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Here Maps drops support for Windows Phone and Windows 10 » The Verge
Tom Warren:
<p>[Nokia-owned] Here is announcing today that it plans to pull its mapping apps for Windows 10 on March 29th, and "will limit the development of the apps for Windows Phone 8 to critical bug fixes." If you own one of the latest Lumia 950 handsets then Here maps will stop working after June 30th. If you're still on a Windows Phone 8.1 device then Here maps will keep working, unless you upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile once it's available in the coming weeks.

"We made the Here apps compatible with Windows 10 by using a workaround that will no longer be effective after June 30, 2016," explains Here spokesperson Pino Bonetti. "To continue offering the HERE apps for Windows 10 would require us to redevelop the apps from the ground up, a scenario that led to the business decision to remove our apps from the Windows 10 store."

Here is the latest in a line of high-profile apps that have started disappearing from Microsoft's Windows Phone store. American Airlines, Chase Bank, Bank of America, NBC, Pinterest, and Kabam have all discontinued their Windows Phone apps in the past year. These huge apps have simply disappeared or will no longer be updated.</p>

I remember when people were <a href="">telling me here</a> that Windows 10's compatibility mode would solve everything in mobile, especially the app gap.
here  microsoft 
march 2016 by charlesarthur
Sizing up the suitors for Here, Nokia’s map business » TechCrunch
Ingrid Lunden:
One former longtime senior employee of Here estimates there are around 300 different location attributes, with corresponding historical databases, that can be tracked using Here’s technology. They include more obvious mapping and location-based applications such as driving directions and street maps, but also spatial data technology used in video and gaming applications.

“It’s incredibly difficult to get the type of mapping data that Here has. Base geometry and 20-40 road attributes are relatively easy to collect. However, to collect the 250+ attributes needed for the best navigation experience requires a combination of field teams and user-generated content,” notes entrepreneur Kurt Uhlir.

“Here has proprietary collection hardware and software that is unmatched, even by Google. Plus, they have the most extensive patent portfolio covering collecting and creating spatial content for current generation of maps and dynamic data. Here also has the foundational patents covering usage of spatial data for creating video games, movie content and the upcoming ADAS vehicle applications.”

Unmatched even by Google? Protected by patents? Such talk is heresy.
here  nokia  maps 
june 2015 by charlesarthur
Here's why Apple didn't want to buy Nokia's mapping unit HERE » Forbes
Parmy Olson:
Apple appears intent on fixing the problems that cropped up from relying on third-party map providers. One of the reasons Apple Maps was so buggy from when it was launched in June 2012 is the fact that its data percolated in from multiple sources like TomTom, Acxiom, Waze and Yelp

By building its own geography dataset, Apple can pare down its reliance on sources like TomTom’s TeleAtlas. Apple’s likely vision is that years from now, we’ll have forgotten about how bad Apple Maps was, because Apple will have taken complete control of its mapping infrastructure and made it watertight.
apple  maps  here 
june 2015 by charlesarthur
Nevada approves autonomous Daimler trucks »
Robert Wright:
Daimler said it had brought the new self-driving technology to the desert, southwestern state after European governments were slower to approve regulations for autonomous trucks. Nevada was also one of the first states to allow autonomous passenger cars.
However, the company said it would require far more states to accept the technology before it could show its potential by handling road freight deliveries “from coast to coast”. The vehicle will be able to operate autonomously only in Nevada — when it crosses state lines the driver will have to take the wheel.
Wolfgang Bernhard, chief executive of Daimler’s bus and truck division, said autonomous driving would sharply reduce crashes from driver error. Driver error — often a result of fatigue or distraction — leads to about 90% of crashes involving trucks…

…The vehicle has already undergone tens of thousands of hours of testing on Nevada’s roads and will be immediately available for full commercial use, although Daimler will continue to monitor its performance.
“This is not a testing licence,” Mr Bernhard said. “This is a full operating licence. We believe that these vehicles and systems are ready.”

Not mentioned: the maps provider for Daimler. That'll be Nokia's HERE, currently up for sale, which vehicle makers including Daimler are considering bidding for.
daimler  selfdrivingcar  here  mapping 
may 2015 by charlesarthur
Nokia targeting Apple, Alibaba and Amazon in maps-unit sale » Bloomberg Business
Nokia Oyj, the Finnish company selling its money-losing maps business, is trying to drum up interest from some of the biggest names in technology including Apple Inc., Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Inc., people with knowledge of the matter said.
Those companies as well as Facebook Inc., a group of German carmakers, and private-equity firms are among the companies looking at Nokia’s maps operations, known as HERE, highlighting the ubiquity and utility of location-based services. Nokia is seeking more than €3bn ($3.2bn) from a sale of the unit, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private information.

Bought it for €8.1bn in 2008; valued at €2bn in the accounts last year. Big lossmaker; the question is how any company that bought HERE would be able to make the purchase worthwhile in monetary terms.
nokia  here  maps 
april 2015 by charlesarthur
Nokia publishes maps on your iPhone, leaves Lumia in the shadows >> IT Vikko
This is a link to the Google Translation of <a href="">this page</a> (the headline is from the Bing translation, but it doesn't have a static URL):
Nokia is not planning to upgrade in the near future the Here Maps application for Lumia phones. "When Nokia made handsets, we were a little different. Now, we are developing application on the basis of a realistic markets."

Ouch. Harsh divorce; the parent doesn't want to see its child any more.
lumia  microsoft  here  nokia 
december 2014 by charlesarthur

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