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Printing Values of a Parent Node from a Drupal Paragraphs Field | Mark Conroy | Lead Frontend Drupal Developer
First off, you can do this with php in your .theme file quite easily, but I like to keep my template items in my templates.

Here's the code I used to first get the node id, then the node title, and then create a link from these two pieces of information.
drupal  paragraphs 
4 days ago by bvt
Config Pages |
At some point i was tired of creating custom pages using menu and form api, writing tons of code just to have a page with ugly form where client can enter some settings, and as soon as client wants to add some interactions to the page (drag&drop, ajax etc) things starts to get hairy. Same story was with creation of dedicated CT just to theme a single page (like homepage) and explaining why you can only have 1 node of this type, or force it programmatically.
drupal  d8  config 
20 days ago by bvt
Config Override Inspector |
Config Override Inspector provides indicators to administrators where form fields represent configuration that is overridden.

This module is especially useful for developers working on sites where there are configuration overrides in place depending on the environment. It prevents confusion that arise when changing a form setting, but appears to not take effect.
drupal  configuration 
5 weeks ago by bvt
Single File Components |
The Single File Components module allows developers to provide frontend components in a single file. These components contain Twig, CSS, JS, and PHP code which acts similar to a preprocess function.

The purpose of this module is to combine traditional Drupal theming with some elements of component based design.
drupal  "Single  File  Components"  layout 
7 weeks ago by bvt
Add Composer to an existing site | Drupal 8 guide on
This page is a step by step guide to manually adding Composer support to an existing site that was previously installed without Composer. This howto is for you if you installed a Drupal 8 site manually from a tarball or have used an abandoned Composer template like drupal/drupal.
drupal  composer 
7 weeks ago by bvt
Upgrade Status |
This module scans the code of the contributed and custom projects you have installed, and reports on any deprecated code that must be replaced before the next major version. Available project updates are also suggested to keep your site up to date as project will resolve deprecation errors over time.

Due to third party PHP library dependencies, the module needs to be installed with Composer.
drupal  modules 
7 weeks ago by bvt
Admin Content Notification |
Prior to this module, when Drupal users created new content on their Drupal site, they had to develop a custom notification informing the site admins about the added content. It would be through an email notification or a custom code.
11 weeks ago by bvt
Computed Field |
Computed Field is a very powerful field module that lets you add a custom "computed fields" to your content types. These computed fields are populated with values that you define via PHP code. You may draw on anything available to Drupal, including other fields, the current user, database tables, you name it. (Feeling the power yet? :) ) You can also choose whether to store your computed field values in the database with other content fields, or have them "calculated" on the fly during node views. (Although you should note that Views use requires database stored values.) This field is literally the Swiss Army knife of fields. So start cooking up your PHP based values!
drupal  field  module 
december 2019 by bvt
Entity Importer |
The entity importer module provides a user interface for site administrators to import various entities. At the moment the module only support CSV files as the source, but due to the plugin type architecture this can easily be expanded to other file formats. There are also plans in the road-map to support other common source types moving forward.
drupal  migration  cvs  migrate 
december 2019 by bvt
Drupal 8 Custom Media Field Formatter - Norman Kämper-Leymann - Medium
By providing your own field formatter, you can keep the admin experience intact and still have full control over the markup. Win-win! So, here comes a very basic example that provides an inline_template render element. B
drupal  formatter  d8 
november 2019 by bvt
Entity Toolbar |
On large sites you might have more than twenty paragraph types, or even more than twenty node types. Unfortunately, not all of these will display in the drop down menus provided by Admin Toolbar. They will go below the fold. Or not display at all.
drupal  administration 
november 2019 by bvt
Twig Template Suggester |
This module provides template suggestions for everything that Drupal doesn't. So far:

Block templates per region
HTML templates per node type
Page templates per node type
User templates per highest role|uid (and view mode)
Field templates per view mode (and bundle)
Taxonomy term templates per view mode (and bundle)
Fix entity-specific layout templates (workaround #2881195: Duplicate template suggestions/#2831144: Bundle / field name / view mode theme suggestions can conflict)
Container templates per type, view, if it wraps a managed file element, and whether it has a parent or not (Drupal core provides no suggestions for container templates).
In addition, it makes the {{ base_path }} variable available to all templates.
drupal  theming 
november 2019 by bvt
UI Patterns Settings |
Define settings inside your ui_patterns.yml to make your pattern configurable.
A setting can be a modifier, additional classes or attributes. You can also define token setting which makes it easy to configure a pattern with a Drupal field or pass a link url to the pattern. No more hook_preprocess!
drupal  modules 
september 2019 by bvt
Creating a Mega Menu using Layout Builder in Drupal 8 | Phase2
One of the most exciting additions to Drupal 8.6 is the new experimental Layout Builder. Many are focused on Layout Builder replacing Panels, Panelizer, Display Suite, and even Paragraphs. The clean and modular architecture of Layout Builder supports a multitude of different use cases. It can even be used to create a WYSIWYG Mega Menu experience.
drupal  mega-menu 
september 2019 by bvt
Views Layout |
A simple module to arrange Views results in a grid defined by a layout (requires the Layout Discovery module). Think of this as an alternative to the Views Grid display. Instead of a fixed grid with a set number of rows and columns, this gives you results in any kind of arrangement you like, based on whatever layouts you have enabled.

Each row of the view will be rendered into a region in the layout. When all the regions in the layout have been filled, a new instance of the layout will be created and populated. That process will be repeated until all the rows of the view have been rendered.
drupal  views 
september 2019 by bvt
Layout Plugin Views |
Panels used to have a views row plugin in Drupal 7 which allowed users to place view's fields on panels' layouts. Since panel's layout functionality has been split off into Layout Plugin for Drupal 8, the views plugin no longer has any dependency on the Panels module. We therefore chose to also create a separate project for the views plugin to reduce the maintenance burden on the panels team.
views  drupal 
september 2019 by bvt
Full Reset |
Adds options to fully remove theming from fields and Layout Builder blocks.
august 2019 by bvt
Gutenberg |
Drupal Gutenberg brings the powerful admin features of Gutenberg Editor to Drupal.
Better authoring experience
Build landing pages with ease
Access to Gutenberg Cloud library of contrib blocks
Good user experience
Scaleable, high performance
Reusable blocks created, saved and reused within the editor (no code needed)
Core Drupal blocks support
drupal  module  blocks  gutenberg 
august 2019 by bvt
Site Settings and Labels |
This module provides a way to let clients manage settings you define without affecting the configuration of the site (ie, as 'Content').
drupal  d8 
june 2019 by bvt
Sidr: Responsive Menus |
The Sidr: Responsive Menus integration for Drupal allows you to create "trigger" blocks. Clicking on these triggers use the Sidr libraries to slide in / slide out a specified target element. This is very useful for implementing responsive menus and much more. All you have to do is create one or more dedicated regions in your theme, say, mobile_menu and then configure a sidr trigger block to toggle it.
drupal  responsive  menu 
june 2019 by bvt
Simple Responsive Table |
Module will be needy one to make table responsive in small screens. Lightweight in sense no need for additional plugins, just install that's it.
drupal  responsive 
june 2019 by bvt
Entity Extra Field |
The entity extra field module allows site administrators to add various extra fields to an entity display. These extra fields can consist of blocks, views, or token values. Both entity form and view displays are supported.

Adding extra fields is really common when you're building robust web applications that need to render extra data for a given entity. Allowing for missing elements such as page title, or potentially a block that needs to be render between two pieces of content are some examples.
june 2019 by bvt
MarkJS Search |
The MarkJS search module allows a site administer to create a block that exposes a way for the site user to search for keywords within the page context. Similar to how the Find (Ctr+F) feature works in the browser.
june 2019 by bvt
JS Component |
The module provides a streamlined solution for adding simple React or JS based components to the Drupal ecosystem. The module is more developer centric, as it allows developers to define JS components by exposing a plugin or by placing a YAML file within the module or theme directory
drupal  react 
june 2019 by bvt
Image hover effect in Drupal 8 via Imagepin button module | WishDesk
The Imagepin button module combines image hover effect with an interesting image pinning effect. It allows you to add pins to images that will show some text when someone hovers the mouse over them.
During content creation, editors will have a special option — “Pin widgets on this image.” They can create as many pins as they wish, write the text for them, and position them anywhere throughout the image.
drupal  imagemap 
june 2019 by bvt
Dynamic migrations using "templates" in Drupal 8 | Web Omelette
In this article we are going to explore some of the powers of the Drupal 8 migration system, namely the migration “templates” that allow us to build dynamic migrations. And by templates I don’t mean Twig templates but plugin definitions that get enhanced by a deriver to make individual migrations for each of the things that we need in the application. For example, as we will explore, each language.
drupal  migration 
june 2019 by bvt
Custom add another |
This is a very simple module that allows you to customise the text of the 'Add another item' button on multi-valued fields.
If your field supports 'unlimited' values then you are offered the option of customising the 'Add another item' button text. This setting is stored per 'bundle', so you can have different button text if you use the same field in two places.
june 2019 by bvt
JSnippet |
This module allows you to create Javascript snippets for use on a site. It supports including either javascript code added to the text area, or a URL to a third party resource. Any snippet created will be wrapped in a Drupal Behavior, written to the public file system, and made available through Drupal's libraries system. Snippets are stored as configuration entities and are exportable to the site's code base.
drupal  javascript 
june 2019 by bvt
Entity Print |
Entity Print allows you to print any Drupal entity (Drupal 7 and 8) or View (Drupal 8 only) to PDF.
The module is lightweight compared to other modules like the Print module, has full test coverage and is ready to be used in production for both D7 and D8.
pdf  drupal 
may 2019 by bvt
Block Styles |
Using the Styles API Module allows to set different styles for block wrapper theme.

This module affects only block.html.twig, and not the way content is displayed.

Classes could be added to block wrapper, even if block theme has not been overwritten.

The styles selector is shown at the end of the block configuration form.
d8  drupal 
april 2019 by bvt
Getting Started with Bootstrap 4 using Radix in Drupal 8 - WebWash
Radix is a Bootstrap 4 powered theme which is set up out-of-the-box to compile the Bootstrap library locally. It is targeted towards advance front-end developers who want total control on how Bootstrap is loaded and comes with Browsersync and Font Awesome built-in.
bootstrap  drupal 
march 2019 by bvt
Drupal 8 Migrate - importing clean data via .csv file | DrupalEasy
Well, you could clean up the data, but there's actually a much easier solution that I use by default on almost all string data being migrated - I use the "callback" plugin to in-turn call the PHP trim() function on incoming strings in the "process" section of the migration configuration.
drupal  cvs  migration 
march 2019 by bvt
Quicklink |
This module provides an implementation of Google Chrome Lab's Quicklink library for Drupal. Quicklink is a lightweight (< 1kb compressed) JavaScript library that enables faster subsequent page-loads by prefetching in-viewport links during idle time.
d8  performance  drupal 
february 2019 by bvt
Menu Item Extras |
Menu Item Extras provides extra fields for the Menu Items without using additional entities. This module is NOT an alternative of all Mega Menu modules - it is unique implementation of Drupal core’s Menu system.
All fields are placed upon the Menu Item edit/add form and use core Menu link content entity for storing all data.
drupal  fields  menu  d8 
february 2019 by bvt
Security Kit |
SecKit provides Drupal with various security-hardening options. This lets your mitigate the risks of exploitation of different web application vulnerabilities.
cms  drupal  security 
january 2019 by bvt
Paragraphs Type Help |
The Paragraphs Type Help module provides a help entity that renders on Paragraphs type displays.
drupal  paragraphs 
december 2018 by bvt
Paragraphs Previewer |
Provides a rendered preview of a paragraphs item while on an entity form.
drupal  paragraphs 
december 2018 by bvt
Parade |
A package built on top of the awesome Paragraphs module, featuring common sections and onepage-site solutions.

Think about this module as a feature-set, without the drawback of distributions: you can use this module on existing Drupal 8 sites too, even if they are built on a distribution.
d8  drupal  paragraphs  ui 
december 2018 by bvt
Paragraphs Wizard |
This module implements a field formatter to render paragraphs in a multistep wizard providing basic javascript controls for navigation such as "Next" / "Previous" links.
drupal  wizard 
december 2018 by bvt
Icon Select |
This module allows you to upload and display SVG icons in the drupal backend. You can display these icons in your frontend theme using twig or render them as a fields.
drupal  svg 
december 2018 by bvt
Display Suite Chained Fields |
tl;dr - If you need to place a field of a referenced entity amongst other fields - use this module.
e.g. With this module you can move the author picture around on the manage display tab for nodes.

If your entity has an entity reference field, you can access any fields from the referenced entity type on your manage display tab.
drupal  modules 
december 2018 by bvt
Image Base64 Formatter (8.5.x - 8.6.x) |
This module adds an FieldFormatter for an Image field, which let's you implement base64 of an image directly.
drupal  images 
december 2018 by bvt
Responsive Class Field |
The Responsive Class Field module provides a field type that allows content editors to define breakpoint dependent styling options (CSS classes) for the entity view display of the entity it is attached to.
drupal  paragraphs 
december 2018 by bvt
Formatter Field |
The formatter field module provides a mechanism for specifying a formatter and formatter settings to be used for displaying a field, on a per-entity basis. By default, Drupal provides formatters and settings per entity bundle, but in certain situations it is necessary to choose the formatter at the entity level.
drupal  formatter  field 
december 2018 by bvt
Paragraphs grid |
With Paragraphs Grid, you can display multiple paragraph entities in a grid. Supports Out-Of-The-Box Bootstrap 3.0 and 4.0 (other popular grid systems in the future; please send me your grid requirements).
drupal  paragraphs 
december 2018 by bvt
Quickly update Drupal core | ComputerMinds
If you've got a Drupal site, which you need to update quickly (for example, to address last night's security advisory!), here's a tip. Run this from the command line:
curl '' | patch -p1
october 2018 by bvt
RefreshLess |
RefreshLess makes navigating your web site faster by only loading the parts that change between pages. Uses the ideas behind Turbolinks technique (pioneered by Rails). But it goes further: thanks to Drupal 8's architecture, we're able to automatically figure out which parts of a page change. So, we only need to send the parts of the page that actually change.
drupal  d8  module  performance 
september 2018 by bvt
Dynamic Entity Reference |
Dynamic Entity Reference provides a field type/widget/formatter combination for Drupal 8 that allows an entity-reference field to reference more than one entity type.
drupal  references 
september 2018 by bvt
Entity Class Formatter |
Entity Class Formatter is a very simple module which formats values of fields (of varying types) such that a class is placed on the parent entity of that field. The module can be used to apply classes on entities, allowing the class to act as a modifier which can be used by the theming layer.
drupal  design 
august 2018 by bvt Metatag |
This project extends Drupal's Metatag module to display structured data as JSON LD in the head of web pages. Read more about, JSON LD, and how this module works in an article on, Create SEO Juice From JSON LD Structured Data in Drupal.
d8  drupal  seo 
august 2018 by bvt
Value |
The goal of the value module is to make field values easily accessible inside Twig templates.
d8  drupal  modules  twig 
july 2018 by bvt
Drupal 8 and reverse proxies: The $base_url drama – Leonid Makarov – Medium
tl;dr: Overriding the $base_url in Drupal 8 is not possible like it used to be in prior Drupal versions, but you may not need it (in most cases).
drupal  proxy 
june 2018 by bvt
Blazy |
Provides integration with bLazy to lazy load and multi-serve images to save bandwidth and server requests. The user will have faster load times and save data usage if they don't browse the whole page.
A friend of mobile devices. Do not let images, especially iframes, kill mobile device traffics.
drupal  performance 
march 2018 by bvt
Intense |
Provides a simple Intense image field formatter. A stand alone javascript library for viewing images on the full screen. Using the touch/mouse position for panning.
All styling of image elements is up to the user, Intense.js only handles the creation, styling and management of the image viewer and captions.
drupal  lightbox 
march 2018 by bvt
Mason |
Provides Mason integration to create a perfect gapless grid of elements.
This is not Masonry, or Isotope or Gridalicious. Mason fills in those ugly gaps, and creates a perfectly filled space.

The module provides a Views style plugin to return results as a Mason grid.
drupal  grid 
march 2018 by bvt
Dynamic Layouts |
This Drupal 8 "Layout Builder" module can be used to create/manage reuseable layouts, which can be used in Display Suite & Panels.
drupal  layout  display-suite  panels 
february 2018 by bvt
Simplify Menu |
The simplify_menu module uses a TwigExtension to gain access to Drupal's main menu's (or any other menu for that matter), render array so it can be accessed from a twig template. Among the many advantages of having full control of the menu's render array in a twig template is the ability to customize the markup for your menus to ensure they are accessible and comply with standards.
february 2018 by bvt
Resource Hints |
This module provides facilities for user agent resource hints.
drupal  performance 
january 2018 by bvt
UI Patterns |
Define and expose self-contained UI patterns as Drupal plugins and use them seamlessly as drop-in templates for panels, field groups, views, Display Suite field templates, paragraphs, nodes or any other entity types.
drupal  layout 
december 2017 by bvt
Stacks |
25 people starred this project
Posted by risla on 21 September 2016, updated 14 October 2017

Stacks logo

Stacks is a system that makes creating complex pages easy for content editors.

The system is comprised of ‘widgets’, which are reusable pieces of content that you can place, reuse, and re-arrange on a given page. Stacks has a custom admin interface to help facilitate a great experience for content editors with a workflow that includes a template selection (data collection) and a theme var...
drupal  layout 
december 2017 by bvt
Simple Background image formatter |
This module provides an image formatter that allows you to display the image in a div as background image.
The module extends Drupal's images field. Because settings are attached to the entity, it's very easy to setup and manage.
drupal  image 
november 2017 by bvt
Field tools |
_Overview of all fields, sortable, with links to edit single instances
_Clone a single field instance to other bundles
_Clone field instances in bulk to other bundles
_Clone form and view displays to other bundles, with support for Field Groups
drupal  tools  module  field  clone 
november 2017 by bvt
Field Defaults |
Field Defaults allows batch updating of default field values to existing content. When adding a new field to an entity you can update all existing content with the default value or when editing an existing field you can choose to also update all existing content with the new value.
All existing content is overwritten with the new value.
august 2017 by bvt
Typogrify |
- Wraps ampersands (the “&” character) with <span class="amp"></span>.
-Prevents single words from wrapping onto their own line using Shaun Inman's Widont technique.
-Converts straight quotation marks "" to typographer's quotation marks “”, „“ or «» using SmartyPants language dependent.
-Converts multiple hyphens to en dashes and em dashes (according to your preferences), using SmartyPants.
-Wraps multiple capital letters with <span class="caps"></span>.
-Wraps initial quotation marks with <span class="quo"></span> or <span class="dquo"></span>.
-Adds a css style sheet that uses the <span> tags to substitute a showy ampersand in headlines, switch caps to small caps, and hang initial quotation marks.
-Inserts ligatures (if supported by platform and browser).
-Replaces ascii arrows with unicode arrows (if supported by platform and browser).
-Inserts thin-space in abbreviations.
-Groups digits in large numbers.
-Replaces = in words with a soft hyphen (&shy;), to allow hyphenated line-breaks.
typography  drupal 
june 2017 by bvt
Fancy File Delete |
A Module that can finally delete files properly!
-View of all managed files with an option to force delete them via VBO custom actions
-Manually deleting managed files by FID (and an option to force the delete if you really want to).
-Deleting unused files from the default files directory that are not in the file managed table. AKA deleting all the unmanaged files.
-Deleting unused files from the whole install that are no longer attached to nodes & the file usage table. AKA deleting all the orphaned files.
drupal  file 
may 2017 by bvt
Responsive and off-canvas menu |
This module integrates the mmenu jQuery plugin with Drupal's menu system with the aim of having an off-canvas mobile menu and a horizontal menu at wider widths. It integrates with your theme's breakpoints to allow you to trigger the display of the horizontal menu at your desired breakpoint. The mobile off-canvas menu is provided by the 3rd party javascript library mmenu and displayed through a toggle (burger menu) icon or with the optional integration of swipe gestures.
drupal  menu  responsive 
may 2017 by bvt
Login Security |
Login Security module improves the security options in the login operation of a Drupal site. By default, Drupal introduces only basic access control denying IP access to the full content of the site.
With Login Security module, a site administrator may protect and restrict access by adding access control features to the login forms (default login form in /user and the block called "login form block").
drupal  security 
may 2017 by bvt
Slack |
Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams, and it has cool system integrations features.
drupal  slack 
february 2017 by bvt
ZURB TwentyTwenty |
Need to highlight the differences between two images? TwentyTwenty, a visual diff tool, makes it easy to spot them!
drupal  image 
january 2017 by bvt
Configuration Split |
The Drupal 8 configuration management works best when importing and exporting the whole set of the sites configuration. However, sometimes developers like to opt out of the robustness of CM and have a super-set of configuration active on their development machine and deploy only a subset. The canonical example for this is to have the devel module enabled or having a few block placements or views in the development environment and then not export them into the set of configuration to be deployed, yet still being able to share the development configuration with colleagues.
configuration  drupal  modules 
january 2017 by bvt
Configuration installer |
The Configuration Installer is a installation profile that takes over the Drupal installer and allows sites to be created from existing configuration.
d8  drupal  configuration 
january 2017 by bvt
Paragraphs Profiles |
This module is an extension on the Paragraphs module to provide more customised options for adding default bundles and restricting how content administrators can use paragraphs fields. This was born out of a need for content administrators to have access to the flexibility of Paragraphs, but in a more controlled manner while they learnt how to use Paragraphs effectively and also saving some time with default "template" pages with pre-added bundles ready to have content added.
drupal  paragraphs 
january 2017 by bvt
Insert Block |
Sidebar blocks contain all sorts of nifty stuff, but sometimes you want to include or embed that stuff into the body of your node. Instead of using PHP snippets (a possible security hole on public sites), you can use this module. When it's activated...
[block:name of module=delta of block]
...will insert the contents of a rendered sidebar block into the body of your node. If no delta is specified, the default block for that module will be displayed.
drupal  wysiwyg  blocks 
january 2017 by bvt
Inline responsive images |
Inserting an image in the text editor dialog today allows the user to fiddle with image dimensions. It doesn't even have aspect ratio locking.
It's not great for the authoring experience nor for structured content reasons that users are defining the specific dimensions of every single image they insert. It'd be much better to allow them to choose from image styles — just like we do for image fields.
drupal  wysiwyg  images  responsive-image 
january 2017 by bvt
CKEditor Upload Image |
Integrates CKEditor's Upload Image plugin to Drupal. This enables Drupal's default WYSIWYG text editor capable of uploading images that were dropped or pasted from clipboard into the editor as inline image. The upload is implemented in a non-blocking way, so while the image is being uploaded the user may continue editing the content.
drupal  wysiwyg  images 
january 2017 by bvt
Visual Content Layout |
Visual Content Layout is a Drupal 8 Module developed to manage text filters HTML content layout and visual elements like iconography, accordions, tabs, non table columns, images, list, CTA’s, etc.
drupal  wysiwyg 
january 2017 by bvt
Layouter - WYSIWYG layout templates |
Usually people use one of the WYSIWYG editors for adding/editing content on the websites. But they are not very easy to use for many of them in some cases. If you ever wondered how to put the content on the page formatted in some fancy way (something like two columns of text, for instance) without much burden, and if you don't know how to do that in you editor, feel free to try this module.
drupal  wysiwyg 
january 2017 by bvt
Extra Views Handlers |
Extra fields & filter handlers for Views module.
drupal  views 
january 2017 by bvt
Views Exposed Filters Multiple Field Search | Web Services Blog
Views offers the ability to expose filters to the end user so they may filter and sort through a views listing to find what they want in a large list of content. If you have used exposed filters before you will be familiar with exposing a filter on a specific field, such as the title field, for example. But what if you want the end user to be able to search in multiple fields at the same time?
views  drupal 
january 2017 by bvt
Room Reservations |
The Room Reservations module was developed for use by academic libraries to manage access to and use of their study rooms.
drupal  reservation 
december 2016 by bvt
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