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DRBL (Diskless Remote Boot in Linux) - About
"DRBL allows for the configuration all of your client computers by installing just one server."
linux  clone  remote  thin  client 
november 2016 by cameronl
source_gen 0.1.0+1 | Pub Package Manager
"A tool for generating code that is part of your Dart project. A framework for creating and using multiple code generators in a single project. * A convention for human and tool generated Dart code to coexist with clean seperation."
dart  source  generator  serialize  json  rest  api  client 
february 2015 by cameronl
Our First Node.js App: Backbone on the Client and Server - Airbnb Engineering
Holy Grail: javascript modules, models, controllers, views, templates, routes running everywhere (client and server). Html results served plus interactive js client from same code.

HN comments
javascript  backbonejs  nodejs  mvc  client  server  html  app  programming 
january 2013 by cameronl
sqlite-manager - Project Hosting on Google Code
SQLite Manager is available as a XULRunner application too.
sql  sqlite  database  client 
december 2010 by cameronl

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