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Orthodox rabbi performs his first gay wedding nearly a year after endorsing same-sex marriage – The Forward
“A wedding day should be a joyous day for loving companions, as liturgy connotes, regardless of their sexual orientation,” Avram Mlotek wrote.
forward  judaism  marriage  wedding  gay  marriageequality  gaymarriage  orthodox  rabbi  halakha  avrammlotek 
6 weeks ago by ceargaest
halacha - Halachic permissibility of playing cards (i.e., poker) for money - Mi Yodeya
Are there any important halachic issues related to gambling--specifically, on card games? (I'm thinking Texas Hold 'Em, but kvitlach also comes to mind.)

Obviously it can't be done on Shabbos or Y...
stackexchange  judaism  halakha  miyodeya  game  cardgame  gambling  texasholdem  kvitlach  poker 
7 weeks ago by ceargaest
What the Torah and Talmud Teach Us About Calling Transgender People by Their Names – Tablet Magazine
Words are powerful. How we use words, how we name things, and what we call people matters. This is especially true for transgender people who change their names. Torah and Talmud have much to teach us about our obligation to respect a transgender person’s name change. Words created the world and still have the ability …
tabletmag  torah  talmud  bible  tanakh  judaism  trans  gender  name  onomastics  halakha  deadnaming  transphobia 
9 weeks ago by ceargaest

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