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web_socket_channel | Dart Package
"A StreamChannel that communicates over a WebSocket."
cross-platform interface
dart  programming 
may 2019 by cameronl
Solid Principles: A Software Developer’s Framework to Robust, Maintainable Code | Hacker News
S: Single Responsibility Principle
O: Open-Closed Principle
L: Liskov-Substitution Principle
I: Interface Segregation Principle
D: Dependency Inversion Principle
may 2019 by cameronl
A way of examining the pending futures/task queue in Observatory · Issue #20857 · dart-lang/sdk
"You can now find all open Isolate message ports (these keep isolates alive) in Observatory.
You can also see the pending message queue in Observatory's debugger."
dart  debug  async  programming 
november 2018 by cameronl
mockito | Dart Package
Mockito Tutorial - Mocking With Junit and Maven - YouTube
test  mock  dart  java  programming 
june 2018 by cameronl
Web apps are only getting better - The Verge
- Progressive Web Apps give me an icon on my home screen, offline support, and push notifications.
- WebAssembly gives me native or near-native performance.
- Houdini, if it ever happens, gives me the fancy animations and drop shadows that I crave.
web  app  programming  ios  android  flutter  webassembly 
april 2018 by cameronl
Valve Removes Steam Machines From Its Home Page - Slashdot
"Which is why you have [] that let's you create your game in Vulkan (which works on Windows, Linux and Android) while still having it work with Metal automatically."
vulkan  metal  macos  ios  opengl  game  programming  linux 
april 2018 by cameronl
Julian upgrades: ST uC Firmware for YZXstudio USB Monitors - (Julian Ilett) YouTube
ST STM32 MCU programming pogo pins SBW (serial-by-wire)
High resolution USB voltage/current/power monitor
electronics  mcu  programming  usb  voltage  current  power  meter  monitor  oled  display 
december 2017 by cameronl
Ask Slashdot: A Point of Contention - Modern User Interfaces - Slashdot
"Too much white space, huge margins, too little information
Text is indistinguishable from controls
Text in full-CAPS
Certain controls cannot be easily understood (like on/off states for check boxes or elements like tabs)
Everything presented in shades of gray or using a severely and artificially limited palette
Often awful fonts suitable only for HiDPI devices (Windows 10 modern apps are a prime example)
Cannot be controlled by keyboard
Very little customizability if any"
ui  design  programming 
january 2017 by cameronl
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