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Sqitch by theory
"sqitch - Sane database change management"
database  version-control  postgres  sql  perl  git  version  toread1 
september 2015 by cameronl
Serialization in Dart (February 2015) -
"Cases of using serialization:
- Communication with an external system, API, or web service
- Storing objects in a database
- Sending objects between a Dart web client and a Dart server"

"After looking at many serialization options for Dart, we reviewed three solutions in depth:
- dartson: Simple JSON for simple objects.
- serialization: A custom format for complex Dart objects.
- protobuf: Google’s protocol buffer format."
dart  serialization  json  protocol  buffer  io  data  database  store  2015  toread1 
april 2015 by cameronl
dartson 0.2.2 | Pub Package Manager
"Dartson is a dart library which converts Dart Objects into their JSON representation. It helps you keep your code clean of fromJSON and toJSON functions by using dart:mirrors reflection. It works after dart2js compiling."
dart  json  library  programming  toread1 
march 2015 by cameronl

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