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Marketing Land: Breaking through with meaningful content marketing in the age of storytelling - Brian Solis
Industry publication Marketing Land recently conducted a long and detailed interview with Brian Solis about the subjects of marketing and storytelling, and where the two meet for modern companies.
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november 2018 by briansolis
To Offer Great Customer Experiences, Marketers Need Analytics
The spoils go not to the brands with the biggest marketing budgets, but to the brands offering the best customer experience, as Altimeter Analyst Brian Solis demonstrates in his new book, “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design.” Through this lens, data can help marketers create branded experiences that convert consumers by understanding when, where and how to reach audiences as they move through the purchase path.
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april 2016 by briansolis
A Direct Path to Brand Marketing - Direct Marketing News
Google's ZMOT, or Zero Moment of Truth, posits that the influence of the store visit no longer holds given consumer purchase decisions shifting to online channels. A byproduct of ZMOT put forth by Altimeter analyst Brian Solis—an Ultimate Moment of Truth or UMOT—shows where the market is heading. UMOT places consumer-created content (reviews, recommendations, social comments) at the center of the consumer decision-making process—a purchase journey that begs for better content analytics.
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june 2014 by briansolis
Brian Solis on making business more human - Customer Intelligence
How can marketers stay competitive in the new digital economy? Brian Solis, author of What’s the Future of Business and principal analyst at Altimeter Group, advocates going back to the basics: what customers think, believe and share with others. That, he says, may be the key to marketing principal analyst at Altimeter Group, advocates going back to the basics: what customers think, believe and share with others. That, he says, may be the key to marketing success.
brian  solis  knowledge  sas  allanalytics  analytics  analysis  big  data  wtf  what's  the  future  of  business  interview  video  briansolis  brian+solis 
november 2013 by briansolis
Brian Solis’ vision of the future: big opportunities - Customer Analytics
There are big opportunities in store for business in Brian Solis’ vision of the future, just as there are equally big opportunities for customers. They emanate from the importance of shared experiences, taking place with connected customers and which are fueled by great technologies. As is often the case, these opportunities may present themselves initially as challenges, so the key is to have the right perspective or perhaps to have very smart people help us recognize them.
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july 2013 by briansolis
AllAnalytics - Beth Schultz - Step Back, Be Human
Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter Group, asks marketers to use data and analytics to make their companies more meaningful and human -- to be more than mere purveyors of products and services.
services  technology  altimeter+group  analytics  research  business  measurement  human  beth  schultz  sas  what's  the  future  what's  the  future  of  business  brand  brian+solis  wtf  products  big  data 
june 2013 by briansolis
Stowe Boyd, Socialogy: Interview with Brian Solis
Brian is one of my closest friends, and I owe him huge for letting me live on his boat for a few months a few years back. The boat was based in the marina behind Willie Mays field in San Francisco, and my office was only a block away, at that time. Since then, Brian has become a highly influential and well-known author and speaker, with works like The End of Business as Usual, Engage! and What’s the Future of Business (WTF). I am honored to have him consider me a friend and influence, as he is to me.
undercover  boss  sociology  philosophy  ibm  analytics  tech  business  interview  future  what's  the  future  book  what's  the  future  of  business  economics  socialogy  brian+solis  wtf  stowe  boyd 
may 2013 by briansolis
Social Marketing Experts Push for Analytics on Google+, Pinterest - SocialTimes
Pinterest’s need may still be less urgent than Google’s. The upstart social network already shows strong traffic and sales conversions in retailers’ own analytics, and its service lines up well with how consumers buy online, said Brian Solis, an analyst at the Altimeter Group.
commerce  analytics  google  pinterest  briansolis  brian  solis 
december 2012 by briansolis
Google and Adobe Aim to Measure Your True Social ROI
Such data is attractive to marketers. If nothing else, it provides an answer to company bean counters’ questions about social media ROI. But are they useful for creating new social media marketing campaigns? Brian Solis, principal of Altimeter Group, says better metrics don’t address the fact that most marketers launch social media campaigns without a clear goal in mind.

“If you want to optimize Facebook’s contribution to sales, you have to design that at the front end,” says Solis, who recently completed a study looking at how influencers actually spread social media messages. He recommends creating programs that provide some value to such influencers and people connected to them. He also suggests defining what success looks like before you launch your program.
googleanalytics  Resource  brian+solis  socialmedia  social  analytics  google  adobe  google  adobe  ROI  measurement 
march 2012 by briansolis
What Does Good Look Like? | ClickZ
However, Solis reminded us that "we cannot measure what it is that we do not know how to value" and therein lies the rub. What is the value of a social media marketing strategy? Solis' advice was to make it actionable.
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may 2011 by briansolis

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