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Cloud Endpoints - Google Cloud Platform — Google Cloud Platform
"Create RESTful services and make them accessible to iOS, Android and Javascript clients. Automatically generate client libraries.."
rest  api  google  cloud 
february 2015 by cameronl
μg Project
"The μg Project aims to provide a free, fully compatible replacement of the often used proprietary GAPPS package by Google."
android  google  app 
june 2014 by cameronl
Google I/O 2012 - Breaking the JavaScript Speed Limit with V8 - YouTube
"how to leverage V8's sampling profiler to eliminate performance bottlenecks and optimize JavaScript programs"
javascript  google  v8  chrome  programming  performance 
february 2013 by cameronl
The Go Programming Language
New, unique approach to Interfaces and Concurrency.

A Tour of Go - Video and Q&A

Go support for Google protocol buffers

Acme is a programmer's text editor, shell, and user interface.
golang  programming  language  go  google  opensource 
november 2012 by cameronl
Live Call Map | OnSIP
SIP call locations on Google map.
sip  location  live  google  map  api 
july 2011 by cameronl

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