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Orthodox rabbi performs his first gay wedding nearly a year after endorsing same-sex marriage – The Forward
“A wedding day should be a joyous day for loving companions, as liturgy connotes, regardless of their sexual orientation,” Avram Mlotek wrote.
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Chizkuni | Sefaria
Chizkiah ben Manoach lived in the thirteenth century, probably in France. The details of his biography are unknown. He is the author of "Chizkuni", a popular commentary on the Torah, which is actually a compilation of insights culled from the Midrashim, as well as the writings of twenty Rishonim, including Rashi, Rashbam and Ibn Ezra. However, Chizkuni does not name any of his sources (other than Rashi), as he felt that one should focus on the message rather than the messenger. | Sefaria
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