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Introduction to Machine Learning  |  Machine Learning Crash Course  |  Google Developers
Rules of Machine Learning, Rule #1: Don't be afraid to launch a product without machine learning
ml  learn  google  ai  tut  course  vid  free  dl  tensor  py  numpy  pandas 
august 2018 by cjitlal
Why the Future of Machine Learning is Tiny « Pete Warden's blog
Instead I chose to speak about another trend that I am just as certain about, and will have just as much impact, but which isn’t nearly as well known. I’m convinced that machine learning can run on tiny, low-power chips, and that this combination will solve a massive number of problems we have no solutions for right now. That’s what I’ll be talking about at CogX, and in this post I’ll explain more about why I’m so sure.
ml  scale  compute  blog  toread 
june 2018 by cjitlal
Large Datasets Repository | Public Datasets on AWS
AWS Public Datasets let anyone access large data sets from a centralized data repository and quickly analyze them using Amazon EC2, Amazon EMR, and other AWS data analytics products.
aws  stats  dataset  ml  dataviz  viz  amazon  cloud 
march 2018 by cjitlal
My Favorite Deep Learning Papers of 2017
Here are five deep learning papers I felt rose above the rest in 2017.
deep  ml  dl  papers  best  list  ai 
december 2017 by cjitlal
Solving Logistic Regression with Newton's Method
The Laziest Programmer - Because someone else has already solved your problem.
math  ml  stats  dl  tut  toread  prob 
july 2017 by cjitlal
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