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Rise with Mark Maxwell - KPFK 90.7 FM
RISE "a weekly creative jazz celebration of African roots, social consciousness and spiritual transcendence". Stylistically it generally revolves around a specific sub-genre that has come to be called "spiritual jazz"; however, I often touch base with many other facets of the jazz tradition. It is mostly a music mix show with occasional live performances and interviews as well as regular announcements regarding local community events and performances.
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4 weeks ago by chyde
Home ⋆ KWMR
Brian Turner's new show! archived for two weeks
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5 weeks ago by chyde
Brent Snyder - Cumulus LP Morning Trip - Stranded Records
Recorded in a Toronto apartment in 1985, Cumulus is an ultra-rare private-press ambient cassette release which was circulated amongst a small group of friends within the avant-garde theatre scene at the time. Brent Snyder's interest and discovery of Frippertropics and Brian Eno inspired him to set up a 4-track tape recorder in the corner of his dining room to create the two slow-evolving guitar loop-based pieces that make up Cumulus. The A-side, "Excursion," drifts between subtle dusty peaks and valleys in an almost Basinski-esque way, while the subtle hums and textures of "Cumulus" gently levitates above the earth and settle into sublime tones similar to Steve Roach's Structures From Silence and Brian Eno's Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks. Credited as "Music For Relaxation," Cumulus is the perfect music to encourage subconscious change, decrease blood pressure or pet the cat on the couch to. Recommended if you like: William Basinski, Brian Eno, Robert Fripp & Steve Roach.
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9 weeks ago by chyde
Yutaka Hirose - Nova + 4 2xLP WRWTFWW - Stranded Records
WRWTFWW Records present an expanded reissue of one of the most fascinating Japanese ambient/environmental albums ever made, Nova by Yutaka Hirose, originally released in 1986. The expanded reissue includes the album known as Soundscape 2: Nova, sourced from its original masters, as well as four never-released-before recordings over 50 minutes. Initially released in 1986 as part of the Soundscape series. Commissioned by Misawa Home Corporation for use in their prefabricated houses, Yutaka Hirose's Nova has grown to become a mythical piece of the Japanese minimalist/ambient/environmental scene of the eighties. Initiated around the enchanting landscapes of the two first tracks recorded for the project, "Nova" and "Epilogue," Yutaka Hirose's magnum opus serenely blends vintage synth with nature sounds, exploring soothing palettes and organic backdrops. For "Slow Sky," Hirose explains he "went for a pointillism-like sound, and tried to express a scenery of awakening, where the portal of a heart is opening up," while on "Humming The Sea," he "tried to compose a kind of music that expresses the daily, lazy life of child-like innocence in a summer vacation in some small town." The bonus material gathers four long unreleased pieces created around the same period of time for installations, described by Yutaka Hirose as "not music per se but rather sound sculptures," and including the haunting "Shadow Of A Water Droplet" which was recorded for an Ikebana exhibition. All in all, Nova + 4 is a transcendent experience of nature in the urban context, an oeuvre which, much like Midori Takada's Through The Looking Glass, or Satoshi Ashikawa's Still Way, holds the power to appease the soul in turbulent times. As one inspired YouTube commenter once said when describing Yutaka Hirose's masterstroke: "I can't tell if the birds are singing inside or outside! Thank you!"
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11 weeks ago by chyde
Misora | Light In The Attic Records
Available June 21, 2019

Often regarded as Japan’s first female singer-songwriter, Sachiko Kanenobu created an enduring legacy with Misora, a timeless classic of intricate finger-picking, gently soaring melodies, and rustic Laurel Canyon vibes. Originally released in 1972 on URC (Underground Record Club), one of Japan’s first independent record labels, the Haruomi Hosono-produced album remains one of the most beloved works to come out of Japan’s folk and rock scenes centered around Tokyo and Kansai areas in the early 1970s.
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12 weeks ago by chyde
Eric DolphyMusical Prophet | Resonance Records
Musical Prophet: The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions
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12 weeks ago by chyde
Best of New age by Scaruffi
search for the **** and *****
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may 2019 by chyde
Yusef Lateef - Hikima: Creativity LP Key System Recordings - Stranded Records
Key System Recordings present a reissue of Yusef Lateef's Hikima: Creativity, originally released in 1983. In the early 1980s, famed jazz saxophonist and musical luminary Yusef Lateef traveled to Nigeria as a Senior Research Fellow to study, write, and teach at Ahmadu Bello University. He cut this record while there; pressed locally in Nigeria, it remained virtually unknown by jazz fans and collectors for over 30 years. On Hikima, Lateef leads a nonet of African musicians in seven compositions that fuse his deep blues and jazz roots with native Nigerian instruments, drums and chants. The sounds stretch from meditative and melancholic to urgent and unrelenting. A singular recording impossible to classify or box in. Lovingly pressed to vinyl by Key System Recordings, a new imprint dedicated to progressive and underground music of all types helmed by Jonathan Sklute, founder of NYC vinyl boutique Good Records. Officially licensed through the Lateef estate. Restored and remastered by Jessica Thompson. Initial edition of 800.
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may 2019 by chyde
Alice Coltrane - Superior Viaduct
After many years on Impulse!, Alice Coltrane moved to Warner Bros. in the mid-'70s and made four extraordinary albums: Eternity, Radha-Krsna Nama Sankirtana, Transcendence and Transfiguration. We are honored to reissue them all at once with liner notes by Mark Richardson and rare photos by Gary Heery and Ginny Winn.
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april 2019 by chyde
The Wire Shop - Dokkiri! Japanese Indies Music 1976–1989 A History And Guide by Kato David Hopkins
"Dokkiri! tells the history of a remarkable complex of musical subcultures that developed in Japan from the mid-1970s. Starting with a discussion of the earliest rumblings of punk and new wave, all types of independently produced music are covered in more detail than has ever appeared in English before. Punk, art music, noise, hardcore, psychedelic, dance music and more."
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march 2019 by chyde
▶︎ Traveller | Love All Day
Love All Day follows up last year’s Planetary Peace reissue with Warren Sampson’s little-known ambient masterpiece Traveller. Hailing from Minnesota and inspired by the early work of Brian Eno and Jon Hassell, Sampson infused their compositional modes with a self-effacing and distinctly Upper Midwest approach that is equal parts isolated and expansive. Traveller was recorded in a bedroom closet studio on a four-track TEAC reel-to-reel between the late 1970s through the mid 1980s. Not long after its release in 1987, almost all of the copies of the LP ended up in a landfill.

We’re proud to be able to (re)introduce such a marvelous, humanity filled work back into the world. Palpably conjuring the subtle, dimming, crystalline beauty of a Northern midwinter twilight via skeletal guitars, icy keyboard tones, and slowly shifting drones, Sampson magically collapses that vast big open into the reflection found on a single frozen leaf. Traveller is a weirdly out-of-time record, very much anticipating the post-rock catalog of a (Midwest) label like Kranky, or any number of the new artists we work with here at Love All Day, while at the same time recalling contemporaries like K. Leimer or Marc Barreca for Palace of Lights.
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december 2018 by chyde
▶︎ Living In The Distant Present (2018 reissue) | Carl Weingarten
Previously only released on cassette in 1985 on Carl Weingarten's own Multiphase Records, ”Living In The Distant Present” is now available on Vinyl, CD and digital for the first time on Azure Vista Records. The album is a rare treat for fans of guitar ambient, tape loops and experimental new age music. When listening to this album one can't help but wonder that had it initially received a wider distribution it surely would have been considered an ambient classic of sorts.

Carl Weingarten is one of the unsung heroes of American minimalism. Even though he's been active for close to four decades, his work is just now starting to receive the praise it deserves. On ”Living Ín The Distant Present” showly shifting synth patterns is joined with his signature guitar playing – a tranquil, stretched out sound that blur the lines between played and processed, occasionally sonically closer to violins or flutes than guitars. Incredibly sparse and evocative, there's a tasteful zen-quality to these 12 tracks. Weingarten's compositions appear both timeless and tranquil.
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december 2018 by chyde
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