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bob wachter on twitter: "1/ covid (@ucsf) chronicles, day 12 no change in status @ucsfhospitals. [...]"
'in sf, everyone is struggling with “the curve is flat” vs “calm before storm” narratives. but even pessimists are tilting toward former.'
covid-19  sars-cov-2 
21 hours ago
influenza, solar radiation and vitamin d
"no direct relationships were found with the variations of the annual uvb fluences, probably due to the fact that these variations did not exceed 30%. however, there was a very pronounced seasonal variation of both influenza deaths and pneumonia deaths, the vast majority occurring during the winter. vitamin d levels were also estimated from several publications. the data support the hypothesis that a high vitamin d level, as that found in the summer, acts in a protective manner with respect to influenza as well as pneumonia."
vitamin-d  influenza  pneumonia  uv-b 
4 days ago
coronavirus: die welt steht still. nur schweden nicht | zeit online
"ist schweden vom coronavirus verschont geblieben oder ignoriert die regierung im größten skandinavischen land die wirklichkeit?"
sweden  sars-cov-2  covid-19 
4 days ago
former cdc chief dr. tom frieden: coronavirus infection risk may be reduced by vitamin d | fox news
it's fox, but ... "there are many crackpot claims about miracle cures floating around, but the science supports the possibility – although not the proof – that vitamin d may strengthen the immune system, particularly of people whose vitamin d levels are low."
vitamin-d  covid-19  sars-cov-2  tom-frieden 
6 days ago
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