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Prosecute Torturers and Their Bosses -
Mr. Obama has said multiple times that “we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards,” as though the two were incompatible. They are not. The nation cannot move forward in any meaningful way without coming to terms, legally and morally, with the abhorrent acts that were authorized, given a false patina of legality, and committed by American men and women from the highest levels of government on down.
torture  cia  gadianton 
december 2014 by cboyack
Senators Urge Partial Declassification of CIA Torture Report, Keep Vast Majority Secret « Blog
The Senate select committee on intelligence has waged an unprecedented and acrimonious public battle with the CIA over a secret 6,300-page investigation concluding torture was an ineffective intelligence-gathering technique and that the CIA lied about its value. On Thursday, the committee is slated to take a belated vote to make it public.
cia  torture  terrorism 
april 2014 by cboyack
After Guantánamo, Another Injustice -
ABOUT two months ago I learned that some of my books had been banned at Guantánamo Bay. Apparently detainees were requesting them, and their lawyers were delivering them to the prison, but they were not being allowed in because of “impermissible content.”

I became curious and tracked down a detainee who enjoys my books. His name is Nabil Hadjarab, and he is a 34-year-old Algerian who grew up in France. He learned to speak French before he learned to speak Arabic. He has close family and friends in France, but not in Algeria. As a kid growing up near Lyon, he was a gifted soccer player and dreamed of playing for Paris St.-Germain, or another top French club.
guantanamo  torture  iraq 
august 2013 by cboyack
New Report Blows the Lid Off America's Recent History of Torture -
So began a page-one story in The New York Times that should have dominated public discussion for days and begun the process of coming to terms with this shameful chapter in American history. Unfortunately, the story ran April 16, the day after the Boston Marathon bombing, and thus got little notice. And just as attention on Boston was waning, the George W. Bush Library and Museum was dedicated in Dallas. Unsurprisingly, neither President Obama nor the ex-presidents assembled to celebrate the event (and the Bush administration), mentioned this “nonpartisan, independent review.”
may 2013 by cboyack
U.S. Practiced Torture After 9/11, Nonpartisan Review Concludes -
nonpartisan, independent review of interrogation and detention programs in the years after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks concludes that “it is indisputable that the United States engaged in the practice of torture” and that the nation’s highest officials bore ultimate responsibility for it.
9/11  torture 
april 2013 by cboyack
John Yoo to Rand Paul: Leave Barack Obama Alone on Targeted Killing! | Mother Jones
John Yoo, the author of the Bush administration legal memos justifying the use of torture, thinks President Obama is really getting too much grief over targeted killing. And he wants Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.)—who filibustered Obama's nominee to head the CIA for 13 hours on Wednesday—to lay off.
johnyoo  torture  drone  randpaul 
march 2013 by cboyack
US waterboarded Libyan Islamists: report - FRANCE 24
The United States waterboarded Libyan Islamists opposed to Moamer Kadhafi and handed them over to his regime for further torture during the Bush administration, a rights group said Thursday.

A new report by the New York-based Human Rights Watch said a former detainee claimed to have been waterboarded and another described a form of water torture, indicating wider use of the method than is officially claimed.

"Not only did the US deliver Kadhafi his enemies on a silver platter, but it seems the CIA tortured many of them first," said Laura Pitter, the author of the report.

"The scope of Bush administration abuse appears far broader than previously acknowledged and underscores the importance of opening up a full-scale inquiry into what happened."
cia  torture  libya 
september 2012 by cboyack
Politics - Conor Friedersdorf - The Questionable Past of the Man Who Decides Who U.S. Drones Will Kill - The Atlantic
As I figure it, there are two death panels in the United States. One is within the C.I.A., where high-ranking intelligence professionals decide, via some opaque protocol, who they want to kill with armed drones. I used to assume that they put all the names on a list. But it was subsequently reported that sometimes the C.I.A. kills people whose identities it doesn't even know.

Then there's the other death panel. It determines whose death will be sought by drones that the Department of Defense controls. These human targets used to be determined in a meeting that involved the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, various unnamed national security officials, and Obama Administration counterterrorism adviser John Brennan. They'd talk things over and debate names.

Now the protocol is changing for both programs.

"White House counterterror chief John Brennan has seized the lead in choosing which terrorists will be targeted for drone attacks or raids, establishing a new procedure for both military and CIA targets," Kimberly Dozier of the Associated Press reports. "The effort concentrates power over the use of lethal U.S. force outside war zones within one small team at the White House ... Under the new plan, Brennan's staff compiles the potential target list and runs the names past agencies such as the State Department at a weekly White House meeting."

So who is the man with this extraordinarily powerful influence over who lives and dies in the due-process-free world of international assassinations? An experienced intelligence officer with 25 years experience, fluent Arabic skills ... and a more controversial recent history in government.
johnbrennan  cia  torture  drone  murder 
may 2012 by cboyack
CIA Committed 'War Crimes,' Bush Official Says | Danger Room |
A top adviser to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned the Bush administration that its use of “cruel, inhuman or degrading” interrogation techniques like waterboarding were “a felony war crime.”

What’s more, newly obtained documents reveal that State Department counselor Philip Zelikow told the Bush team in 2006 that using the controversial interrogation techniques were “prohibited” under U.S. law — “even if there is a compelling state interest asserted to justify them.”
torture  cia  9/11  guantanamo  terrorism  whistleblower 
april 2012 by cboyack
Files Note Close C.I.A. Ties to Qaddafi Spy Unit -
Documents found at the abandoned office of Libya’s former spymaster appear to provide new details of the close relations the Central Intelligence Agency shared with the Libyan intelligence service — most notably suggesting that the Americans sent terrorism suspects at least eight times for questioning in Libya despite that country’s reputation for torture.
libya  cia  conspiracy  torture 
september 2011 by cboyack
ACLU asks court to hold CIA in contempt for destroying torture tapes | The Raw Story
Despite a court order, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) destroyed hundreds of hours of video tape showing the alleged torture of two terror detainees, and now the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is asking a New York judge to punish them for it.

In a case being heard Monday, attorneys for the ACLU will argue that the agency, and former deputy director Jose Rodriguez in particular, should be held in contempt of an order to preserve records responsive to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed in 2004.
aclu  cia  terrorism  torture 
august 2011 by cboyack
Activist Post: Obama Administration Shuts Down Investigations Into Bush-era Torture
As part of its cover-up of Bush administration war crimes, the Obama administration announced June 30 that it would shut down 99 investigations into deaths of prisoners in US custody during the so-called “war on terror,” leaving only two investigations with the potential to develop into criminal prosecutions.

The announcement underscores the fact that the anti-democratic policies developed during the presidency of George W. Bush continue unchallenged under President Barack Obama, who is doing everything in his power to keep the lid on the crimes of his predecessor.
georgebush  barackobama  crime  prison  waterboarding  guantanamo  terrorism  policestate  corruption  torture 
july 2011 by cboyack
Sibel Edmonds' Boiling Frogs Post | Home of the Irate Minority
I am going to place one of my famous bets again. I bet you no one will ever go after these particular anonymous sources from our intelligence agencies. You see, they are disclosing what they are told to disclose, and it wouldn’t make the tiniest difference how classified or sensitive the intentionally leaked information is. When the government has a PR mission and a polished script to go with it, releasing all sorts of ‘classified or sensitive’ intelligence is kosher. But may God help those who release information classified to cover up government criminality such as NSA illegal wiretapping.
Please go and read this Clancy-Like novella chapter at Huffington Post. Pay special attention to anonymous sourcing and glorified kidnap-torture methods meant to program unknowing Americans: Torture, assassination, illegal operations are all good when the end justifies the means. Hail to President Bush for starting those programs, and hail to President Obama for continuing them!!
torture  cia  osamabinladen  georgebush  journalism 
may 2011 by cboyack
Is long-term solitary confinement torture? : The New Yorker
But it was impossible to talk to him about his time in isolation without seeing that it was fundamentally no different from the isolation that Terry Anderson and John McCain had endured. Whether in Walpole or Beirut or Hanoi, all human beings experience isolation as torture.
prison  torture  isolation  solitaryconfinement 
december 2010 by cboyack
The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention - Glenn Greenwald -
That's a whistleblower in the purest and most noble form: discovering government secrets of criminal and corrupt acts and then publicizing them to the world not for profit, not to give other nations an edge, but to trigger "worldwide discussion, debates, and reforms." Given how much Manning has been demonized -- at the same time that he's been rendered silent by the ban on his communication with any media -- it's worthwhile to keep all of that in mind.

But ultimately, what one thinks of Manning's alleged acts is irrelevant to the issue here. The U.S. ought at least to abide by minimal standards of humane treatment in how it detains him. That's true for every prisoner, at all times. But departures from such standards are particularly egregious where, as here, the detainee has merely been accused, but never convicted, of wrongdoing. These inhumane conditions make a mockery of Barack Obama's repeated pledge to end detainee abuse and torture, as prolonged isolation -- exacerbated by these other deprivations -- is at least as damaging, as violative of international legal standards, and almost as reviled around the world, as the waterboard, hypothermia and other Bush-era tactics that caused so much controversy.
bradleymanning  wikileaks  whistleblower  secrecy  military  properroleofgovernment  torture  solitaryconfinement 
december 2010 by cboyack
US Judge OKs confession extracted by threatening suspect with rape | Raw Story
In one of the first military commissions held under the Obama administration, a US military judge has ruled that confessions obtained by threatening the subject with rape are admissible in court.

The case involves Omar Ahmed Khadr, a citizen of Canada who was apprehended in Afghanistan when he was 15 years old and has remained in Guantanamo Bay for the last seven years awaiting trial for terrorism and war crimes.
afghanistan  guantanamo  rape  torture  military  militarycommissionsact 
august 2010 by cboyack
Jay Bybee's sociopathic self-absorption - Glenn Greenwald -
Just think about that. The so-called "government service" Jay Bybee did caused countless detainees to be subjected to systematized, medieval torture techniques designed to permanently break their mind and spirit. Innocent men spent years wasting away in a cage, with no due process of any kind, subjected to horrific and life-destroying abuse because of what Bybee authorized. So frivolous were Bybee's opinions that they were scorned even by subsequent right-wing, Bush appointees such as Jack Goldsmith, and the DOJ's own Office of Professional Responsibility formally renounced and harshly criticized those memos. For that work, he was rewarded with a life tenured, permanently-well-paying job as a federal appellate judge.
jaybybee  torture  hypocrisy 
july 2010 by cboyack
Jay Bybee: Self-Pitying Torturer « Blog
Weep not for those drowned, beaten, blinded, suffocated, subjected to genital mutilation, and murdered because of policies Bybee crafted in the service of fuhrerprinzip and his own ambition. Spare your tears instead for Bybee himself, who has suffered the indignity of being criticized for the pivotal role he played in institutionalizing such barbarism.
jaybybee  johnyoo  torture  georgebush 
july 2010 by cboyack
Andrew Napolitano: Bush and Cheney Should Have Been Indicted for Torturing, for Spying and Arresting Without Warrants | Video Cafe
Well, this is something you don't see every day. Ralph Nader hosted this interview segment with Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano and discussed his book, Lies the Government Told You. I'm surprised the judge is going to be allowed on Fox after making the statements he did about Bush and Cheney during the interview.
andrewnapolitano  georgebush  barackobama  dickcheney  torture  military  guantanamo  crime  constitution  habeascorpus 
july 2010 by cboyack
New study documents media's servitude to government - Glenn Greenwald -
A newly released study from students at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government provides the latest evidence of how thoroughly devoted the American establishment media is to amplifying and serving (rather than checking) government officials.  This new study examines how waterboarding has been discussed by America's four largest newspapers over the past 100 years, and finds that the technique, almost invariably, was unequivocally referred to as "torture" -- until the U.S. Government began openly using it and insisting that it was not torture, at which time these newspapers obediently ceased describing it that way:
torture  media  waterboarding  military  censorship  journalism  bias  propaganda 
july 2010 by cboyack
Contestants turn torturers in French TV experiment - Yahoo! News
Game show contestants turn torturers in a new psychological experiment for French television, zapping a man with electricity until he cries for mercy -- then zapping him again until he seems to drop dead.
"The Game of Death" has all the trappings of a traditional television quiz show, with a roaring crowd and a glamorous and well-known hostess urging the players on under gaudy studio lights.
But the contestants did not know they were taking part in an experiment to find out whether television could push them to outrageous lengths, and which has prompted comparisons with the atrocities of Nazi Germany.
"We were amazed to find that 81 percent of the participants obeyed" the sadistic orders of the television presenter, said Christophe Nick, the maker of the documentary for the state-owned France 2 channel which airs Wednesday.
france  torture  military  war  psychology  television 
march 2010 by cboyack
Karl Rove Says He's 'Proud' US Used Waterboarding - AOL News
Karl Rove, former senior political adviser to President George W. Bush, says he is "proud" the U.S. used waterboarding to gain information from terror suspects.

"I'm proud that we used techniques that broke the will of these terrorists," he said in a BBC interview, adding that he did not consider waterboarding to be torture.

The practice, considered by many to violate the terms of the Geneva Convention on the conduct of war, was sanctioned in a series of memos by White House lawyers in 2002. It involves pouring water into a captive's breathing passages, simulating a sensation of drowning.
karlrove  waterboarding  torture 
march 2010 by cboyack
Book closed on BYU grad for torture memos, but Demos protest | Deseret News
The Justice Department told Congress Friday that it has closed the book on and will pursue no action against Jay Bybee, a BYU law graduate and current federal appeals court judge, for signing as a Bush administration lawyer memos allowing harsh treatment of suspected terrorists.

But Senate Democrats had a hard time swallowing that and called for wider investigation anyway.
jaybybee  johnyoo  torture  waterboarding  georgebush 
february 2010 by cboyack
Top Bush adviser defends using nuclear weapons on civilians | Raw Story
The senior Justice Department legal adviser to President Bush who made the legal case for the Bush Administration's use of torture tactics on terror suspects defended comments that the president could unilaterally "massacre" civilians in wartime in a newly released interview.

"You did argue that the president can legally order a village of civilians massacred," a KQED radio host asked John Yoo, now a professor at Berkeley. "Do you stand by that?"

"If, I thought it was militarily necessary," Yoo replied. "All you have to do is look at American history.... Look at the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki."

Not backing down, Yoo championed the use of nuclear weapons in World War II.
johnyoo  torture  wwii  hiroshima  nagasaki  history  nuclear  military  properroleofgovernment  war 
february 2010 by cboyack
John Yoo: My Gift to the Obama Presidency -
[This man should be prosecuted as a war criminal.] Barack Obama may not realize it, but I may have just helped save his presidency. How? By winning a drawn-out fight to protect his powers as commander in chief to wage war and keep Americans safe.
johnyoo  barackobama  torture  georgebush  war 
february 2010 by cboyack
The OPR report: this era's 'Hiroshima' - James Fallows
The "torture years" are now an indelible part of our history. The names Bybee and Yoo will always be associated with these policies. Whether you view them as patriots willing to do the dirty work of defending the nation -- the Dick Cheney view, the 24 view, which equates the torture memos with Abraham Lincoln's imposition of martial law -- or view them as damaging America's moral standing in ways that will take years to repair (my view), you owe it to yourself to read these original documents.
johnyoo  jaybybee  torture  georgebush  waterboarding 
february 2010 by cboyack
Waterboarding memo lawyers will not be disciplined - Telegraph
The US government lawyers who provided legal justification for the harsh interrogation of terror suspects, including waterboarding, "exercised poor judgment" but will not be disciplined, the justice department has said. The decision brings to a close a bitterly-debated chapter in the debate about how the Bush administration fought the war on terror in the wake of the Sept 11 attacks on New York and Washington.
After five years of heated internal wrangling, the justice department has rejected calls by its own ethics investigators for tougher measures against the two men.
johnyoo  jaybybee  terrorism  whitehouse  georgebush  waterboarding  torture 
february 2010 by cboyack
t r u t h o u t | Cheney Admits to War Crimes, Media Yawns, Obama Turns the Other Cheek
Dick Cheney is a sadist.

On Sunday, in an exclusive interview with Jonathan Karl of ABC News' "This Week," Cheney proclaimed his love of torture, derided the Obama administration for outlawing the practice, and admitted that the Bush White House ordered Justice Department attorneys to fix the law around the administration's policy interests.
dickcheney  waterboarding  torture 
february 2010 by cboyack
The Guantánamo “Suicides”: A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle—By Scott Horton (Harper's Magazine)
Furthermore, new evidence now emerging may entangle Obama’s young administration with crimes that occurred during the George W. Bush presidency, evidence that suggests the current administration failed to investigate seriously—and may even have continued—a cover-up of the possible homicides of three prisoners at Guantánamo in 2006.
guantanamo  conspiracy  murder  terrorism  prison  torture  cia  military  enemycombatant 
january 2010 by cboyack
Dred Scott Redux: Obama and the Supremes Stand Up for Slavery
Again, let's be absolutely clear: Barack Obama has taken the freely chosen, public, formal stand -- in court -- that there is nothing wrong with any of these activities. Nothing to answer for, nothing meriting punishment or even civil penalties. What's more, in championing the lower court ruling, Barack Obama is now on record as believing -- insisting -- that torture is an ordinary, "foreseeable consequence" of military detention of all those who are arbitrarily declared "suspected enemy combatants."

And still further: Barack Obama has now declared, openly, of his own free will, that he does not consider these captives to be "persons." They are, literally, sub-humans. And what makes them sub-humans? The fact that someone in the U.S. government has declared them to be "suspected enemy combatants." (And note: even the mere suspicion of being an "enemy combatant" can strip you of your personhood.)
barackobama  constitution  enemycombatant  terrorism  torture  military  war  guantanamo  supremecourt  prison 
december 2009 by cboyack
A court decision that reflects what type of country the U.S. is
In January, 2007, the Canadian Prime Minister publicly apologized to Arar for the role Canada played in these events.... That was preceded by a full investigation by Canadian authorities and the public disclosure of a detailed report which concluded "categorically that there is no evidence to indicate that Mr. Arar has committed any offense or that his activities constituted a threat to the security of Canada." By stark and very revealing contrast, the U.S. Government has never admitted any wrongdoing or even spoken publicly about what it did; to the contrary, it repeatedly insisted that courts were barred from examining the conduct of government officials because what we did to Arar involves "state secrets" and because courts should not interfere in the actions of the Executive where national security is involved. What does that behavioral disparity between the two nations say about how "democratic," "accountable," and "open" the United States is?
canada  foreignpolicy  justice  torture  terrorism  waronterror  democracy  war 
november 2009 by cboyack
Top-level Torture
That approval spread like Agent Orange from the president and his advisers to the men on the ground who were guarding and interrogating prisoners. It turned Abu Ghraib’s hooded, leashed, and naked “detainees” from an aberration that shamed America into official policy. No longer can the administration claim that only “a few” low-hanging “bad apples” are guilty: the president and his advisers are the biggest of those apples.
torture  georgebush  military 
october 2009 by cboyack
Waterboarding Doesn’t Work, Scientists Say | Wired Science |
A report published by the Intelligence Science Board in 2007 found that no research existed to support the use of enhanced interrogation. And O’Mara’s review, published Monday in Trends in Cognitive Science, describes a wealth of science that supports ending the practice.
torture  waterboarding 
september 2009 by cboyack
CIA Directors conclude CIA shouldn't be investigated for murder
In a truly shocking development being treated as major news, seven former CIA Directors -- including all three who served under George W. Bush -- jointly concluded that the CIA should not be criminally investigated for torture deaths, and they have written a letter to President Obama (.pdf) expressing that view. Do leaders of organizations in general ever believe that their organizations and its members should be criminally investigated and possibly prosecuted for acts carried out on behalf of that organization, and do CIA Directors specifically ever believe that about the CIA? Has a CIA Director ever advocated that CIA agents be criminally investigated for illegal intelligence activities?
cia  corruption  torture  barackobama 
september 2009 by cboyack
Thomas Paine v. the Right's torture defenders - Glenn Greenwald -
For anyone who believes in the basic principles of the founding, the fact that these acts of torture are illegal -- felonies -- ought to end the discussion about whether they were justified.
torture  hypocrisy  war  enemycombatant  military  constitution  ruleoflaw 
august 2009 by cboyack
What every American should be made to learn about the IG Torture Report - Glenn Greenwald -
The fact that we are not really bothered any more by taking helpless detainees in our custody and (a) threatening to blow their brains out, torture them with drills, rape their mothers, and murder their children; (b) choking them until they pass out; (c) pouring water down their throats to drown them; (d) hanging them by their arms until their shoulders are dislocated; (e) blowing smoke in their face until they vomit; (f) putting them in diapers, dousing them with cold water, and leaving them on a concrete floor to induce hypothermia; and (g) beating them with the butt of a rifle -- all things that we have always condemend as "torture" and which our laws explicitly criminalize as felonies ("torture means. . . the threat of imminent death; or the threat that another person will imminently be subjected to death . . .") -- reveals better than all the words in the world could how degraded, barbaric and depraved a society becomes when it lifts the taboo on torturing captives.
torture  cia  waterboarding  guantanamo  war 
august 2009 by cboyack
The Crucifixion and the Occupation | diachronic's Blog
Among the more startling revelations during the press conference today was an article describing how a detainee in Iraq had been "essentially crucified" during CIA interrogation.
cia  torture  military  war  crucifixion  guantanamo  iraq 
june 2009 by cboyack
CIA Destroyed Torture Tapes After CIA IG Report Concluded U.S. Violated Laws | NEWS JUNKIE POST
The CIA destroyed videotapes that showed its agents subjecting high-level al-Qaeda detainees to waterboarding and other brutal interrogation methods after the agency’s inspector general issued a classified report in the spring of 2004 that concluded the techniques used on the prisoners “appeared to constitute cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment, as defined by the International Convention Against Torture.”

In a little known Jan. 10, 2008 declaration in response to a motion filed by the American Civil Liberties Union to hold the CIA in contempt for destroying the videotapes, the CIA provided insight into CIA Inspector General John Helgerson’s report and revealed that he viewed the torture tapes.
cia  torture  war 
june 2009 by cboyack
Senate OKs block of alleged abuse photos -
The Senate passed by unanimous consent Wednesday a bill that would prevent the release of controversial photos of alleged U.S. abuse of prisoners and detainees.
military  torture  abuse  congress  corruption 
june 2009 by cboyack
Why the hell should I feel sorry, says girl soldier who abused Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison | Mail Online
I'll be watching a movie, or TV, and then something triggers it and, bam! I'm back there.'

This hardly sounds like contrition, but is probably as close as Private First Class Lynndie England will ever come to expressing regret for becoming the unacceptable face of the U.S. Army.
iraq  military  prison  corruption  torture 
june 2009 by cboyack
Gawker - Yahoo Nukes Man's Photos Over Obama Comments - Yahoo
Flickr user Shepherd Johnson was browsing the official White House photostream one night when he decided to post a politically-charged comment. Then another, then another. Soon, without warning, Yahoo's photo-sharing service deleted his account, complete with 1,200 pictures.

An unrepentant Yahoo won't say what, exactly, Johnson did wrong. His comments were about Barack Obama's support of a bill allowing the government to suppress torture photos. They were attached to seemingly relevant images from the president's recent trip to Cairo to ring in a new era of U.S.-Middle Eastern relations.
yahoo  flickr  censorship  barackobama  torture 
june 2009 by cboyack
Former Gitmo detainee tells ABC he was tortured
ABC’s Jake Tapper talked with Lakhdar Boumediene who was detained at Guantanamo Bay for over 7 years. He was released after a district court judge said there was no credible evidence to support his detention.
guantanamo  torture  9/11  military  enemycombatant 
june 2009 by cboyack
Raw Story » White House spokesman bashes Brit press for torture reports
Following an explosive report that some of the torture photos President Obama is withholding depict graphic sexual abuse, the Department of Defense and White House came out to vigorously refute the claims.

In a surprisingly broad denial, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs cast doubt on the entire British media.
barackobama  whitehouse  torture 
may 2009 by cboyack
Keith Olbermann Talks to Erich "Mancow" Muller About His Waterboarding Experience | Video Cafe
Keith talks to WLS-AM 890's Erich "Mancow" Muller about his experience being waterboarded.
waterboarding  torture 
may 2009 by cboyack
Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog! Go!: Mancow Waterboarded
The insufferable Mancow allowed himself to be waterboarded and subsequently described it as torture.

But if you look at the video and compare it to other videos of people being waterboarded, Mancow clearly went through a Fisher-Price version of waterboarding, complete with a countdown, no gag over his mouth, and not tied to the table.

And yet he described this kiddie pool version as torture. Can you imagine how he'd describe actual waterboarding?
waterboarding  torture 
may 2009 by cboyack
Congressman Ron Paul - Torturing the Rule of Law - Texas Straight Talk
The government’s own actions and operations in torturing people, and in acting on illegally obtained and unreliable information to kill and capture, are the most radicalizing forces at work today, not any religion, nor the fact that we are rich and free. The fact that our government engages in evil behavior under the auspices of the American people is what poses the greatest threat to the American people, and it must not be allowed to stand.
ronpaul  torture  waterboarding 
may 2009 by cboyack
The Morality of Torture by Laurence M. Vance
But even if credible information could be obtained through torture, it is still immoral, barbaric, and un-American.
may 2009 by cboyack
Op-Ed Contributor - My Tortured Decision -
We discovered, for example, that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. Abu Zubaydah also told us about Jose Padilla, the so-called dirty bomber. This experience fit what I had found throughout my counterterrorism career: traditional interrogation techniques are successful in identifying operatives, uncovering plots and saving lives.

There was no actionable intelligence gained from using enhanced interrogation techniques on Abu Zubaydah that wasn’t, or couldn’t have been, gained from regular tactics. In addition, I saw that using these alternative methods on other terrorists backfired on more than a few occasions — all of which are still classified. The short sightedness behind the use of these techniques ignored the unreliability of the methods, the nature of the threat, the mentality and modus operandi of the terrorists, and due process.
torture  waterboarding  military  terrorism  security  interrogation 
may 2009 by cboyack
Birmingham Libertarian Examiner: Mancow Muller gets waterboarded
Mancow Muller of Chicago's Big 89, WLS-AM Mancow and Cassidy show, decided to get waterboarded to see what it's like and to share it with his listeners and viewers.

It is way worse than I thought it would be," Muller said imediately after just five seconds of the questionable treatment.

He was asked, "Do you consider that torture?"

"I thought I could hold out 30 seconds," responded Muller. "60 seconds. It was instantaneous. I don't want to say this. I do not wish to say this. Absolutely torture. Absolutely. That’s drowning.”
torture  waterboard 
may 2009 by cboyack
Real World Reasons Against Torture
"My Tortured Decision" is how former FBI Agent Soufan titled his New York Times op-ed, speaking out to specifically refute a number of Dick Cheney's lies about how torture "worked". The truth, according to Soufan, is quite the opposite.
torture  waterboarding  fbi 
may 2009 by cboyack
Torture's psychological impact 'often worse' than physical -
The psychological effects of torture can often be worse than the physical effects, said Ellen Gerrity, assistant professor of psychiatry at Duke University and co-editor of "The Mental Health Consequences of Torture."

"The psychological symptoms can often be worse in the sense that person can never recover from that, and may in the end, be in such despair and pain that they take their own lives, especially if they don't have treatment or support around them," she said.

Experts say torture victims can develop post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and symptoms such as social withdrawal, confusion and sleep problems.
torture  ptsd  depression  prison 
may 2009 by cboyack
I know waterboarding is torture - because I did it myself
I have personally led, witnessed and supervised waterboarding of hundreds of people. It has been reported that both the Army and Navy SERE school's interrogation manuals were used to form the interrogation techniques employed by the Army and the CIA for its terror suspects. What is less frequently reported is that our training was designed to show how an evil totalitarian enemy would use torture at the slightest whim.

Having been subjected to this technique, I can say: It is risky but not entirely dangerous when applied in training for a very short period. However, when performed on an unsuspecting prisoner, waterboarding is a torture technique - without a doubt. There is no way to sugarcoat it.
waterboarding  torture  military 
may 2009 by cboyack
Military attorney: Waterboarding is ‘tip of the iceberg’
Yvonne Bradley, a lawyer assigned to defend a British man detained at Guantanamo Bay detention center, told CNN’s Jim Acosta that detainees may have faced interrogation techniques that were worse than waterboarding.
torture  guantanamo  military 
may 2009 by cboyack
President Obama: U.S. 'went off course' fighting terror - Mike Allen -
[Ummm.. I'll believe it when I see it.] I know some have argued that brutal methods like water-boarding were necessary to keep us safe. I could not disagree more," Obama continued. "As commander-in-chief, I see the intelligence, I bear responsibility for keeping this country safe, and I reject the assertion that these are the most effective means of interrogation. What’s more, they undermine the rule of law. They alienate us in the world. They serve as a recruitment tool for terrorists, and increase the will of our enemies to fight us, while decreasing the will of others to work with America. They risk the lives of our troops by making it less likely that others will surrender to them in battle, and more likely that Americans will be mistreated if they are captured. In short, they did not advance our war and counter-terrorism efforts – they undermined them, and that is why I ended them once and for all.
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CIA Says Pelosi Was Briefed on Use of 'Enhanced Interrogations' - Capitol Briefing
Intelligence officials released documents this evening saying that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was briefed in September 2002 about the use of harsh interrogation tactics against al-Qaeda prisoners, seemingly contradicting her repeated statements over the past 18 months that she was never told that these techniques were actually being used.

In a 10-page memo outlining an almost seven-year history of classified briefings, intelligence officials said that Pelosi and then-Rep. Porter Goss (R-Fla.) were the first two members of Congress ever briefed on the interrogation tactics. Then the ranking member and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, respectively, Pelosi and Goss were briefed Sept. 4, 2002, one week before the first anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
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The CIA's $1,000 a Day Specialists on Waterboarding, Interrogations - ABC News
As the secrets about the CIA's interrogation techniques continue to come out, there's new information about the frequency and severity of their use, contradicting an 2007 ABC News report, and a new focus on two private contractors who were apparently directing the brutal sessions that President Obama calls torture.
Top interrogation officials' "waterboarding expertise" was "misrepresented."
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FBI E-Mail Says Bush Authorized Abuse of Iraqis
Senior FBI agents stationed in Iraq in 2004 alleged in an e-mail that President George W. Bush signed an executive order approving the use of dogs, sleep deprivation and other tactics to intimidate Iraqi detainees.

The FBI e-mail -- dated May 22, 2004 -- followed disclosures about abuse of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison and sought guidance on whether FBI agents in Iraq were obligated to report the U.S. military’s harsh interrogation of inmates when that treatment violated FBI standards but fit within the guidelines of a presidential executive order.

According to the e-mail, Bush’s executive order authorized interrogators to use military dogs, “stress positions,” sleep “management,” loud music and “sensory deprivation through the use of hoods, etc.” to extract information from detainees in Iraq.
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april 2009 by cboyack
Top Democrats Complicit In Torture Cover-Up
We now know why top Democrats are protecting Bush administration officials from facing an inquiry into the illegal torture program - because several of them were actually complicit in giving their approval for such methods to be used.
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april 2009 by cboyack - Obama won't charge CIA officers for rough tactics
In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, CIA operatives were allowed to shackle, strip and waterboard terror suspects. Now, President Barack Obama has assured these operatives that they will not be prosecuted for their rough interrogation tactics.
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april 2009 by cboyack
Obama fails his first test on civil liberties and accountability -- resoundingly and disgracefully - Glenn Greenwald -
As I wrote after interviewing Wizner two weeks ago: "This is the first real test of the authenticity of Obama's commitment to reverse the abuses of executive power over the last eight years." Today, the Obama administration failed that test -- resoundingly and disgracefully:
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february 2009 by cboyack
The Right's Jack Bauer Fantasy: 'Clip the Electrodes to His Balls and Turn on the Juice' | | AlterNet
"24" helped brainwash Americans to accept the brutal, illegal actions of the Bush administration.
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february 2009 by cboyack
Obama lets CIA keep controversial renditions tool --
But even while dismantling these discredited programs, President Barack Obama left an equally controversial counterterrorism tool intact. Under executive orders issued by Obama last week, the CIA still has authority to carry out what are known as renditions, or the secret abductions and transfers of prisoners to countries that cooperate with the U.S.
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february 2009 by cboyack
Pro Libertate: The Torture State Endures
Yes, there may be modest or even significant adjustments in the implementation of the imperial agenda. Some of the most visible barbarities might end, or at least appear to. A certain superficial gentility might replace the pugnacious ignorance that characterized the Bush-era executive branch. Where the powers and purposes of the imperial state are concerned, however, these are merely cosmetic enhancements and refinements of technique; it's a bit like giving a cannibal a makeover and teaching him to use flatware.
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january 2009 by cboyack
Obama signs executive order to close Guantanamo Bay -
Promising to return America to the "moral high ground" in the war on terror, President Barack Obama issued three executive orders Thursday to demonstrate a clean break from the Bush administration -- including one requiring that the Guantanamo Bay detention facility be closed within a year.
A second executive order formally bans torture by requiring that the Army field manual be used as the guide for terror interrogations. That essentially ends the Bush administration's CIA program of enhanced interrogation methods.
A third executive order establishes an interagency task force to lead a systematic review of detention policies and procedures and a review of all individual cases.
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january 2009 by cboyack
Alex Jones' Because there is a war on for your mind!
Outgoing CIA Director Michael Hayden is going around town telling folks he has warned President-elect Barack Obama “personally and forcefully” that if Obama authorizes an investigation into controversial activities like waterboarding, “no one in Langley will ever take a risk again.”
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january 2009 by cboyack
CIA director: Harsh interrogations were effective
CIA Director Michael Hayden strenuously defended the effectiveness of the CIA's harsh interrogation techniques Thursday, only moments after Attorney General-designate Eric Holder said the use of waterboarding was torture. Though U.S. officials say interrogators have not engaged in waterboarding in the past five years, Hayden said the coercive techniques and other harsh tactics were useful in the war on terror.
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january 2009 by cboyack
Glenn Beck: Jack Bauer’s torture truth could save America
Fox hosts Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Gretchen Carlson talked with Glenn Beck who will soon be hosting his own show on Fox. Beck thinks that agents that participated in harsh interrogation techniques should follow the example of Jack Bauer from the television series “24″ and admit to torturing suspects.
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january 2009 by cboyack
Scoop: WH Rejected All Advice That Torture Was Illegal
President Bush and his aides repeatedly ignored warnings that their torture plans were illegal from high State Department officials as well as the nation’s top uniformed legal officers, the Judge Advocates General of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, a new published report states.
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New Stars of Fox's '24' Denounce Bush's 'Torture' |
In short USA Today “dossiers” on fresh characters in the new season of Fox's 24 set to debut tonight (Sunday), two of the four profiled actors/actresses used the space to espouse their personal disgust with the U.S. government for using “torture,” which has been employed by lead character “Jack Bauer.” Left-wing activist/actress Janeane Garofalo, who plays “FBI analyst Janis Gold,” called the use of torture “reprehensible” and rued: “That our own administration borrowed ideas from 24 is such a tragedy.” USA Today explained: “A former Army interrogator has said that soldiers mimic interrogation tactics seen on the show.”
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january 2009 by cboyack
Bush says torture still necessary
President George W. Bush told Fox’s Brit Hume that he approved enhanced interrogation tactics for suspected terrorists like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Bush explained, “My view is the techniques were necessary and are necessary.”
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january 2009 by cboyack
Obama's plans for probing Bush torture | Salon News
With growing talk in Washington that President Bush may be considering an unprecedented "blanket pardon" for people involved in his administration's brutal interrogation policies, advisors to Barack Obama are pressing ahead with plans for a nonpartisan commission to investigate alleged abuses under Bush.
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november 2008 by cboyack
Source: British Territory Used for US Terrorism Interrogation - TIME
According to a former senior American official, it appears another locale can be added to the international roster of interrogation sites — one both more obscure and potentially more controversial than the alleged sites in Poland and Romania.
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august 2008 by cboyack
McClatchy Washington Bureau | 06/15/2008 | Day 1: America's prison for terrorists often held the wrong men
An eight-month McClatchy investigation in 11 countries on three continents has found that Akhtiar was one of dozens of men — and, according to several officials, perhaps hundreds — whom the U.S. has wrongfully imprisoned in Afghanistan, Cuba and elsew
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Previously secret torture memo released -
The Bush administration told the CIA in 2002 that its interrogators working abroad would not violate U.S. prohibitions against torture unless they "have the specific intent to inflict severe pain or suffering," according to a previously secret Justice Dep
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