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Functional versus Unit Organizations - Learning By Shipping
This (long) essay details the advantages and challenges of organizing a company/team by functional discipline or by business unit.
management  organization  productmanagement  agile  article  business 
5 weeks ago by cakeface
12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory - 3 Years Later
Amplitude product team coach John Cutler first wrote about Feature Factories almost three years ago. What has he learned since then?
career  management  productmanagement  agile  advice 
6 weeks ago by cakeface
How to build a generative engineering culture |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog
A generative engineering culture is one where nothing seems to fall through the cracks, “we should” gets prioritized and becomes reality, and original ideas and value come primarily from engineers, rather than management. A culture like this is an engine for building capacity, quality, innovation, and sophistication.
culture  engineering  generative  management  organization 
6 weeks ago by cakeface
VGraupera/1on1-questions: Mega list of 1 on 1 meeting questions compiled from a variety to sources
Mega list of 1 on 1 meeting questions compiled from a variety to sources - VGraupera/1on1-questions
career  management  questions  1on1  meetings  list  reference  advice 
6 weeks ago by cakeface
OrgDev newsletter
Ideas and tools for developing your organization.
organization  management  culture 
9 weeks ago by cakeface
Makers, Don't Let Yourself Be Forced Into the 'Manager Schedule' | Inside Nuclino
In Masters of Doom, a book about the game development company id Software and its influence on popular culture, David Kushner reflected on the...
management  strategy  productivity  business  hacker 
november 2019 by cakeface
7 absolute truths I unlearned as junior developer
A few things I strongly believed when I was a junior developer which turned out to be wrong.
career  management  software  programming 
june 2019 by cakeface
How to Deliver Constructive Feedback in Difficult Situations
“We are dangerous when we are not conscious of our responsibility for how we behave, think, and feel,”―Marshall B. Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication All my biggest regrets as a founder are around…
management  communication  leadership 
march 2019 by cakeface
Product Planning with OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)
Executives should only care about the product team’s OKRs. What they plan to build should be of little interest, as the features themselves are simply a means to an end, and unless the executives have themselves done extensive research and prioritization, their opinion about what features should be built is irrelevant. We aren’t building the product for them, we are building it to appeal to a specific set of users or customers in order to achieve our business goals.
productmanagement  product  management  okrs  software  business 
march 2019 by cakeface
OKR: Learn Google's Goal System with Examples and Templates
OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal system used by Google and others. It is a simple tool to create alignment and engagement around measurable goals.
management  evaluation  goals  performance 
march 2019 by cakeface
Jessie Frazelle's Blog: Books I Recommend
A post with some of the books I've been reading and recommend.
management  inspiration  books  doitlater  interesting  psychology 
february 2019 by cakeface
These 5 management practices create uncommonly successful workplaces
Turn your workplace into the fertile ground where employees can become the best versions of themselves, with these proven management practices.
management  culture  workplace 
february 2019 by cakeface
Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
A new tool that blends your everyday work apps into one. It's the all-in-one workspace for you and your team
wiki  tools  app  productivity  collaboration  documentation  management  tool  notes  projectmanagement 
january 2019 by cakeface
Frequently Forgotten Fundamental Facts about Software Engineering
There is no single best approach to software error removal. A combination of several approaches, such as inspections and several kinds of testing and fault tolerance, is necessary.
software  programming  management  development  reference  advice  design  project  projects  projectmanagement  engineering  facts 
september 2011 by cakeface
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