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Recording All the Melodies
Damien Riehl and Noah Rubin designed and wrote a program to record every possible 8-note, 12-beat melody and released the results — all 68+ billion melodies, 2.6 terabytes of data — <a href="">into the public domain</a>.
music  copyright 
7 weeks ago by carlesbellver
The EU Suppressed a 300-Page Study That Found Piracy Doesn’t Harm Sales
The European Commission paid €360,000 (about $428,000) for a study on how piracy impacts the sales of copyrighted music, books, video games, and movies. But the EU never shared the report—possibly because it determined that there is no evidence that piracy is a major problem.
april 2019 by carlesbellver
YouTube and the music industry are both wrong on Article 13
<a href="">Julia Reda</a>, eurodiputada pel Partit Pirata d'Alemanya, esciu un nou article sobre els perills de l'infame <a href="">article 13</a> de la directiva europea sobre drets d'autor. Considera dos possibles escenaris, ambdós inacceptables: A) que només les "empreses fiables" puguin penjar vídeos (el web com a "televisió per cable 2.0") i B) que s'acceptin com a mal menor els filtres de càrrega algorítmics (terreny en el qual Google té un avantatge competitiu clar). En tots dos casos, els principals perjudicats seran els usuaris i creadors individuals.
copyright  EU 
november 2018 by carlesbellver
Three Things You May Misunderstand About the Creative Commons Licenses
The creator of a work may prohibit you from attributing them. And private uses of adapted material from SA and ND works are allowed.
copyright  CC 
october 2018 by carlesbellver
Article 13 makes it official. It's time to embrace decentralization
Upload filters are orwellian and perform poorly. But this doesn't target small communities or people independently hosting their content. "Ultimately, this directive targets an era of the web that is already beginning to wane."
september 2018 by carlesbellver
Los arquitectos de Internet se revelan contra el copyright de Bruselas: "Es una amenaza para las libertades"
"Si hubiera estado vigente cuando se desarrollaron los protocolos principales de Internet, es poco probable que hoy existiera tal y como lo conocemos."
copyright  internet 
june 2018 by carlesbellver
“Fake news” is the newest, fakest justification for the EU link tax
1. Putting a price tag on spreading articles will decrease the circulation of professional news.
2. The link tax will disadvantage small, new and independent publishers.
copyright  politics  EU 
april 2018 by carlesbellver
Monkey-selfie lawsuit finally ends: Court affirms adorable macaque can’t sue
Naruto does not have legal standing to file a copyright claim, as a crested macaque is not a person. Photographer agreed to donate 25% of future revenue to the Tangkoko reserve.
animals  copyright 
april 2018 by carlesbellver
The Epic Story Behind Nokia’s Iconic Ringtone
Tàrrega’s biggest selling point was that he was long-dead. Nokia needed a sound free of expensive copyright claims.
february 2018 by carlesbellver
Kodak Ktypto
Kodakcoin: “an attention monger jumping onto a buzzy trend with a gimmicky approach”.
blockchain  copyright  photography 
january 2018 by carlesbellver
Radiohead’s lawsuit against Lana Del Rey shows how all music is stolen
Hip-hop and rap are eternally riddled with claims of creative theft. The entire genre of jazz is essentially a study in plagiarism […] That pop music tends to overuse the same infamous four-chord progression doesn’t help things, either. To assert that any song is entirely original would be to say it stands apart from thousands of years of musical history […]
music  art  creativity  copyright 
january 2018 by carlesbellver
One of the net's most important freedom canaries died the day the W3C greenlit web-wide DRM
People who want DRM say that they're just trying to protect their copyrights, but it's obvious to anyone who knows even a little about computer science that DRM is effectively useless for this purpose. But DRM laws allow companies to shut down (and even jail) anyone who breaks DRM for any reason […]
DRM  copyright  web 
november 2017 by carlesbellver
A Guide for Resisting Edtech: the Case against Turnitin
Supplanting good teaching with the use of inferior technology.
copyright  education 
june 2017 by carlesbellver
Los derechos de autor como rentas del capital
La naturaleza económica de los derechos de propiedad intelectual.
copyright  politics  economy 
april 2016 by carlesbellver
The Robin Hood of Science
A researcher has made nearly every scientific paper ever published available for free.
openaccess  science  copyright 
february 2016 by carlesbellver
The digital knowledge gap
Copyright protection makes books vanish.
copyright  books 
june 2015 by carlesbellver
La UB es multada por violar los derechos de autor en su campus virtual
Es la segunda sentencia contra una universidad catalana por vulnerar la propiedad intelectual en su campus virtual.
copyright  CEDRO 
september 2013 by carlesbellver
A suite of tools (browser plugins) that makes it simple to copy and paste the correct attribution for any CC licensed work. These tools query the metadata around a CC-licensed object and produce a properly formatted attribution that users can copy and paste wherever they need to. A Mozilla Drumbeat project.
CC  copyright 
february 2011 by carlesbellver
The Black Seas of Copyright
An investigation into the copyright status of the H.P. Lovecraft fiction. Final conclusion: "When Arkham House abandoned its copyright claims in order to withhold royalties from Wanderi, Lovecraft's fiction effectively entered the public domain."
lovecraft  copyright 
march 2010 by carlesbellver

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