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Entity Importer |
The entity importer module provides a user interface for site administrators to import various entities. At the moment the module only support CSV files as the source, but due to the plugin type architecture this can easily be expanded to other file formats. There are also plans in the road-map to support other common source types moving forward.
drupal  migration  cvs  migrate 
december 2019 by bvt
Migrating from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5 - Joomla! Documentation
This guide will take you step-by-step through the general procedure of how to migrate from Joomla 1.5 to later versions such as Joomla 2.5. Please read through all the material as this is not a light undertaking.
howto  joomla  migration  migrate 
december 2012 by bvt
agile approach | Simplify Importing a Production Database with Bash and Drush
While there are very good arguments to use virtualization, sometimes a local site with prod code and a prod database is good enough.
Using a simple bash script, you can quickly and easily run a set of automated commands that get your local environment setup quickly.
drupal  drush  backup  migrate 
september 2012 by bvt
Data Migration - part 1 | Gizra
Moving an old site to Drupal?

The following article will discuss the right way to do this using the module Migrate (version2).
Migrate V2 uses Drush (Drupal Shell) to execute the migration functions, if your are not familiar with Drush I suggest looking into this very powerful tool.
drupal  migration  migrate  drush 
january 2011 by bvt
Migrate |
The migrate module provides a flexible framework for migrating content into Drupal from other sources (e.g., when converting a web site from another CMS to Drupal). Out-of-the-box, support for creating core Drupal object including nodes, users, and comments is included - hooks permit migration of other types of content.
drupal  migration  import  migrate  modules 
june 2010 by bvt

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