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Apple - iPhone 6 - View countries with supported LTE networks.
A1586 - US Cellular, Sprint
A1586: "This version is sold locked on some CDMA carriers in the US like C Spire, Sprint and US Cellular. This is the most versatile version but you won’t be able to unlock it easily in the US."
apple  iphone  lte  unlock 
october 2014 by cameronl
TinyUmbrella - The iPhone Wiki
Umbrella -- used to save the SHSH file of your iDevice to make it possible to later downgrade or restore the firmware. It even works with non-jailbroken devices.
TinyTSS -- local server used to playback saved SHSH files during an iTunes restore.
iphone  firmware  ios  downgrade  jailbreak 
september 2014 by cameronl
Verizon iPhone 4S SIM UNLOCK Tutorial | Verizon Wireless Community
"Verizon has confirmed they WILL unlock the SIM on the iPhone 4S, allowing for use of local SIM cards while traveling abroad".
verizon  iphone  unlock  tutorial 
december 2012 by cameronl
5 Things To Do When Switching iPhone From AT&T to Verizon
6. Don't Cancel AT&T Plan Until After Switch

This is crucial. You cannot cancel your AT&T service until you're up and running on Verizon. If you do that before your number ports, you'll lose your phone number.
iphone  switch  service  provider 
october 2011 by cameronl
After Replacing Glass Panel, Can't Use Suction Cup To Pry Open - iPhone 3GS - iFixit
iPhone 3GS display installation alignment, adhesive, alternate opening notes.
iphone  repair  howto  3gs  display 
june 2011 by cameronl
DFU Mode - The iPhone Wiki
Device Firmware Upgrade mode allows all devices to be restored from any state.
ios  iphone  firmware  recovery  restore  jailbreak 
june 2011 by cameronl
iDroid Project
Linux kernel and the Google Android OS to Apple's iDevices.
- OpeniBoot
- Bootlace
- Forum, Repos, Install Guide
idroid  iphone  android  linux 
june 2011 by cameronl
Hemisphere Games Osmos –
Enter the ambient world of Osmos: elegant, physics-based gameplay, dreamlike visuals, and a minimalist, electronic soundtrack. PC, Mac, Linux, iPad. $10
ambient  game  physics  ipad  iphone  linux  mac  pc  software 
september 2010 by cameronl
iPhone Application Programming Guide: Implementing Standard Application Behaviors
File sharing enables the application to expose the contents of its /Documents directory to the user through iTunes. The user can then move files back and forth between the device and a desktop computer.
iphone  dev  programming  guide 
june 2010 by cameronl
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