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This is the website of Gwern Branwen, writer & independent researcher. I am most interested in psychology, statistics, and technology; I am best known for my writings on the darknet markets & Bitcoin, blinded self-experiments & Quantified Self analyses, dual n-back & spaced repetition, and modafinil.
blog  bitcoin  darknet  crypto 
7 weeks ago by chrisbuchholz
D.Tube is the first crypto-decentralized video platform, built on top of the STEEM Blockchain and the IPFS peer-to-peer network.
video  streaming  alternative  platform  crypto  decentralized  blockchains  ipfs  p2p  network 
march 2019 by chrisbuchholz
Stop leaking private data on the cloud.
Share files with people you trust, and not all the cloud providers in between.
crypto  collaboration  file  sharing 
october 2018 by chrisbuchholz

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