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The definitive authority on File Permissions | File Permissions
The only complete resource for all things related to File Permissions on Linux, MacOs (OSX), and other unix like systems.
file  permissions  guide  tool  linux  unix 
10 weeks ago by chrisbuchholz
Kustomize - Kubernetes native configuration management
Kustomize introduces a template-free way to customize application configuration that simplifies the use of off-the-shelf applications.
deployment  kubernetes  tool 
march 2019 by chrisbuchholz
Streaming Search Engine for Movies and TV Shows
streaming  search  engine  tool 
march 2019 by chrisbuchholz
A powerful and stable keyboard customizer for macOS.
macOS  tool  shortcut 
september 2018 by chrisbuchholz
HN Replies
Get notified when someone mentions you on HN
hackernews  tool 
august 2018 by chrisbuchholz
Chirr App - Tweet storm made easy
Chirr App makes it easy to publish Twitter threads.
web  tool  online  twitter  threads 
august 2017 by chrisbuchholz
Noun Project - Icons for Everything
Nearly a million curated icons, created by a global community
graphics  icon  library  design  online  tool 
may 2017 by chrisbuchholz
HN Replies
E-mail Notifications for Hacker News Comment Replies
hackernews  online  tool  email  replies  comments 
april 2017 by chrisbuchholz
Apache Kafka
Kafka™ is used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps. It is horizontally scalable, fault-tolerant, wicked fast, and runs in production in thousands of companies.
pub/sub  messaging  queue  tool  development 
january 2017 by chrisbuchholz
Rust by Example
Rust is a modern systems programming language focusing on safety, speed, and concurrency. It accomplishes these goals by being memory safe without using garbage collection.

Rust by Example (RBE) is a collection of runnable examples that illustrate various Rust concepts and standard libraries. To get even more out of these examples, don't forget to install Rust locally and check out the official docs. Additionally for the curious, you can also check out the source code for this site.

Now let's begin!
programming  rust  learning  tool 
december 2016 by chrisbuchholz
The Cryptopals Crypto Challenges
We can't introduce these any better than Maciej Ceglowski did, so read that blog post first.

We've built a collection of 48 exercises that demonstrate attacks on real-world crypto.

This is a different way to learn about crypto than taking a class or reading a book. We give you problems to solve. They're derived from weaknesses in real-world systems and modern cryptographic constructions. We give you enough info to learn about the underlying crypto concepts yourself. When you're finished, you'll not only have learned a good deal about how cryptosystems are built, but you'll also understand how they're attacked.
cryptography  programming  learning  tool 
december 2016 by chrisbuchholz
Fabric: fastlane file generator
fastlane does its work by following simple instructions defined in a Fastfile. This quick guide will help you create a Fastfile and run it with fastlane, so you can automate your beta distribution process.
tool  fastline  ios  development 
december 2016 by chrisbuchholz
Best CDN Comparison
What is this CDN comparison about?

Comparing the best CDN providers is a time consuming task and challenging. This collection of information supports you to better find the best CDN for your content delivery needs. CDNs also provide other types of solutions such as software distribution, game & app delivery, video streaming, and ad serving.
cnd  internet  tool  comparison 
december 2016 by chrisbuchholz
ZeroMQ \zero-em-queue\, \ØMQ\:
 Ø  Connect your code in any language, on any platform.
 Ø  Carries messages across inproc, IPC, TCP, TIPC, multicast.
 Ø  Smart patterns like pub-sub, push-pull, and router-dealer.
 Ø  High-speed asynchronous I/O engines, in a tiny library.
 Ø  Backed by a large and active open source community.
 Ø  Supports every modern language and platform.
 Ø  Build any architecture: centralized, distributed, small, or large.
 Ø  Free software with full commercial support.
development  tool  communication  socket  tcp  pub/sub 
june 2015 by chrisbuchholz
A framerate meter that clicks like a Geiger counter when your animation drops a frame
ios  tool  cocoa-touch  animation 
november 2014 by chrisbuchholz

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