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Tutorial of RF5151&RF4432S
RF5151&RF4432S are very easily incorporated in designing wireless data logger, sensor network, telemetry and other wireless applications. Their products mostly use RF transceiver chips from ADI, Infineon, and Silicon Labs.
wireless  sensor  network  control  microcontroller 
july 2014 by cameronl
XBee Buying Guide - SparkFun Electronics
XBee modules
XBee Series 1 (also called XBee 802.15.4) vs Series 2, ZB, etc.., Antennas, Regular vs Pro, 900MHz vs 2.4GHz
xbee  zigbee  wireless  radio  hardware  arduino  mesh  network 
march 2014 by cameronl
XBee® 802.15.4 Datasheet/Specs - Digi International
"Device connectivity using multipoint wireless networks"
wireless  mesh  network 
february 2014 by cameronl
ICSI Netalyzr
Netalyzr is not only a debugging tool — it is also the foundation of a comprehensive measurement study compiling a survey of the health of the Internet's edge.
network  analysis  performance  health  benchmark  monitor  tool 
august 2012 by cameronl
Ubiquiti Airgrid - OpenWrt Wiki
Hardware Info/detail, disassembly, pictures, AirGrid M5.
wireless  network  broadband  ubiquiti  hardware  howto 
march 2012 by cameronl
Western Intertie Network, or the WIN System
The WIN System is a series of 71 linked, or Intertied repeaters, most are 440, or UHF repeaters..
ham  radio  amatuer  network 
march 2012 by cameronl
HSMM-MESH™ is a high speed, self discovering, self configuring, fault tolerant, wireless computer network that can run for days from a fully charged car battery, or indefinitely with the addition of a modest solar array. The focus is on emergency communications.
In its current form it is built using the Linksys WRT54GL wireless router.
wifi  mesh  maker  ham  radio  network 
february 2012 by cameronl
Twisted is an event-driven networking engine written in Python
framework  network  programming  python  event 
may 2011 by cameronl
Welcome to SiliconDust
HDHomeRun is a TV tuner for computers - Ethernet attached.
hardware  hdtv  network  dvr  tvcapture 
december 2010 by cameronl

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