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Land ownership map • Who owns England?
<p>Who owns land is one of England's most closely-guarded secrets. This map is a first attempt to display major landowners in England, combining public data with Freedom of Information requests. To follow the investigation and help us fill in the gaps, visit the <a href="">Who Owns England? blog</a>.

The map also displays some data for Wales and Scotland, where landowners' data includes this; our project is focused on England. Investigation by <a href="">Guy Shrubsole</a>, map by <a href="">Anna Powell-Smith</a>.</p>

But of course Powell-Smith would be involved - she does great mapping/data stuff. "Overseas companies" own nearly a quarter of a million acres, in some very odd places.
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may 2017 by charlesarthur
David Cameron drops bombshell privatisation announcement then catches a plane to Lanzarote » The Canary
Kerry-Anne Mendoza:
<p>The government is <a href="">selling off the Land Registry</a> to private, profit making interests.

The government has also ordered local authorities to transfer up to 90% of brown field sites (previously developed sites that have become vacant, contaminated but could be reused) into the hands of the <a href="">Homes and Communities Agency</a> (the latest quango) where <a href="">Eric Pickles (and his successors) and just two inspectors will control the planning decisions.</a>

The Infrastructure Bill contains a clause which will allow ALL public land to be privatised. There’s no need to reference the Forestry Act 1967, the Countryside Rights of Way Act or any other protective law, because <a href="">Schedule 3 of the Bill</a> states that “the property, rights and liabilities that may be transferred by a scheme include… property, rights and liabilities that would not otherwise be capable of being transferred or assigned.”

In plain English, this means all preceding regulations, legislation and other protections for this site are null and void – fill your boots.</p>

First the Land Registry, now this. It would be great if there were an effective political opposition in the UK.
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march 2016 by charlesarthur

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