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Melito of Sardis - Wikipedia
uotes Tertullian to the effect that he was esteemed as a prophet by many of the faithful. This work by Tertullian has been lost but Jerome quotes pieces regarding Melito for the high regard in which he was held at that time. Melito is remembered for his work on developing
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november 2018 by chaseathompson
George Muller Narratives chapter 1
This faith which is exercised respecting the Orphan-Houses and my own temporal necessities, shows itself in the same measure, for instance, concerning the following points: I have never been permitted to doubt during the last sixty-nine years that my sins are forgiven, that I am a child of God, that I am beloved of God, and that I shall be finally saved; because I am enabled, by the grace of God, to exercise faith upon the word of God, and believe what God says in those passages which settle these matters (1 John v. 1--Gal. iii. 26--Acts x. 43--Romans x. 9, 10--John iii. 16, etc.) . . . . . . Further, when sometimes all has been dark, exceedingly dark, with reference to my service among the saints, judging from natural appearances; yea, when I should have been overwhelmed indeed in grief and despair, had I looked at things after the outward appearance; at such times I have sought to encourage myself in God, by laying hold in faith on His mighty power, His unchangeable love, and His infinite wisdom, and I have said to myself: God is able and willing to deliver me, if it be good for me; for it is written: "He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?" Rom. viii. 32. This, this it was which, being believed by me through grace, kept my soul in peace.
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august 2016 by chaseathompson
Luke 4 HCSB - The Temptation of Jesus - Then Jesus - Bible Gateway
22 They were all speaking well of Him and were amazed by the gracious words that came from His mouth, yet they said, “Isn’t this Joseph’s son?”

23 Then He said to them, “No doubt you will quote this proverb to Me: ‘Doctor, heal yourself. So all we’ve heard that took place in Capernaum, do here in Your hometown also.’”

24 He also said, “I assure you: No prophet is accepted in his hometown. 25 But I say to you, there were certainly many widows in Israel in Elijah’s days, when the sky was shut up for three years and six months while a great famine came over all the land. 26 Yet Elijah was not sent to any of them—but to a widow at Zarephath in Sidon. 27 And in the prophet Elisha’s time, there were many in Israel who had serious skin diseases, yet not one of them was healed —only Naaman the Syrian.”
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march 2016 by chaseathompson
Do Not Be Surprised...: Bill Johnson: God Does Not Cause Illness and Never Chooses Not to Heal
In regard to the question, 'Does God ever cause sickness?' Johnson replies: "You can only give away what you have. Can God give away sickness? No, He's not sick. You can't give cancer if you don't have it."

When asked, 'Does God ever choose not to heal?' Johnson states emphatically, "No. Two thousand years ago Jesus made a purchase. He does not decide not to heal people today. The decision two thousand years ago was to heal. Either the payment was sufficient for all sin or no sin. Either the payment was sufficient for all sickness or no sickness. . . The brushstroke of God's redemption was to wipe out the root of sin, the root of illness and the root of poverty."
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march 2016 by chaseathompson
Numbers 12 HCSB - Miriam and Aaron Rebel - Miriam and - Bible Gateway
“Listen to what I say:
If there is a prophet among you from the Lord,
I make Myself known to him in a vision;
I speak with him in a dream.
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february 2016 by chaseathompson
George Mueller's Strategy for Showing God | Desiring God
The difference between the gift and the grace of faith seems to me this. According to the gift of faith I am able to do a thing, or believe that a thing will come to pass, the not doing of which, or the not believing of which would not be sin; according to the grace of faith I am able to do a thing, or believe that a thing will come to pass, respecting which I have the word of God as the ground to rest upon, and, therefore, the not doing it, or the not believing it would be sin. For instance, the gift of faith would be needed, to believe that a sick person should be restored again though there is no human probability: for there is no promise to that effect; the grace of faith is needed to believe that the Lord will give me the necessaries of life, if I first seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness: for there is a promise to that effect. Matthew 6:33.42 NOTE: Grace and Gift are the same Word - Mueller is right to urge all to Faith, but he appears to be confirming that he has the gift of faith by not demonstrating the difference between grace and gift in the above (charisma...)
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february 2016 by chaseathompson
George Mueller's Strategy for Showing God | Desiring God
The last portion of scripture which I read to my precious wife was this: “The Lord God is a sun and shield, the Lord will give grace and glory, no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.” Now, if we have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, we have received grace, we are partakers of grace, and to all such he will give glory also. I said to myself, with regard to the latter part, “no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly”—I am in myself a poor worthless sinner, but I have been saved by the blood of Christ; and I do not live in sin, I walk uprightly before God. Therefore, if it is really good for me, my darling wife will be raised up again; sick as she is. God will restore her again. But if she is not restored again, then it would not be a good thing for me. And so my heart was at rest. I was satisfied with God. And all this springs, as I have often said before, from taking God at his word, believing what he says.35
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february 2016 by chaseathompson
NKJV Jesus Calling Devotional Bible, Imitation Leather Burgundy: Edited By: Sarah Young: 9781418500085 -
A spiritual powerhouse---God's Word paired with Sarah Young's contemporary classic!260 prayers and devotional answers presented as if Jesus is speaking to you
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december 2015 by chaseathompson
A blind man and a double amputee planted 10,000 trees - Album on Imgur
"What're we going to do today, eyes?" "The same thing we do every day, arms; save the world."
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april 2015 by chaseathompson
Sozomen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sozomen wrote that his grandfather lived at Bethelia,[2] near Gaza, and became a Christian together with his household, probably under Constantius II. A neighbor named Alaphrion was miraculously healed by Saint Hilarion who cast out a demon from Alaphrion, and, as eyewitnesses to the miracle, his family converted, along with Alaphrion's. The conversion marked a turning-point in the Christianization of southern Palestine, according to his account.
The grandfather became within his own circle a highly esteemed interpreter of Scripture. The descendants of the wealthy Alaphrion founded churches and convents in the district, and were particularly active in promoting monasticism. Sozomen himself had conversed with one of these, a very old man. He tells us that he was brought up under monkish influences and his history bears him out.
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july 2013 by chaseathompson
'Cessationists Are Wrong' About Speaking in Tongues, Says Pastor Mark Driscoll
Cessationists, such as influential pastor and traditional Calvinist John MacArthur, believe that 1 Corinthians 13:8 and other Biblical passages indicate that the divine ability to speak in other languages or an unknown tongue (glossolalia) ended with the apostles' deaths, as did prophetic revelations and faith-healings through individuals. Some Christians, however, believe that these Holy Spirit-inspired gifts will continue until Christ's return.
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july 2013 by chaseathompson
Sam Storms: Oklahoma City, OK > Spiritual Gifts in Church History (2)
“In like manner we do also hear many brethren in the church, who possess prophetic gifts, and who through the Spirit speak all kinds of languages, and bring to light for the general benefit the hidden things of men, and declare the mysteries of God,
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june 2013 by chaseathompson
Continuationism and Cessationism: An Interview with Dr. Wayne Grudem | Challies Dot Com
ike Richard Baxter. In The Christian Directory he has a number of statements that align almost exactly with my view of the gift of prophecy. And I quote those in the back of The Gift of Prophecy in the New Testament and Today. I took a couple of pages from Baxter’s The Christian Directory and I faxed those to J.I. Packer and said, “It looks like Baxter holds the same view of prophecy that I do.” Packer faxed me back and said, “Yes, you’re right. This was the standard Puritan view. They weren’t cessationists in the Gaffin sense.” Let me just find that. Jim Packer gave me permission to quote that. I am quoting John Knox, the Scottish Reformer, the Westminster Confession of Faith, Samuel Rutherford, George Gillespie, Richard Baxter. I quote this on page 353 to 356 of The Gift of Prophecy in the New Testament and Today. Packer, whose doctoral dissertation at Oxford was on Richard Baxter’s works, sent back the following: “By the way, some weeks ago you faxed me an extract from Baxter about God making “personal, informative revelation” (those were Packer’s words). This was the standard Puritan view as I observed it – they weren’t cessationist in the Richard Gaffin sense.” That’s J.I. Packer’s personal fax to me on September 9, 1997 and I quoted it by permission.
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june 2013 by chaseathompson
Standing on the Promises - Redland Baptist Church - Redland Baptist Church
People came from far away just to visit her. Why? Why would they make that journey for an elderly, illiterate, blind widow? Because somehow in her presence, through her voice, the words ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ ceased to be just words. Those Biblical thoughts had washed over her mind so deeply, so often, that there was simply no way that anxiety-producing thoughts could survive. People flocked to her because it was impossible to hear her say those words without being filled with the hope that perhaps one day they would be as real to them as they were to her.
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may 2013 by chaseathompson
(99) Daily Keller
“Gifts are abilities God gives us to meet the needs of others in Christ’s name.”
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april 2013 by chaseathompson
"gifts of the spirit" engagement ring bride - Google Search
First came the engagement gifts; these were followed with wedding gifts. ... the Holy Spirit, parallel the rings Rebekah received and those given to brides today. ... I explained that Christians who reject the gifts of the Spirit are actually telling the ...
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april 2013 by chaseathompson
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