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k9s kubernetes - Google Search
Kubernetes CLI To Manage Your Clusters
k8s  cli  kubernetes 
10 days ago
Launch HN: Gold Fig (YC S19) – Version Control for Settings Pages | Hacker News
"Infrastructure as Code/configuration as code. Something like Terraform for instance"
config  version  control  saas  cloud 
12 days ago
Motor Number Interchange [pdf] -
GE Brushed DC Motor (Series) - Taylor Dunn golf cart
7 weeks ago
web_socket_channel | Dart Package
"A StreamChannel that communicates over a WebSocket."
cross-platform interface
dart  programming 
12 weeks ago
Solid Principles: A Software Developer’s Framework to Robust, Maintainable Code | Hacker News
S: Single Responsibility Principle
O: Open-Closed Principle
L: Liskov-Substitution Principle
I: Interface Segregation Principle
D: Dependency Inversion Principle
may 2019
Acme-dns on CentOS 7 |
Let's Encrypt on internal systems using acme-dns

"Let's Encrypt certificates for systems which are not reachable from the internet without giving them full API access to your DNS provider."
letsencrypt  dns  server  ssl  wildcard  certificate  firewall 
april 2019
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