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Dependency Injection in Angular 2 -
- DI as two things: As a design pattern and as a framework.
- "testable code is reusable code"
angular2  programming  dependency  pattern  framework 
april 2016 by cameronl
SDL2 Tutorial Index - Twinklebear@github
"The goal of the following tutorials is to provide you with an introduction to SDL2 in C++."
sdl  tutorial  c  c++  framework  programming  game  input  opengl  3d 
december 2013 by cameronl
I am so starving: Web app in python frameworks. - The Agiliq Blog
List of Python Web Microframeworks and Full stack frameworks.
python  web  framework  programming 
july 2011 by cameronl
Twisted is an event-driven networking engine written in Python
framework  network  programming  python  event 
may 2011 by cameronl
The Changelog - episode-0-3-6-django-dash
The Changelog is a blog & weekly podcast that covers what's fresh and new in the world of Open Source.
python  web  framework  blog  podcast 
december 2010 by cameronl

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