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10 Bizarre Little-Known Mysteries of the Unexplained - Listverse
Eerily, Aboriginal Australians have noted that their ancestors hunted Megalania in their historic “dreamtime”, and some claim the lizard still exists. Continued sightings by reliable witnesses have reported beasts that perfectly match the description of Megalania. Farmers have reported giant lizards measuring over 15 feet in length, and in 1979, expert reptile biologist Frank Gordon was returning to his vehicle from a fieldwork expedition in Wattagan Mountains when he saw what he thought was a 20 foot log. When he started his vehicle, the form began to move . . .
mystery  conspiracy  evolution  cryptozoology  interesting 
march 2013 by chaseathompson
Vanishing Act - Lapham’s Quarterly
a happy one, but I would have to think that anyway, in order to live; so you can draw any conclusions you like from that!”
The conclusion to be drawn was perhaps the worst one possible. On the evening of December 7, 1939, she and Nick
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february 2011 by chaseathompson
13 things that do not make sense - space - 19 March 2005 - New Scientist Space
There are many scientific observations that simply defy explanation. New Scientist takes a tour of exceptions that could rewrite all the rules
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october 2007 by chaseathompson

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