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A proof that Unix utility sed is Turing complete
RT : A proof that Unix utility sed is Turing complete. ~ Peter Krumins ().
4 weeks ago by briantrice
Abstracting Definitional Interpreters: Functional Pearl - Darais, et al.

6 weeks ago by briantrice
research can be broadly clustered into , session types, and static analysis &…
programming  Distributed  consistency 
december 2018 by briantrice
Programming Paradigms and Beyond - Shriram Krishnamurthi and Kathi Fisler

programming  pl 
november 2018 by briantrice
RT : Dear Twitter community, when will we finally show that blatant racism is not ok? Are there still peopl…
october 2018 by briantrice
These kiddos are mastering and creating awesome games
programming  STEM 
october 2018 by briantrice
How ProPublica Illinois Uses GNU Make to Load 1.4GB of Data Every Day
"We’ve open-sourced our code for loading Illinois campaign finance data. The process used to take hours. Learn how Make helped cut that down to less than 30 minutes."
data  programming  ETL  gnumake  build 
july 2018 by briantrice
Threading with Style – Digital Digressions by Stuart Sierra
Most agree, on reflection, my recommendations for Clojure -> and ->> are just pedantic enough
clojure  programming  lisp  code  style  syntax  macro 
july 2018 by briantrice
Rabbit Ear, origami and creative code
RT @RobbyKraft: 🎉 SO EXCITED please welcome the first creative coding origami library for the web

✨ ✨
geometry  javascript  programming  d3  interactive_programming  paper 
june 2018 by briantrice
Sporth - a small stack-based audio programming language
forth  programming  programming_language  audio  music  synthesis 
may 2018 by briantrice
Spry Language
Spry Language: Inspired by REBOL, LISP, Smalltalk, and Forth
february 2018 by briantrice
RT : Intro to the MUMPS language from the University of Northern Iowa. I know a few folks who wrote MUMPS c…
february 2018 by briantrice
Untitled (
Rich Hickey delivers rationale for choosing dynamic typing in Clojure
programming  video 
october 2017 by briantrice
Learn smalltalk in Y Minutes
RT : Well, I guess you could call this a language reference card for Smalltalk. ;-)
smalltalk  education  programming 
september 2017 by briantrice
Caffeine :: livecode the web
Come to the #caffeine BOF at #esug18 on Wednesday at 4pm in the Corner Room! . #squeakjs…
javascript  smalltalk  programming  web  webdev  framework  vm  caffeine  esug18  squeakjs 
june 2017 by briantrice
RT : Sticky notes on my wall, right above my monitor.
programming  NeverForget 
april 2017 by briantrice
RT : Principal type-schemes for functional programs - Damas, Milner


programming  types 
april 2017 by briantrice
RT : Organizing Programs Without Classes - Ungar, Chambers, Chang, Hölzle


march 2017 by briantrice
Pawns home
Pawns: A functional language supporting "pointer assignment without nasty su...

march 2017 by briantrice
The Flex group uses technology to improve the range and fluidity of human expression. We invent new concepts and representations that amplify people’s ability to create, connect, and understand. We create tools that blur the line between using and creating, in order to provide a conversational medium for thinking and doing.

We are part of HARC at Y Combinator Research.
hci  research  programming  programming_language  visual_programming  visualization  software  development 
march 2017 by briantrice
RT : Jean Yang on An Axiomatic Basis for Computer Programming

programming  video  NYC  logic 
march 2017 by briantrice - developer resources for self-care
Apropos of nothing, is a good set of resources for helping take better care of yourself
health  programming  lifehack  management  career  burnout  psychology  mental_health 
november 2016 by briantrice
Ohm by ohmlang
Excited to present our new Ohm () paper @dynlangsym in a few weeks—"Modular Semantic Actions"
language  langdev  programming_language  programming  visualization  visual_programming  peg  grammar  parsing 
september 2016 by briantrice
vvvv - a multipurpose toolkit | vvvv
RT @reaktorplayer: vvvv - A Multipurpose Toolkit (Win) : Hybrid visual/textual live-programming environment.
art  code  tool  programming  windows  visualization  data  graphics 
june 2016 by briantrice
The Compiler Writer Resource Page
RT @Love2Code: Resources for Amateur Compiler Writers - The Compiler Writer Resource Page #compilers
compiler  compsci  development  programming  programming_language  compilers 
march 2016 by briantrice
James Shore: Quality With a Name
"I was cruising along, programming furiously in my parent's basement, when it all fell apart."
design  software  programming  development 
january 2016 by briantrice
Hexagonal Grids
RT @saltyhorse: @SeanTAllen @papers_we_love That's by @redblobgames who does amazing interactive tutorials! Direct link:
gamedev  programming  games 
january 2016 by briantrice
It's 2015. Why do we still write insecure software? - iRi
I am still proud of one codebase where C# nominal types allowed us to tag JavaScript strings where casts escaped
programming  security  software  development  syntax  strings  programming_language 
december 2015 by briantrice -> The Little Printf
The Little Printf: "What is essential is invisible to the computer" by @mononcqc
programming  metaphor  development  software  history  interesting  culture 
october 2015 by briantrice
The economics of software correctness | David R. MacIver
RT @DRMacIver: The economics of software correctness: a piece based on the first part of my #PyConUK talk.
development  software  programming  economics  PyConUK 
october 2015 by briantrice
A Programmer's Role
"Both the value and quality of a programmer’s work improve directly with the importance he places on communicating his program to a human, rather than merely to the machine."
programming  communication  sociology  development  software 
september 2015 by briantrice
Neural Networks, Types, and Functional Programming -- colah's blog
RT @ch402: I think there's a deep connection between neural networks, type theory, and functional programming.
functional  fp  programming  neural_networks  deeplearning  machinelearning  ml  type_system  typeclass  types 
september 2015 by briantrice
BBC - Culture - The mysterious origins of punctuation
The BBC has a great article about the history and origins of punctuation that speaks to programming notation ideas:
typography  punctuation  culture  history  print  language  literature  programming 
september 2015 by briantrice
Indices point between elements - Made of Bugs
RT @nelhage: In which I argue that you're probably thinking about array indexing wrong:
programming  programming_language 
august 2015 by briantrice
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