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A Sober Warning from the Earliest Christians - Tim Challies
Writing of the early church, Bruce Shelley said, “To the Roman, the Christian seemed utterly intolerant and insanely stubborn; worse, he was a self-confessed disloyal citizen.” But that Christian, through all his stubbornness, maintained a clear conscience before God. He was willing to suffer, knowing that he owed far greater loyalty to Christ than to any emperor, to his heavenly nation than any empire. May the same be said for us today.
Politics  culture  rome  challies  church 
july 2018 by chaseathompson
Mysterious spy cameras collecting data at post offices | FOX31 Denver
Post Office had “insufficient” controls in place when allowing law enforcement agencies access to the data collected from that “mail cover” program.
privacy  surveillance  government  conspiracy  Politics 
march 2015 by chaseathompson
Alabama's first openly gay legislator makes Facebook threat to expose affairs over Republican same-sex comments |
"This (is) a time where you find out who are accepting, loving people. To say I am disappointed in Speaker Hubbard comment's and Attorney General Strange choice to appeal the decision is an understatement. I will not stand by and allow legislators to talk about 'family values' when they have affairs, and I know of many who are and have. I will call our elected officials who want to hide in the closet OUT," Todd stated in her Facebook post over the weekend.
homosexuality  culture  hypocrisy  Politics  alabama  conspiracy 
january 2015 by chaseathompson
Who's one person that we can all agree on is an asshole? : AskReddit
Whoever is murdering people for ISIS on camera. May he burn for an eternity.
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[–]Toyou4yu 290 points 6 hours ago 
Yep. Fuck ISIS I can't wear my Archer ISIS shirt anymore because of them, and that they kill people.
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[–]one_four_3 68 points 4 hours ago 
This person has his or her priorities straight.
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[–]Toyou4yu 51 points 4 hours ago 
It was a joke in all seriousness. I fucking wish I could go fight ISIS for the shit they've done, but I don't think a guy with bad asthma in the desert is a good idea for fighting terrorist.
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[–]one_four_3 6 points 3 hours ago 
I know! It gave me a good laugh. I would fight them but I fear that the physiological effects of war would really hinder what little skills I have. Oh well.
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[–]TCWBoy 4 points 3 hours ago 
Yeah I would like to go fight but not have to deal with the bad consequences.
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[–]KingJak117 2 points an hour ago 
What consequences?
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[–]TCWBoy [score hidden] 14 minutes ago 
Possibility of PTSD, other psychological conditions, physical mutilation, death.
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[–]pastrygeist 2 points 3 hours ago 
Hey, you could wear your Archer ISIS tee while shooting ISIS radicals!
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[–]metans [score hidden] 20 minutes ago 
We should start our own counter terrorist group to fight ISIS.
But I'm pretty pale and don't do too well in the heat myself. Maybe we can take members who all have an excuse not to actually go and fight, we can call the group SISI
Funny  quotes  scrolldown  reddit  isis  Politics  terrorism  illustration  nsfw  jokes  joke 
november 2014 by chaseathompson
ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi allegedly killed by US airstrikes : worldnews
Cue plenty of comments about him just being one man and easily replaced, or this just making them madder. Well the Israelis have had plenty of experience in assassinating terrorists and they know the trick - keep killing them until you get bad leaders, then let them fall apart by themselves.
One day you're facing a twenty year terrorist vet mastermind who recites classical Arabic poetry and claims direct descent from Mohammed, five guided missiles later it's Abdul the illiterate goatherd.
quotes  funny  jokes  terrorist  terrorism  comments  reddit  Politics  isis  middleeast 
september 2014 by chaseathompson
Punitive damages | Harvard Gazette
While crime rates have fallen 45 percent since 1990, the memo said that the incarceration rate is now at a “historically unprecedented level,” jumping 222 percent between 1980 and 2012. An African-American man who never graduated from high school has a 70 percent likelihood of being imprisoned by his mid-30s; for similarly educated white men, the rate is about 15 percent.
jail  prison  government  conspiracy  economics  Politics  race  racism  culture 
may 2014 by chaseathompson
ad07AA6.jpg (980×648)
pleading for peace, standing between protesters and military police in ukraine. An orthodox priest
ukraine  priest  violence  protest  government  politics 
january 2014 by chaseathompson
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