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Graphing Live Data With Google Charts
Installing Phant on a BeagleBone Black
phant documentation
data  logging  nodejs  arduino 
july 2014 by cameronl
Thoughts on CommonJS / RequireJS
Globals are underrated
Asynchronous is evil
javascript  amd  module  async  nodejs  library 
april 2013 by cameronl - HOWTO: Install Node+NPM as user (not root)
HOW and WHY to install Node.js+NPM as user (not root): WE MAY NOT TRUST what comes in thru npm.
nodejs  javascript  linux  osx 
april 2013 by cameronl
Our First Node.js App: Backbone on the Client and Server - Airbnb Engineering
Holy Grail: javascript modules, models, controllers, views, templates, routes running everywhere (client and server). Html results served plus interactive js client from same code.

HN comments
javascript  backbonejs  nodejs  mvc  client  server  html  app  programming 
january 2013 by cameronl
backbone-couch - Overrides for Backbone to use CouchDB for Model persistence.
Overrides for Backbone to use CouchDB for Model persistence. Intended for server-side use of Backbone like in Bones.
nodejs  npm  backbone  couchdb  server  javascript  persistence 
october 2012 by cameronl

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