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Ending NSA Surveillance Is Not the Answer | National Review Online
Once we impose those standards on the military and intelligence agencies, however, we are either guaranteeing failure or we must accept a certain level of error. If the military and intelligence agencies had to follow law-enforcement standards, their mission would fail because they would not give us any improvement over what the FBI could achieve anyway.
johnyoo  nsa 
august 2013 by cboyack
John Yoo to Rand Paul: Leave Barack Obama Alone on Targeted Killing! | Mother Jones
John Yoo, the author of the Bush administration legal memos justifying the use of torture, thinks President Obama is really getting too much grief over targeted killing. And he wants Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.)—who filibustered Obama's nominee to head the CIA for 13 hours on Wednesday—to lay off.
johnyoo  torture  drone  randpaul 
march 2013 by cboyack
John Yoo: Obama Is Flouting the War Powers Resolution
When an administration speaks to serious legal and constitutional issues, most of all perhaps in the national security area, it should not be such a spendthrift of its limited capital. And indeed, the failing here is a signature trait of this administration. Obama has an unhappy knack of making exactly the wrong kind of compromises. In this case, he might have made a robust and plausible claim that the WPR is unconstitutional. Alternatively, he might have read the statute fairly and followed it as written. Instead he is clearly flouting the law--but claiming that he isn't. His performance here mirrors everything that has been wrong with his entire adventure in Libya. Obama's attack has been too feeble to bring down Gaddafi, but big enough to discredit us for trying and failing; too wrapped up in U.N. legalities, but too little concern over national interests.
johnyoo  barackobama  libya  georgebush 
june 2011 by cboyack
Jay Bybee: Self-Pitying Torturer « Blog
Weep not for those drowned, beaten, blinded, suffocated, subjected to genital mutilation, and murdered because of policies Bybee crafted in the service of fuhrerprinzip and his own ambition. Spare your tears instead for Bybee himself, who has suffered the indignity of being criticized for the pivotal role he played in institutionalizing such barbarism.
jaybybee  johnyoo  torture  georgebush 
july 2010 by cboyack
Book closed on BYU grad for torture memos, but Demos protest | Deseret News
The Justice Department told Congress Friday that it has closed the book on and will pursue no action against Jay Bybee, a BYU law graduate and current federal appeals court judge, for signing as a Bush administration lawyer memos allowing harsh treatment of suspected terrorists.

But Senate Democrats had a hard time swallowing that and called for wider investigation anyway.
jaybybee  johnyoo  torture  waterboarding  georgebush 
february 2010 by cboyack
Top Bush adviser defends using nuclear weapons on civilians | Raw Story
The senior Justice Department legal adviser to President Bush who made the legal case for the Bush Administration's use of torture tactics on terror suspects defended comments that the president could unilaterally "massacre" civilians in wartime in a newly released interview.

"You did argue that the president can legally order a village of civilians massacred," a KQED radio host asked John Yoo, now a professor at Berkeley. "Do you stand by that?"

"If, I thought it was militarily necessary," Yoo replied. "All you have to do is look at American history.... Look at the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki."

Not backing down, Yoo championed the use of nuclear weapons in World War II.
johnyoo  torture  wwii  hiroshima  nagasaki  history  nuclear  military  properroleofgovernment  war 
february 2010 by cboyack
John Yoo: My Gift to the Obama Presidency -
[This man should be prosecuted as a war criminal.] Barack Obama may not realize it, but I may have just helped save his presidency. How? By winning a drawn-out fight to protect his powers as commander in chief to wage war and keep Americans safe.
johnyoo  barackobama  torture  georgebush  war 
february 2010 by cboyack
The OPR report: this era's 'Hiroshima' - James Fallows
The "torture years" are now an indelible part of our history. The names Bybee and Yoo will always be associated with these policies. Whether you view them as patriots willing to do the dirty work of defending the nation -- the Dick Cheney view, the 24 view, which equates the torture memos with Abraham Lincoln's imposition of martial law -- or view them as damaging America's moral standing in ways that will take years to repair (my view), you owe it to yourself to read these original documents.
johnyoo  jaybybee  torture  georgebush  waterboarding 
february 2010 by cboyack
Waterboarding memo lawyers will not be disciplined - Telegraph
The US government lawyers who provided legal justification for the harsh interrogation of terror suspects, including waterboarding, "exercised poor judgment" but will not be disciplined, the justice department has said. The decision brings to a close a bitterly-debated chapter in the debate about how the Bush administration fought the war on terror in the wake of the Sept 11 attacks on New York and Washington.
After five years of heated internal wrangling, the justice department has rejected calls by its own ethics investigators for tougher measures against the two men.
johnyoo  jaybybee  terrorism  whitehouse  georgebush  waterboarding  torture 
february 2010 by cboyack
George W. Bush’s Disposable Constitution—By Scott Horton (Harper's Magazine)
We may not have realized it at the time, but in the period from late 2001-January 19, 2009, this country was a dictatorship. The constitutional rights we learned about in high school civics were suspended. That was thanks to secret memos crafted deep inside the Justice Department that effectively trashed the Constitution. What we know now is likely the least of it.
georgebush  terrorism  fascism  dictatorship  liberty  constitution  war  martiallaw  johnyoo 
march 2009 by cboyack
Raw Replay - Revisiting History
Yoo and Addington evading Congress' questions. Surprise, surprise.
johnyoo  davidaddington  congress  torture 
june 2008 by cboyack

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