World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency annotated/explained version.
Lots of nice graphs here. Is this paper alarmist? I don't know. Truth is, I'm kinda ignorant when it comes to climate change.
climate_change  graphs 
28 days ago
Gamedev Tutorial: Dot Product, Rulers, And Bouncing Balls | Ming-Lun "Allen" Chou | 周明倫
An intuitive mathematical explanation of the dot product and how it relates to games, reflections, bouncing balls, etc. Very cool.
game_dev  math  dot_product  explainer  trigonometry 
29 days ago
Temporal finitism - Wikipedia
Pretty interesting overview of the topic of temporal finitism -- the idea that time is not infinite. Lots of clever reasoning here.
philosophy  temporal_finitism 
4 weeks ago
windows-curses · PyPI
ncurses for python on windows. I imagine this would be easier than porting any linux program to wconio, but not sure.
ncurses  windows  python  pypi 
4 weeks ago
Python Ternary Conditional Operator –
This guy explained the tuple form of the ternary expression quite clearly. I suspected the 'a' in (a,b)[some_test] was associated with a False outcome, and 'b' with the True, but he explained it quite clearly. Nice writing style. Save for future python and java questions.
python  java  explainer 
5 weeks ago
good stuff here and great links to other gnuplot stuff
gnuplot  howto  explainer 
5 weeks ago
The True Size Of ...
Corrects distortion on flat maps in a very clever way. Thus you can see visually that Africa is much bigger than Russia, unlike what appears on a 2D map projection.
map  cartography  distortion  true_size 
5 weeks ago
A university level, calculus-based course on physics from Yale Univ. Professor Shankar is the instructor.
physics  university  video_course  mooc 
5 weeks ago
Bash $* and $@
Inside a running bash script, these two commands can be used to find what arguments said script was called with. But there are some subtle differences between the two.
bash  linux  reference  gotcha 
5 weeks ago
Cross-platform gui. I think this comes from the same place that built lua. It looks pretty good. And it can be used from the C language. I downloaded the manual and another doc on 1-6-2020.
iup  gui  toolkit  portable  cross-platform  c  lua 
6 weeks ago
Memos from Howard Marks
Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital muses on negative interest rates, while being honest about the fact he doesn't fully fully understand them.

I learned a lot from this blog post.
economics  investing  interest  money 
6 weeks ago
Sensory substitution - Wikipedia
I had long thought about a device plastered on one's chest that could function as a vision system. Turns out I'm not the only one. But I never considered the possibility that one could substitute tactile sensation for auditory sensation. I did know about some blind persons using sonar clicks to navigate and even to identify objects. And I had considered creating a device that produced really sharply defined clicks (beyond the range of human hearing) and then changing them back into audible (perhaps via an earpiece) clicks for the benefit of the user. Again, it seems I was far from the first to think of this.

But this is a good article about substituting one sense for another with the aid of technology.
blind  deaf  sensory_substitution 
6 weeks ago
Postgres at any scale (Craig Kerstiens) - YouTube
A good postges database video from a really competent fellow giving a lecture at pycon.
postgres  database  guide  psql  json  sql 
6 weeks ago
HTTP Made Really Easy
Shows how to write servers and clients using the http protocol. Pretty cool.
http  guide  tutorial  networking  server  client  programming 
6 weeks ago
Details and guidelines for the placement of rebar mat foundations. Suggests the use of WWF between top layers as an aid to walking on mat during construction and pour.
rebar  mat_foundation  details  aci 
6 weeks ago
CRSI Fabrication Agenda 20150312.pdf
Some CRSI 2015 draft guidelines on stainless steel rebar.
rebar  inspection  stainless_rebar  guidelines  CRSI 
6 weeks ago
Advanced Methods of Structural Analysis - Igor A. Karnovsky, Olga Lebed - Google Books
A book about advanced structural analysis from a couple of Ukrainian (I think) engineers who were in Dick Birley's sphere in some way. Dick was in management at Condor and was part of the the company that initially developed ASA software for rebar. I don't think Dick was either an engineer or programmer -- not sure though. Just seemed to be a good guy who knew a lot about rebar. Condor Rebar Consultants in Vancouver, Canada was his company (at least partly?).

Anyway, this book, which you can read an awful lot of for free on google books, is probably a bit past my capabilities but it looks very interesting as I read the first chapter.
structural  analysis  birley  rebar  book 
6 weeks ago
BusKill: A kill cord for your laptop | Hacker News
HN Comments on an article about a clever magnetic breakaway USB plug used in connection with a udev rule to lock your laptop's screen or even shut it down upon someone doing a grab and run.
hardware  security  laptop  killcord 
6 weeks ago
Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
Very first example in this chapter shows you how to find a user's home directory programmatically. This could be of use with your barlisting program.
python  shutil  path  user  home 
7 weeks ago
Casual Coder - YouTube
This fellow has a series of videos on ncurses using C. Also some good lisp stuff, some html/css stuff, and even a batch programming tutorial. I liked the one ncurses video I watched.
ncurses  curses  c_lang 
7 weeks ago
Bash simple curses
A nifty program to get some curses functions in the shell. It looks like it has getch(), so it probably will do what I want.

You can find the download here:
bash  curses  shell 
7 weeks ago
How to stay private when using Android | Hacker News
HN comments on article by the proton mail guys. There is a link to the article at the top of the comment page.

On topics like this, the HN comments are often as good or better than the article.
android  privacy  howto 
7 weeks ago
xsv: A fast CSV command line toolkit written in Rust.
Very nifty tool for doing joins and such on csv files. Saw this on John D Cook's blog.
csv  delimited  join  text  xsv  database 
7 weeks ago
linux - How to Free Inode Usage? - Stack Overflow
You can run out of accessible disc space even when there is plenty of physical room left on the disk. Why? Because either linux or the drive (I can't remember which) allows for only so many inodes. Well, if you have a lot of very small files you could run out of inodes before you run out of disc space.
inode  file  linux  file_system  howto 
7 weeks ago
Which is the fastest method to delete files in Linux
I believe I tagged this for info about inode deletion.
inode  file  file_system  howto 
7 weeks ago
Plotting functions « Gnuplotting
This site is really good. Gnuplot is capable, it's just always seemed to me like it could benefit from some friendlier documentation.
gnuplot  plot  graph 
7 weeks ago
How to Use Android Without Google: Everything You Need to Know
Some good advice on how to de-google your phone. Some of it is simple, some of it is radical -- like replacing your phone's OS using a replacement ROM. Some good links here.
google  android  phone  open_source  privacy  anonymity  app 
7 weeks ago
Implementing abstraction
A bottom up course in Computer Science. Good stuff, but you must first learn C. This explains how to think about the hardware, not just the software.

Many commenters on HN complained about errors and typos. I think I'm still inclined to give this book a go when I get C down. It's not as if the guy's getting paid to do this.
compsci  book  howto  explainer  c_lang 
7 weeks ago
Detailing, Nailing, Lifting Walls Ep.47 - YouTube
The fellow, the Essential Craftsmanship guy, is pretty good. Good info nice manner. This one's about laying out or marking out your framing.
construction  framing  layout  howto  explainer 
9 weeks ago
TomF's Tech Blog - It's only pretending to be a wiki.
You'll learn something about eyes here. Inter-pupillary distance, inter-ocular distance. Lots of stuff.
optometry  opthalmology  eyes  pupillary_dist  IPD  explainer 
9 weeks ago
How Unix Works: Become a Better Software Engineer | Neil Kakkar
A very nice walk through the unix/linux philosophy and just how linux works, and how to learn and engage with it.
unix  linux  commandline  explainer  howto  reference 
9 weeks ago
GitHub - danistefanovic/build-your-own-x: 🤓 Build your own (insert technology here)
Links to articles on how to build most any type of programming project. I'd give this 5stars.
programming  projects  howto  explainer 
9 weeks ago
Layout 101 | Hacker News
HN comments with link to original article on Layout. Simple, clean layouts on the linked page. Useful links in the HN comments.
web_design  css  page_layout  HN 
9 weeks ago
A Different Way to Solve Quadratic Equations - YouTube
I think this is a useful and perhaps easier approach to the quadratic formula, as well as its derivation.

This goes along with the Technology Review Article from about the same date. Also, his original paper is at:
math  quadratic_formula  new_method 
9 weeks ago
A new way to make quadratic equations easy - MIT Technology Review
Some smarty pants will probably point out prior art. But it's for sure, I've never seen this method.
math  algebra  quadratic_formula  new_method 
9 weeks ago
Dr. Regex: How to Match "A B C" where A+B=C: The Beast Tamed
This guy walks through a crazy regex example in exquisite detail.
regex  programming  explainer  howto 
10 weeks ago
Snibgo's ImageMagick pages
Amazing collection. I don't think I'll ever be able to understand much of this stuff. He uses Windows .bat files instead of bash, and he also uses python.
imagemagick  programming  howto  reference  png  jpg  photo  image 
10 weeks ago
Inside the IBM PC : Norton, Peter, 1943- : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Apparently a very good book for learning how a PC works, and excellent for learning assembly language.
computer  programming  assembly_lang  howto  explainer 
11 weeks ago
Doctors are turning to YouTube to fill in gaps in their training | Hacker News
HN discussion of article how doctors (like every other profession, it seems) turn to YouTube for answers. Lots of nice links and ideas here.
health  medicine  youtube  howto  links 
11 weeks ago
The Tectonic Typesetting System — The Tectonic Typesetting System
System automatically downloads TeX dependencies in the course of creating documents. Apparently it's written in Rust?
latex  tex  typesetting 
11 weeks ago
Why Most Published Research Findings Are False
What it says. It's a little bit beyond me now. Need to improve me math skills. But save this -- it could help you reason more clearly about study results in the future.
science  statistics  studies  explainer 
11 weeks ago
Why Apocalyptic Claims About Climate Change Are Wrong
Of course, liking an article like this reflects a bias on my part. But I like it and I buy into it. So there.
climate_change  apocalyptic  debunk  science  explainer 
12 weeks ago
Why does F = ma? | Hacker News
Probably some useful stuff here if you ever visit physics.
physics  mass  force  acceleration  explainer 
12 weeks ago
Structural Design of Foundations for the Home Inspector - InterNACHI®
Some good stuff here on foundations, and concrete and masonry. Zero bull.
foundation  soil  concrete  masonry  cmu  construction 
november 2019
Diploma in Insurance Services (English) (456-460): The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)
Module 1, item 5 is a nice little introduction to business accounting. This whole "Open Schooling" thing from India is something to investigate. Maybe some real nice resources?
insurance  accounting  business  india 
november 2019
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