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Difference between Page table and Inverted Page table – loonytek
A page table is maintained by the operating system on a per process basis. Every process has its own page table, and that is why we do not need to store any process identifier(s) in the page table. Page table maps a given logical/virtual page number to actual physical frame/page address. The logical address for a…
Facebook Color Palette
Facebook color palette created by ColorHex that consists #3b5998,#8b9dc3,#dfe3ee,#f7f7f7,#ffffff colors.
ggplot  color 
5 days ago
Spicy Thai Almond Salad Dressing - Sunkissed Kitchen
This Spicy Thai Almond Salad Dressing is packed with serious flavor! Creamy from almond butter and coconut milk, with tangy and sweet Thai flavors.
8 days ago
Logic 101: Gray Codes | Dr Dobb's
To prevent multiple bits transitioning simultaneously, you can use a gray code to ensure that only a single bit transitions at a time.
10 days ago
Fortnite Save the World | Stats, Missions, & More | SS1
Fortnite Save the World is always evolving, so use Storm Shield One to keep track of missions, llamas, events, and more!
12 days ago
Natural Language Processing | Coursera
Natural Language Processing from National Research University Higher School of Economics. This course covers a wide range of tasks in Natural Language Processing from basic to advanced: sentiment analysis, summarization, dialogue state tracking, ...
13 days ago
NASB vs. NIV - Why I prefer the NASB over the NIV
NASB vs. NIV - Why I prefer the NASB over the KJV, New American Standard Bible, New International Version
13 days ago
King James Version (KJV) Compared to New American Standard Bible (NASB)
What Bible translation is the most accurate version. Comparison of the king james version with the new american standard bible.
13 days ago
2017 Self-Employment Tax: How Much Will You Owe?
Best Explanation on Self Employment (Employer-Side FICA) tax and a Calculator.
14 days ago
Self Employed Individuals Tax Center | Internal Revenue Service
The basics on self-employment, filing requirements, and reporting responsibilities for independent contractors.
14 days ago
2019 Roth IRA Income Limits: What You Need to Know
Find out whether you're eligible for this tax-free retirement account.
14 days ago
Roth IRA Rules - 7 Things You MUST Know (Updated 2018)
Understanding the Roth IRA rules and limits does not have to be complicated. Here's everything you need to know about starting a Roth IRA in 2018 and beyond.
ira  401k 
14 days ago
Dark Patterns – UX Knowledge Base Sketch
Tricks, tactics applied in order to make the users do something they did not intended to do in the first place.
16 days ago
Top 10 Honeys in the World | Asheville Bee Charmers
There’s no sweeter task than trying to determine the top 10 best honeys in the world. Our list include the best raw, pure, and infused honeys from across the globe.
22 days ago
Lose weight & improve your health with a real food diet | Fooducate
Fooducate is your healthy diet toolbox. Eat Better. Lose Weight. Get Healthy. Available for iPhone, Android, and online.
23 days ago
Mega Backdoor Roth | Mad Fientist
The Mega Backdoor Roth strategy could allow you to contribute an extra $36,500 to your Roth in 2018!
25 days ago
Roth IRA Rules: Smart Ways to Avoid Taxes on a Conversion | Betterment
Roth IRA rules can appear limiting on first glance—but you may be able to fund a Roth by rolling over funds from another account.
25 days ago
Do I Need to Do Anything Special on My Taxes for My 401(k)? - Human Interest
If you haven’t made any withdrawals from your 401(k), then you don't need a special form from your 401(k) provider and you don’t need to report to the IRS
25 days ago
How to Search for Files Created Between Two Dates in Windows
How to Search for Files Created Between Two Dates in Windows Vista using Advanced Query Syntax
windows  search 
4 weeks ago
Original | Illustration: “海風ドレス” by もなか [pixiv]
この作品 「海風ドレス」 は 「オリジナル」「創作」 のタグがつけられた「もなか」さんのイラストです。 「BOOTHにて、コミティア124で頒布した新刊の通販を始めました。どうぞよしなに〜」
5 weeks ago
Significado de Usufruto - O que é, Conceito e Definição
O usufruto é um elemento da propriedade disposto no Código Civil Brasileiro, do artigo 1.390 ao artigo 1.411. “O usufruto pode recair em um ou mais bens, móveis ou imóveis, em patrimônio inteiro ou partes deste, abrangendo-lhe, no todo ou em partes, os frutos e utilidades”. O artigo 1.391, dispõe: “O usufruto de imóveis, quando não resulte de usucapião, será constituído mediante registro no Cartório de Imóveis”.
5 weeks ago
How Much are Medicare Deductions for the Self-Employed? | The TurboTax Blog
If you're self-employed, you qualify for certain tax deductions as a result of paying for Medicare. When you are self-employed, you pay a "Self Employment Tax" on the net income that you earn from your own business, consisting of both the Social Security tax and the Medicare tax.
taxes  schedule  self-employment 
5 weeks ago
What Are Above-the-Line Deductions? - SmartAsset
If you're planning on using a tax break to lessen your tax bite, keep in mind that there are many different kinds of deductions. Above-the-line deductions..
taxes  deduction 
5 weeks ago
Authorized Signer vs. Joint Owner « FineMark Bank
Experienced professionals at FineMark National Bank & Trust offer personal, business & online banking, trusts & investments, SW Florida & Scottsdale, Arizona.
5 weeks ago
Passa a ser obrigatória a Declaração de Saída Definitiva aos que residem fora do Brasil
O que muitas pessoas não sabem, é que é obrigatório ao brasileiro não residente no Brasil, a apresentação da Declaração de Saída Definitiva
5 weeks ago
CDB ou Poupança?
Leia o artigo e saiba a resposta sobre qual a melhor opção de investimento: CDB ou poupança?
5 weeks ago
O que é CDB e como calcular sua rentabilidade?
Guia completo sobre CDB pré e pós-fixado com explicações sobre prazos, riscos, tributação, dicas e como decidir entre eles.
investimentos  cdb 
5 weeks ago
CDB: entenda o que é, os tipos e se vale a pena investir
O CDB (Certificado de Depósito Bancário) é um título de renda fixa emitido por bancos, uma alternativa para sair da poupança. Veja como funciona o investimento.
5 weeks ago
Passo a passo de investimentos : investimentos
Então você conseguiu um emprego, e agora quer começar a investir? Primeiramente, parabéns! Pelo emprego, e pela consciência que é...
5 weeks ago
CDB vs. Poupança: vantagens, desvantagens e rendimento | BTG Pactual digital
A poupança é o investimento mais popular no Brasil, mas será que é o melhor? Conheça as diferenças entre poupança e CDB no blog do BTG Pactual digital.
5 weeks ago
Why ‘Find your passion!’ may be bad advice | Stanford News
The belief that interests arrive fully formed and must simply be “found” can lead people to limit their pursuit of new fields and give up too easily.
6 weeks ago
How to Do Taxes If You Live and Work in 2 Different States | LearnVest
Find out how to file multiple state tax returns if you live and work in two different states.
6 weeks ago
Open Source tools for Data Science | Coursera
Open Source tools for Data Science from IBM. What are some of the most popular data science tools, how do you use them, and what are their features? In this course, you'll learn about Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio IDE, Apache Zeppelin and Data ...
6 weeks ago
Financial Planners - Find & Compare Finance Professionals
Search our Finance database and connect with top rated Financial Planners.
cfp  finances  advisories 
6 weeks ago
I converted $5500 from traditional IRA to ROTH IRA. Is converted... - TurboTax Support
No. You may make a normal Roth contribution in addition any conversions you make in the same year, regardless of the amount of the conver...
ira  roth-ira 
6 weeks ago
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