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US essay mill firm targets new students through WhatsApp • The Guardian
Iftikhaar Aziz and Sarah Marsh:
<p>A US firm is targeting first-year university students by infiltrating their private WhatsApp groups and offering to write essays for £7 a page, the Guardian can reveal.

The firm and a series of anonymous individuals are offering made-to-order essays and have been hijacking new students’ group chats at at least five universities, including four prestigious Russell Group institutions.

The messages, posted on accommodation and course group chats created to help freshers settle into university life, boast that students can “pay after delivery”.

Academics said the practice is extremely concerning. One professor called the tactics employed by essay mills to market to students “abhorrent”.</p>

More cheap content through the expansion of access to the internet. "Essay mills" are putting the normal structures of university courses under serious strain.
university  essay  cheating 
april 2019 by charlesarthur
Hardware Unboxed analyzes Intel's commissioned core i9-9900k benchmarks • HardOCP
<p>Hardware Unboxed did a short analysis of a few of the benchmarks as their team felt that the i7-8700K benchmarks and the AMD Ryzen 2700X numbers were incorrect. They found that Principled Technologies had allegedly gimped the AMD CPUs by using different coolers, incorrect ram timings, and possibly even disabled some of the cores on the AMD Ryzen 2700X. To put this into perspective, on the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark that Hardware Unboxed ran, the AMD Ryzen 2700X was 18% faster and the i7-8700K was 4% slower, than the commissioned testing that Intel has published. They even showed how over a suite of games that the i7-8700K was only 9% faster than the AMD Ryzen 2700X in previous pure gaming benchmarks conducted by Hardware Unboxed. Yet in Intel's commissioned benchmark results, the AMD Ryzen 2700X was far, far, behind the Intel i7-8700K in performance metrics. This is why we never trust a manufacturer's benchmarks. Always wait for the review before buying hardware.</p>

So Intel is "choosing" who benchmarks its processors for broader publication so that they will come out ahead of AMD. It feels weird to be living in a time when Intel cares again about AMD being competitive.

That said, unless you're building a PC from scratch, you don't have much choice about your processor, do you? (Thanks Stormyparis for the link.)
Intel  benchmark  cheating 
october 2018 by charlesarthur
The YouTube stars being paid to sell cheating • BBC News
Branwen Jeffreys and Edward Main:
<p>YouTube stars are being paid to sell academic cheating, a BBC investigation has found.
More than 250 channels are promoting EduBirdie, based in Ukraine, which allows students to buy essays, rather than doing the work themselves.

YouTube said it would help creators understand they cannot promote dishonest behaviour.
Sam Gyimah, Universities Minister for England, says YouTube has a moral responsibility to act.
He said he was shocked by the nature and scale of the videos uncovered by the BBC: "It's clearly wrong because it is enabling and normalising cheating potentially on an industrial scale."

The BBC Trending investigation uncovered more than 1,400 videos with a total of more than 700 million views containing EduBirdie adverts selling cheating to students and school pupils.

EduBirdie is based in Ukraine, but aims its services at pupils and students across the globe. Essay writing services are not illegal, but if students submit work they have paid for someone else to do the penalties can be severe…

…Universities minister Sam Gyimah said that EduBirdie's marketing was shocking and pernicious as it presented cheating as "a lifestyle choice".

He said the YouTubers involved should be "called out" for abusing their power as social influencers. "I think YouTube has a huge responsibility here," he said.

"They do incredibly well from the advertising revenue that they get from the influencers and everyone else. But this is something that is corrosive to education and I think YouTube has got to step up to the plate and exercise some responsibility here."

About 30 of the channels promoting EduBirdie are from Britain and Ireland. They include a student vlogger at a top UK university. Another is a popular 15-year-old YouTuber, whose mother was unaware he was promoting the company until she was approached by the BBC.</p>
youtube  cheating  vlogger 
may 2018 by charlesarthur
An elaborate test cheating scheme in Asia involved hidden phones and flesh-coloured earpieces • Gizmodo UK
Melanie Ehrenkranz:
<p>A tutor and several accomplices were recently caught running a complex exam cheating operation in Singapore that one prosecutor called “highly sophisticated.” Unfortunately for them, it apparently wasn’t sophisticated enough to avoid getting busted.

According to prosecutors, 32-year-old Tan Jia Yan ran the operation, which involved surreptitious FaceTime calls, hidden Bluetooth devices, and flesh-coloured earpieces. During the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) exams, students wore Bluetooth devices connected to mobile phones hidden in their clothes as well as flesh-colored earpieces, Channel News Asia reports. Tan reportedly sat in on the exams, using clear tape to stick an iPhone to her shirt, hiding it with a jacket. Authorities say Tan would then FaceTime the exam questions to her accomplices, who would call the students at the exam centre and relay the answers to their earpieces. The ring is accused of helping at six students, all Chinese nationals, cheat at exams in English, Math, Chemistry, and Physics.</p>
cheating  bluetooth  technology 
april 2018 by charlesarthur
‘King of Kong’ star Billy Mitchell lied, claims Donkey Kong world-record analysis • Venturebeat
Jeff Grubb:
<p>MAME’s INP recording capability enables players to rewind their mistakes, continue playing, and then stitch together a final recording that looks like one, unbroken playthrough. Scorekeepers like Young often do accept results performed on MAME, but they typically require independent, in-person verification or live video on a service like Twitch that shows the game and the player all at the same time.

Mitchell has not verified his score in any of those alternative ways with the exception of a witness by the name of Todd Rogers. If that name is familiar, it’s probably because Rogers just made headlines for a high-score scandal of his own. The scorekeeping website Twin Galaxies revealed this week that it is removing all of Rogers records after an analysis revealed his submitted score of 5.51 seconds in the Atari game Dragster is technically impossible.

Beyond that, Mitchell doesn’t have a lot of proof to back up his claims.

“While many people have seen Billy play in public, there are no known independent, impartial, objective witnesses to any of the The Big 3 WR games,” reads Young’s post. “He has never scored over 1,000,000 in a live venue. Billy claimed the 1.047M was done in front of scores of people, but that he had no access to the inside of the machine…so how did he set up the direct feed? The 1.05 was supposedly done at an actual convention, but Billy was conveniently playing in another room. The 1.062 was done in arcade in Florida, but the only live footage from that day was staged (the Boomer board swap) and shows no evidence of a direct feed setup.”</p>

If you haven’t seen King of Kong, you’re missing a treat (which won’t age). If you have, this is an amazing coda.
Videogame  cheating 
february 2018 by charlesarthur
A man accused of cheating at video games may lose his Guinness World Record • Washington Post
Amy B Wang:
<p>In 1982, a player named Todd Rogers supposedly recorded a time of 5.51 seconds on Dragster, a driving simulation — in the most rudimentary, early-’80s sense, anyhow — that requires shifting gears at just the right time to maximize the “car’s” speed across the screen.

To prove his feat, as his story goes, Rogers said he took a Polaroid picture of his 5.51-second time and sent it to Activision, the game’s publisher, which confirmed the score.

In 2000, Rogers’s score, as recorded by Activision, would eventually be formally imported into the databases of Twin Galaxies, a group that keeps track of video game records around the world. Through the ensuing years, other game records would rise and fall on the Twin Galaxies scoreboards, but the closest anyone could come to beating Rogers in Dragster was 5.57 seconds.

In 2001, Guinness World Records recognized Rogers as having the longest-standing video game record in the world. His 1982 Dragster time, it seemed, was ironclad.

Until Monday.

Faced with a growing number of complaints that Rogers had falsified his time, as well as an increasing pile of evidence suggesting that a 5.51-second run on Dragster was technically impossible, Twin Galaxies announced Monday that it had thrown out all of Rogers’s records — not simply his 1982 Dragster time — and banned him for life from its scoreboards.</p>

This is an amazing story - reminiscent of the fantastic documentary King Of Kong (which if you haven’t seen, you really should). <a href=““>Read more at the Twin Galaxies site</a>; it’s as though an Olympic winner had been found to be cheating decades later. And there’s also <a href=““>Rogers’s response</a> - which is a long way short of a rebuttal - on Pastebin.
videogames  cheating  record 
january 2018 by charlesarthur
Cheating students at Rangsit University blacklisted • Bangkok Post: news
<p>Rector Arthit Ourairat said on Monday the three students caught red-handed while cheating on the university-organised direct admission tests for College of Medicine, and Faculties of Dental Medicine and Pharmacy will not be allowed to retake the exams for May 31 and June 1.

"The university has put the three students on the blacklist and the won't be able to apply for seats with us again. I cannot say whether they will be allowed to take exams at other universities," he told reporters.

The university in Muang district in Pathum Thani found the three using hi-tech devices to cheat on the tests. Their smartwatches had answers written in a code sent from a private tutorial institution or probably more than one.

Proxies wearing camera-equipped glasses were sent to take the exams. After filming the exam sheets by the camera, the gang members left the test centre with the information [after staying the minimum 45 minutes of the three-hour exam]. Another person waiting outside downloaded the tests to a computer and emailed them to one or more tutorial schools. They sent the answers back to the students on their smartwatches.

All test supervisors were alerted on Saturday when the university seized one smartwatch in the morning session and another in the afternoon. The third watch and two glasses were seized on Sunday.</p>

The questions are easy enough to be answerable in code? Also: finally, a sales case for smartwatches among today's youth.
smartwatch  cheating 
may 2016 by charlesarthur

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