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DIY Arduino based RC Transmitter - (How To Mechatronics) YouTube
NRF24L01, 700 meter max range, arduino pro mini,, custom rf protocol
design  acrylic  remote  control  wireless  rf  arduino  joystick  pcb  electronics 
january 2019 by cameronl
Arduino Blog » Light painting rig is a masterpiece of artistic hardware hacking
blender, dragon, animation, motion capture, stepper motor rig, rackmount, ethernet, work in small space, dual monitor desktop, hacker
diy  engineering  hardware  arduino  art  rackmount  rig 
august 2018 by cameronl
arduino boards.txt - Google Code Archive (Long-term)
Config for collections of boards, bootloaders, cores, and programmers.
arduino  mcu 
january 2018 by cameronl
Arduino control for vineyard irrigation - Van der Lee Vineyard
Hunter 9V DC latching solenoids, Hunter valves.
H-bridge stepper motor driver
arduino  vineyard  irrigation  control  hunter  dc  solenoid  valve  electronics  9V  battery 
july 2016 by cameronl
DC Motor Speed Controller (Haris Andrianakis) - YouTube
Rotary encoder (+ AVR to save settings/PWM) instead of potentiometer.
dc  motor  speed  control  pwm  mosfet  arduino  microcontroller  electronics 
december 2015 by cameronl
CC1101 RF module tests with arduino logic level converters PART1 (Ben Biles) - YouTube
cc1101, SPI, Logic level converter (5v to 3.3v), Gqrx, tv dongle, SDR (software defined radio), arduino clone
sdr  software  radio  rf  wireless  hardware  electronics  arduino 
august 2015 by cameronl
Maple / Olimexino STM32 datalogger for JeeNode network - SevenWatt
Data logger: SD-card, RTC, more powerful processor, Arduino IDE, lower power consumption than Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black
datalogger  microcontroller  hardware  arduino 
april 2015 by cameronl
NRF24L01 - Google Search
NRF24L01+ Wireless Transceiver Module

RF Links Tutorial - Cheap and Easy Wireless Arduino!
How to work with the NRF24L01+ Best Wireless Communication for Arduino
arduino  wireless 
september 2014 by cameronl
Graphing Live Data With Google Charts
Installing Phant on a BeagleBone Black
phant documentation
data  logging  nodejs  arduino 
july 2014 by cameronl
Arduino - DigitalPins (Tutorial)
"For this reason it is a good idea to connect OUTPUT pins to other devices with 470Ω or 1k resistors, unless maximum current draw from the pins is required for a particular application."
may 2014 by cameronl
How to: soil moisture measurement? - Arduino Forum
"A more practical probe will use an AC measuring current, and use corrosion resistant probes.

The AC measurement technique can be easily done with an Arduino, but it will cost you a two digital pins.
Your 'probe' (the two nails) are in series with a resistor, forming a voltage divider. The center of the divider is connected to an analog input. The voltage divider is connected between two digital outputs.

The following code fragment gives an example..."
arduino  soil  moisture  sensor  ac  programming 
march 2014 by cameronl
ArduinoWirelessShield -
Arduino Wireless Shield with the XBee 802.15.4 modules.
arduino  wireless  programming  example 
march 2014 by cameronl
XBee Buying Guide - SparkFun Electronics
XBee modules
XBee Series 1 (also called XBee 802.15.4) vs Series 2, ZB, etc.., Antennas, Regular vs Pro, 900MHz vs 2.4GHz
xbee  zigbee  wireless  radio  hardware  arduino  mesh  network 
march 2014 by cameronl
Galileo Development Board - Intel | Mouser
"Galileo is a microcontroller board based on the Intel® Quark SoC X1000 Application Processor, a 32-bit Intel Pentium-class system on a chip (datasheet). It’s the first board based on Intel architecture designed to be hardware and software pin-compatible with Arduino shields designed for the Uno R3."
arduino  hardware  board  intel  soc  maker  pentium 
january 2014 by cameronl
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