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Set a Default macOS Finder Window Size with a Relaunch -
1. Open a Finder window and set it the size you want
2. Close all windows (Command+Options+W and click the close button)
3. Hold down the Option key, right-click the Finder icon, and select relaunch
mac  os  apple 
may 2017 by cameronl
What's Your Boot Mode? (EFI vs BIOS/CSM) - rEFInd Boot Manager /
Identifying Your Linux Boot Mode
1. presence of /sys/firmware/efi
2. dmesg | grep -i EFI

Identifying Your Windows Boot Mode
1. boot disk is GPT, then you must be using EFI
2. boot disk is Master Boot Record (MBR), you must have booted in BIOS mode.
efi  boot  os  linux  windows  mac  apple  hardware 
october 2016 by cameronl
We Need a Better PC | Hacker News
"lenovo not relevant", new manufacturers too
laptop  quality  apple  mac  linux  dell  asus  lenovo  2016  toread2 
february 2016 by cameronl
Apple - iPhone 6 - View countries with supported LTE networks.
A1586 - US Cellular, Sprint
A1586: "This version is sold locked on some CDMA carriers in the US like C Spire, Sprint and US Cellular. This is the most versatile version but you won’t be able to unlock it easily in the US."
apple  iphone  lte  unlock 
october 2014 by cameronl
Smashing Swift
"two things in programming languages: code-as-data, as in Lisps, and strong type systems, as in Haskell and Scala."

Early problems/potential in Swift.
programming  language  swift  apple  ios  mobile  app 
june 2014 by cameronl
Ubuntu 13.04 on MacbookPro Retina- Eric Charles Blog
2013/10/01 - "it is much easier nowadays to have a working MacBookPro/Retina/Ubuntu"
ubuntu  os  rbmp  macbook  pro  apple  hardware 
december 2013 by cameronl
Full software, not an App!
"Software branded with this badge offers the following advantages:

The application has not been censored by the Mac App Store. It offers a complete, non-restricted feature set.
The application can be installed on computers in high-security environments which are not connected to the Internet.
appstore  app  apple  free  software 
july 2013 by cameronl
CocoaHeads • Objective-C literals for NSDictionary, NSArray, and NSNumber
array = @[ a, b, c ]; //NSArray *array;
dict = @{ k1 : o1, k2 : o2, k3 : o3 }; //NSDictionary *dict;
number = @12345; //NSNumber *number;
apple  objective-c  ios  reference  programming 
march 2013 by cameronl
Apple Fusion Drive SSD/HDD in software/OS. DIY. Mac developer. Tech details.
apple  fusion  drive  ssd  hdd  software  os  diy  osx 
november 2012 by cameronl
[64 bit] Netatalk broken in oneiric ? - Ubuntu Forums
Use instead of the pam one. Could be related to samba pam module?
netatalk  ubuntu  linux  afp  server  apple  mac  osx 
june 2012 by cameronl
AirPrint - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other printers, AirPrint support can be added to an existing CUPS Server with DNS based Service Discovery, by manually adding DNS-SD printer service discovery records to a name server.[13] CUPS is shipped as the default printing subsystem in all recent versions of Mac OS.
apple  airprint  server  printer  ios 
january 2012 by cameronl
Arch Linux on a Macbook Air 4,2 (pure EFI-boot) - David Goodlad
"This describes an Arch Linux install, not Ubuntu, and doesn't use the typical BIOS compatibility mode suggested in most linux-on-Macbook guides."
macbookair  linux  archlinux  mac  hardware  apple  macbook  laptop  os  efi  osx  dualboot  boot 
december 2011 by cameronl
Ask Slashdot: Good Gigabit 802.11N Home Router 100Mbit?
Stable but inflexible
- Apple Airport Extreme
DD-WRT and OpenWRT
- WNDR3700
- Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro
Low-power PC
- Intel atom and PFsense 2.0
performance  home  router  ubiquity  netgear  apple 
october 2011 by cameronl
SHSH Protocol - The iPhone Wiki
Protocol that is used when iTunes requests the SHSH certificate from Apple.
apple  ios  firmware  shsh  dev 
june 2011 by cameronl - Resuming ADC downloads with curl (‘cos Safari sucks)
curl script allowing download/resume (including login) from Apple Developer website (
curl  download  resume  apple  dev  programming  xcode  ios 
may 2011 by cameronl
Panic Blog » An Apple //e, an iPad, and Jed
Loading software onto Apple IIe from iPad (using analog audio).
apple  apple-ii  old  hardware  ipad  video 
may 2010 by cameronl
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