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GitHub - amanusk/s-tui: Terminal based CPU stress and monitoring utility
“s-tui allows to monitor CPU temperature, frequency, power and utilization in a graphical way from the terminal.”
linux  monitor  cpu  thermal  power  throttle 
january 2019 by cameronl
Julian upgrades: ST uC Firmware for YZXstudio USB Monitors - (Julian Ilett) YouTube
ST STM32 MCU programming pogo pins SBW (serial-by-wire)
High resolution USB voltage/current/power monitor
electronics  mcu  programming  usb  voltage  current  power  meter  monitor  oled  display 
december 2017 by cameronl
WS-POE-5v10w-kit | WiFi Texas
Power over Ethernet kit to charge one 5v USB device.
- POE Injector
- 5V Splitter
power  ethernet  poe 
may 2016 by cameronl
Power over Ethernet (POE) pinout and wiring @
Intel, Symbol, Orinoco Usually 12 or 24 V DC RX RX TX DC+ DC+ TX DC- DC- (embedded) Most Brands of PoE
networking  poe  ethernet  power  cheatsheet 
february 2012 by cameronl
cpupowerutils - cpufrequtils extended with quite some features []
CPU power consumption/performance tuning.
- Nehalem
- SandyBridge
- Mperf
hardware  monitor  tool  cpu  power  linux  software 
october 2011 by cameronl

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