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ios - How to convert JSON String to JSON Object in swift? - Stack Overflow
if let data = try? jsonObject, options: .prettyPrinted),
let str = String(data: data, encoding: .utf8) {
ios  swift  jsonserialization  stackoverflow 
march 2019
Binary Frameworks in Swift - Peter Steinberger at dotSwift 2018
The ABI describes how the data is laid out in memory, how the type metadata is stored, how function names are mangled, what the calling conventions are exactly, how calls into the runtime are made, and of course, the whole standard library.
swift  pspdfkit  lp  frameworks 
november 2018
GitHub - tarun567/SpeakerBoxSwift: CallKit Sample project by Apple
CallKit Sample project by Apple. Contribute to tarun567/SpeakerBoxSwift development by creating an account on GitHub.
callkit  apple  samplecode  github  swift 
november 2018
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