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Upgrading the Lenovo ThinkPad T520 Display - iFixit Repair Guide
"The exact original model used by Lenovo is the AUO B156HW01 V.4. This is a 15.6", matte, 1080p panel with wider than average viewing angles."
laptop  screen  thinkpad  t520  repair  hardware 
4 days ago
MX510 mouse intermittent failure | Tom's Hardware Forum
"typically with these mice the problem is the cord, where it connects to the mouse internally. it can be fixed by taking it apart and resoldering the connection. possibly with a new cable.

it plagues these mice. which is a real shame because otherwise they are outstanding.

you'll notice the disconnection happens when moving the mouse around. if you play around with it you will notice what i am saying is true."
mouse  repair  failure  logitech 
5 weeks ago
"connect services in and across data centers with pluggable support for load balancing, tracing, health checking and authentication."
rpc  service  api  client  programming 
6 weeks ago
Creating a mount/symlink at root in Catalina : MacOS
"'man synthetic.conf' from terminal - it’s a completely supported way to define custom empty folders (usable for network mounts) or dynamically created firm links that aren’t ACTUALLY on the filesystem but behave as if they are."
macos  catalina  apfs  mount  symlink  root  apple 
8 weeks ago
Screen upgrade T530 :

Compatibility:B156HW01 V.4
Part Type:LCD Screen
size:15.6" WideScreen
resolution:FHD (1920x1080)
Surface Type:Matte
Video Connector:40 pin video connector
Condition:New Grade A+
lenovo  thinkpad  laptop  t530  fhd  display  hardware  upgrade 
10 weeks ago
Snake game made in Go | Hacker News
"Snake games are my go-to when I learn new languages, it's always under 1000 lines of code and can usually be done without libraries. In not a lot of time you can learn how the language:"
programming  game  snake 
12 weeks ago
k9s kubernetes - Google Search
Kubernetes CLI To Manage Your Clusters
k8s  cli  kubernetes 
august 2019
Launch HN: Gold Fig (YC S19) – Version Control for Settings Pages | Hacker News
"Infrastructure as Code/configuration as code. Something like Terraform for instance"
config  version  control  saas  cloud 
august 2019
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