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New schemas on top of SWAP - Post #37 -
"RE: New schemas on top of SWAP
just a few thoughts about the ack/nak:

there are simple cases like
- sending a command to a mote. this is handle by the mote sending its status back.
-> no need for an ack/nak
- a sensor sending measurements more or less often:
in most cases the design can be that values are send often enough or instead if increments totals are send.
-> no need for an ack/nak
- for non battery boards the master can request device new values if a mote has not send values for some time
-> no need for an ack/nak and much simpler code in the mote
- the master has anyway to have some sort of 'dead' mote detection in case the battery runs out before a last message can be send

- 'security' sensors like door or windows sensors. i think these are the only ones that really need a sort of ack/nak."
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june 2015 by cameronl

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