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Despite Measles Warnings, Anti-Vaccine Rally Draws Hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox Jews - The New York Times
A “vaccine symposium” in Rockland County was denounced by health authorities and some ultra-Orthodox rabbis, who said the speakers were spreading dangerous propaganda.
vaccination  measles  virology  microbiology 
4 weeks ago by casfindad
Vaccines, public health and personal choice | MPR News
Measles are making a comeback. Vaccination rates have a lot to do with that. When preventable diseases threaten, is there a way to balance personal choice with public safety?
vaccination  microbiology 
6 weeks ago by casfindad
Doctors' son died 10 days before flu shot appointment. Now, they want to save your child - CNN
Two physicians who lost their young son to the flu last year want parents to listen to their message, born of great grief and suffering: Get your child a flu shot.
vaccination  microbiology  Influenza  virology 
november 2018 by casfindad
In Australia, Cervical Cancer Could Soon Be Eliminated - The New York Times
The government started a program to distribute the HPV vaccine for free to girls more than a decade ago.
microbiology  virology  cancer  medicine  vaccination 
october 2018 by casfindad
How Vaccines Can Drive Pathogens to Evolve | Quanta Magazine
Just as antibiotics breed resistance in bacteria, vaccines can incite changes that enable diseases to escape their control. Researchers are working to head off the evolution of new threats.
may 2018 by casfindad
Vaccinations Drop in Europe, and the Result Was Over 21,000 Cases of Measles
Measles is pulling off a disconcerting resurgence across the continent of Europe at the same time the vaccination rate is falling, per recent data from the World Health Organization.
microbiology  vaccination 
february 2018 by casfindad
Killing of Mother-Daughter Team Shakes Polio Eradication Drive in Pakistan - The New York Times
Last year, Pakistan had only eight confirmed cases of polio paralysis; four years ago, the nation had 306.
polio  vaccination  microbiology 
january 2018 by casfindad
Debunked: The Polio Vaccine and HIV Link | History of Vaccines
Some people promoted a theory that polio vaccination was the origin of HIV. The page presents strong evidence debunking that claim.
vaccination  polio  HIV  BIOL209  BIOL340  microbiology  virology 
november 2017 by casfindad

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