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Vocal Cord Dysfunction - American Family Physician
Exercise is a common cause of vocal cord dysfunction. Exercise-induced vocal cord dysfunction is often misdiagnosed as exercise-induced asthma.8 It should be strongly considered in patients with dyspnea on exertion who have been diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma, particularly if they respond poorly to usual treatment with bronchodilators.7
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december 2013 by chaseathompson
Would you try a natural remedy?
HONEY FOR CROUP AND COUGH AND ASTHMA!! DD#1 had croup terribly bad as a baby she got it all the time. By the time she hit 1 she had croup 6 or 7 times. This then turned into cough variant asthma. They gave a nebulizer and then an inhaler with albuterol to help her coughing fits. They were the worst when she would try to sleep. The albuterol made her crazy hyper and I seriously hate putting drugs in my kiddos at such a young age. I always did honey in tea for myself when I had a cough so I started giving DD#1 a teaspoon of honey before she went to sleep. It worked really well, and I never used the inhaler again. She has since grown out of the cough asthma, thank god. We still do the honey if she gets sick or gets a cough.

So the answer is yes I would try natural remedies on my own with a kiddo that is a little older but with an infant I would consult my pedi first. Luckily our pedi medicates as a last resort. They are all for natural remedies as long as we call them first and they can confirm it wouldn't be harmful to do.
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march 2013 by chaseathompson

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