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Use magit-ediff to resolve merge conflicts (Example)
You can always just switch to buffer C and edit what the merged version should look like.
emacs  git  magit 
6 days ago
Home · JXA-Cookbook/JXA-Cookbook Wiki
JavaScript for Automation is a new feature in OS X Yosemite. It lets you control applications and the operating system using JavaScript language.
js  osx  automation  jxa  cookbook  code 
14 days ago
A New Golden Age for Computer Architecture | February 2019 | Communications of the ACM
CPUs. Intel offers CPUs with many cores enhanced by large multi-level caches and one-dimensional SIMD instructions, the kind of FPGAs used by Microsoft, and a new neural network processor that is closer to a TPU than to a CPU.19
paper  comparch  vlsi  trend 
16 days ago
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