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source_gen 0.1.0+1 | Pub Package Manager
"A tool for generating code that is part of your Dart project. A framework for creating and using multiple code generators in a single project. * A convention for human and tool generated Dart code to coexist with clean seperation."
dart  source  generator  serialize  json  rest  api  client 
february 2015 by cameronl
Cloud Endpoints - Google Cloud Platform — Google Cloud Platform
"Create RESTful services and make them accessible to iOS, Android and Javascript clients. Automatically generate client libraries.."
rest  api  google  cloud 
february 2015 by cameronl
Also example parts to write your own rest api.
golang  mongodb  rest  api 
february 2015 by cameronl
Using CORS - HTML5 Rocks
"Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is a W3C spec that allows cross-domain communication from the browser."

rest  api  cors 
may 2014 by cameronl

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