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Jay Bybee's sociopathic self-absorption - Glenn Greenwald -
Just think about that. The so-called "government service" Jay Bybee did caused countless detainees to be subjected to systematized, medieval torture techniques designed to permanently break their mind and spirit. Innocent men spent years wasting away in a cage, with no due process of any kind, subjected to horrific and life-destroying abuse because of what Bybee authorized. So frivolous were Bybee's opinions that they were scorned even by subsequent right-wing, Bush appointees such as Jack Goldsmith, and the DOJ's own Office of Professional Responsibility formally renounced and harshly criticized those memos. For that work, he was rewarded with a life tenured, permanently-well-paying job as a federal appellate judge.
jaybybee  torture  hypocrisy 
july 2010 by cboyack
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