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GitHub - amanusk/s-tui: Terminal based CPU stress and monitoring utility
“s-tui allows to monitor CPU temperature, frequency, power and utilization in a graphical way from the terminal.”
linux  monitor  cpu  thermal  power  throttle 
january 2019 by cameronl
Julian upgrades: ST uC Firmware for YZXstudio USB Monitors - (Julian Ilett) YouTube
ST STM32 MCU programming pogo pins SBW (serial-by-wire)
High resolution USB voltage/current/power monitor
electronics  mcu  programming  usb  voltage  current  power  meter  monitor  oled  display 
december 2017 by cameronl
American Vineyard/Grape Grower magazine ad.
vineyard  irrigation  monitor 
june 2014 by cameronl
Field capacity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Field capacity is the amount of soil moisture or water content held in the soil after excess water has drained away..."
soil  moisture  sensor  monitor 
march 2014 by cameronl
ICSI Netalyzr
Netalyzr is not only a debugging tool — it is also the foundation of a comprehensive measurement study compiling a survey of the health of the Internet's edge.
network  analysis  performance  health  benchmark  monitor  tool 
august 2012 by cameronl
cpupowerutils - cpufrequtils extended with quite some features []
CPU power consumption/performance tuning.
- Nehalem
- SandyBridge
- Mperf
hardware  monitor  tool  cpu  power  linux  software 
october 2011 by cameronl

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