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NeweggBusiness - Compare: Supermicro Avoton/Rangely Motherboards
SUPERMICRO MBD-A1SAi-2750F-O Mini ITX Server Motherboard
SUPERMICRO MBD-A1SRi-2758F-O Mini ITX Server Motherboard
SUPERMICRO MBD-A1SAM-2550F-O uATX Server Motherboard
lowpower  small  server  fanless  supermicro  mini-itx  motherboard 
november 2014 by cameronl
Gigabyte Announces Quad-Core J1900-Based Motherboard
"The TDP of all of this is just 10 W, allowing Gigabyte to have the chip passively cooled."
gigabyte  motherboard  passive  silent 
march 2014 by cameronl
Recommended AMD motherboards - ZFS Guru (Fanless, Server, Mini-ITX)
"AMD motherboards that are compatible with FreeBSD and suitable for filesharing"
amd  motherboard  server  fanless  lowpower 
february 2014 by cameronl

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