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Use old Macbook pro as NAS or media server? - Ars Technica OpenForum
I turned my older MacBook Pro whose screen had been totally demolished into storage Library for home movies and commercially protected DVD movies I was ABLE to rip (Ripping those was not easy because High Sierra and El Capitan are the 2 OS on my Macs and those particular 2 OS HELP the copy protection features on those commercial DVD's- I was able to find one program that would rip about 1 in 3 of my collection of 200 Commercially protected DVD movies. The home movies from my DVS Camcorders ripped easily ) .

I simply turned on home sharing on my headless MBP and connect it via Cat 6 cable to my home network whose router is the newest AirPort Extreme model. The unit is headless and is only turned on when someone wants to watch a movie from the home/ripped library. I did the original set ups on the old headless MBP with a monitor attached obviously. The purchased movies from iTunes are stored in the cloud and readily available from any iPhone/iPad/Apple TV/MacBook in our home.

Poor man's media server. I use my 2007 iMac for my iTunes library I stream all over the house. I have one Airport Express to extend the network to the other end of the house. I have never had dropouts. EVER. The Airports have work flawlessly for me for 10 years. I replaced my old Extreme with the newest model when it came out a couple of years ago. My house is wired with Cat 6 cable with 3 Netgear Gigabit switches strategically placed so every internet capable device in my home is wired. The iPads and iPhones are wirelessly connected of course and they too never experience any dropouts or connection issues.
I use iTunes as my platform for both my ripped movies and music. Plex is supposed to be great by ALL accounts.. but I did not feel the need to leave the Apple architecture. My photos are in the cloud so there is no issue accessing them from any of my devices. Plex would just confuse me...
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march 2018
(4) How can I make a test phone call? - Quora
909-390-0003 - There is a little-documented echo back line in the USA at 909-390-0003. It rings once, then just echos back whatever you say with no prompt or greeting.
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october 2017
The Home Depot- PRO TIPS From a PASA
pro direct programs for a number of things, My favorite is light bulbs. Did you know if buy light bulbs by the case, you can pay in most cases, less than half of the retail price on the shelf?
april 2017
UX: Creating Proto-Personas –
proto-personas are based on the assumptions of the stakeholders... We rely on proto-personas to ensure alignment amongst our client stakeholders. They ultimately represent what we think our users are like.
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april 2017
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