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Mini Tokyo 3D
A real-time 3D digital map of Tokyo's public transport system. This data visualization was produced by Akihiko Kusanagi.
train  map  japan  3d  transport  tokyo 
13 days ago
Tune-Bot | Tuning Guide
An in depth guide to drum tuning with information on what notes and intervals to tune your drum to and much more.
audio  drums  frequency  tuning  drum 
20 days ago
If Pixels Could Talk - #1 — Miles Greb - Comics and Science
By Miles Greb @Goldrushcomics   In second grade, my teacher pulled down a map and began my first geography lesson. She pointed out China, Russia, Europe, all the greatest hits. I raised my hand. "Where was The Shire?" I asked. My teacher assumed I was mocking her in some way
japan  videogames  final  fantasy  jrpg  retro  retrogaming  retrogame 
5 weeks ago
The Quietus | Features | We Love You: The Psychedelic Furs And The Sisters Of Mercy
A new rock music and pop culture website. Editorial independent music website offering news, reviews, features, interviews, videos and pictures
music  goth  sisters  mercy  psychedelic  furs  dark 
5 weeks ago
Aphex Twin on the Rephlex years
Richard D. James spoke with Oli Warwick about the glory days of Rephlex, the label he ran with Grant Wilson-Claridge. Below is their unedited email conversation in its entirety.
aphex  twin  interview  music  rephlex 
8 weeks ago
How do I turn audio into video (that is, show the waveforms in a video)? - Video Production Stack Exchange
ffmpeg -i input.m4a -filter_complex \
"[0:a]showwaves=s=1280x720:mode=line:rate=25,format=yuv420p[v]" \
-map "[v]" -map 0:a output.mp4
audio  filter  ffmpeg  oscilloscope  video 
9 weeks ago
Autechre interview
Full Coil conversation from Wire magazine Listening Room session, 1998:
autechre  coil  interview  music  electronic  industrial  idm 
10 weeks ago
Bruce Osborn Photography :: Teentokyo
Bruce Osborn is a photographer working and living in Tokyo for the past 30+ years. Gallery in Singapore. His work is featured in advertisements and in-store promotions, Several gallery collections of his work appears here on this website, in books and in print exhibitions in Japan and around the world. Well-known for his OYAKO series of Family Photographs -- Parents and children.
photography  harajuku  kids  gallery  tokyo  japan  young  old 
june 2019
A Guide to Flash Street Photography (On Camera)
You will probably have guessed by now that we here at are big fans of flash street photography. We’ve recorded no less than three Street Hunts dedicated to off-camera flash street photography in Rethymno, Crete, Greece, as well as producing a guide to flash street photography during the day as part of our street talk video series. Spyros Papaspyropoulos regularly runs hands-on flash street photography workshops for intermediate and entry level photographers in Athens, with places still available for the December workshop! Flash street photography was the theme for our March 2017 monthly theme contest too (won by Christoph Wuzella), plus we’ve made an awesome list of top flash street photographers for you to follow on social media. In amongst all this we’ve put together two guides on using off-camera flash in street photography and an explainer for how to rock an off-camera flash setup with the Fujifilm X-Pro1. But we realised that despite all our flash street photography love we’ve never actually put together a basic primer on shooting with a flash the way the majority of you will like to shoot – i.e. on the camera itself. So, we’re now going to rectify that with a simple little guide to flash street photography (on camera).
photography  street  streetphotography  flash  guide  camera 
may 2019
We’ve been playing Uno wrong for almost 50 years now
Or so its Twitter account would have you believe
uno  game  rules 
may 2019
SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy General Notes
Special thanks to: @sie_kensou77 , @HBJohnXuandou, @kenmastersX, @Keogamer, @novriltataki , and @OlafRedland for pointing out smaller things I missed after the fact and for providing more general info to flesh some things out.
Let’s get right to this~
videogames  guide  japan  snk  heroines  fighting  tag 
may 2019
A Dell Update Bricked My Computer
Unfortunate things happen with computers all the time. I understand that. But when a recommended Dell update bricks a Dell computer, I expect Dell to fix it.
pc  computer  dell  alienware  brick  motherboard  bios 
april 2019
Home page
Fumetti, gadget, giochi, distribuzione che aspettavi!
italia  manga  fumetti  distributore  fumetteria  date  uscita 
april 2019
Akira Yasuda – 2003 Developer Interview
In the first half of this lengthy 2003 interview, legendary designer and illustrator Akira “Akiman” Yasuda looks back at his origins as an artist and the early titles to which he lent his talents as a Capcom employee, including the popular and influential brawler Final Fight and the era-defining and canonical fighting game Street Fighter II.

Stay tuned for part II!
videogames  interview  japan  street  fighter  streetfighter  capcom 
april 2019
M.Bison Combo Thread: "Child! It is I who am the strongest!"
For slightly more damage and slightly less stun you could opt for 454 damage 635 stun - s.HK(CC), c.HP, V Trigger, s.HP xx MK Scissor Kick xx EX Inferno EX Head Stomp 475 damage 645 stun - VT active, J.HP/HK, S.HK, C.MP xx LK Scissor Kick xx EX Psycho Blast xx Ex Psycho Inferno xx EX Head Stomp (corner only combo)
guide  bison  m.bison  sf5  sfv  streetfighter  street  fighter  videogames  playstation  ps4  combo  japan 
april 2019
Street Fighter 5 Bison Guide - How to Play, Combos, Tips to Play Against and Counter | SegmentNext
Street Fighter 5 Bison guide with tips and strategies to play Bison, play against Bison and counter Bison in competitive games.
videogames  guide  street  streetfighter  sfv  fighter  ps4  sf5  playstation  combo  bison  vega  m.bison 
april 2019
The surprising story of the French Bread studio
A look back at the origins of French Bread studio, the originator of the MELTY BLOOD and Under Night In-Birth series.
videogames  fighting  game  french  bread  japan  doujin  meltyblood  melty  blood  under  night  in-birth 
march 2019
Turtle Hermit School
Welcome to the official site of the Turtle Hermit School!

The Turtle Hermit School is a passion project dedicated to helping new players overcome the steep learning curve of modern fighting games. Currently with a focus on Dragonball FighterZ.
dragonball  fighterz  fighting  videogames  japan  guide  anime 
february 2019
LaunchBox Games Database
The LaunchBox Games Database aims to provide perfect game images and metadata for all known gaming platforms. Content is best viewed in LaunchBox.
videogames  database  arcade 
february 2019
Surge Synthesizer Releases | surge
Surge Synthesizer plug-in (Vember Audio Surge)
windows  osx  mac  plugin  audiounit  synthesizer  vst  freeware  audio  surge  au  macos  free  pc  synth 
january 2019
Miyu Kubota's Accidental Pantsu Exposure
Seiyuu Miyu Kubota has become the next charming woman to reveal her pantsu to all those present on what seems to have been a live stream, though some have suspected that the voice actress did this on purpose.

Miyu Kubota has had a rather minimal roster of characters, but she may likely be best kn
japan  anime  seiyuu  pantsu  upskirt 
january 2019
Come aggiungere iCloud Drive al Dock del Mac -
icloud  italiano  mac  guida  desktop  apple  macos  osx 
january 2019
Autori ed editori | Utilizzatori | Gestione diritti – Soundreef
Soundreef Ltd. è un Ente di Gestione Indipendente che offre servizi alternativi a quelli delle tradizionali società di gestione dei diritti d’autore...
copyright  diritto  autore  royalties  diritti  italia  musica 
december 2018
The dark side of Japan's underground idols: Little pay, long hours and unbreakable contracts | The Japan Times
Idol groups such as the iconic AKB48 are synonymous with Japan. Known for their cutesy, highly choreographed stage performances and film clips, they person
idol  japan 
december 2018
ATA: ferie residue dell’A.S. precedente vanno consumate entro aprile
Nel mese di luglio – agosto, a differenza del personale docente che non è obbligato ad una presenza a scuola (a meno che non ci siano degli impegni come
lavoro  scuola  ata  ferie  residue  anno  scolastico  italia 
december 2018
Maaya Uchida's Pantsu Exposed On Livestream
Renowned seiyuu Maaya Uchida has embarrassingly exposed her pantsu during a live stream, a happening that immediately prompted perverts into producing animated gifs to forever immortalize the sexy moment.

Maaya Uchida may perhaps best be known for her role of Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou d
anime  seiyuu  maaya  uchida  upskirt  panchira  pantsu  japan 
december 2018
Love Live Arcade Glitch Stripping Idols Nude in Public
A humorous glitch has affected the Love Live arcade game, stripping the famous idol girls of not only their clothes but also their dignity since the title is played in public.

The arcade game tasks players with raising the franchise's girls into budding idols, employing performances where the gir
love  live  videogames  japan  bug  nude  idol 
december 2018
sinistrail sentinel by Autechre
Listen to a new track by Autechre now via the Adult Swim Singles program.
autechre  music  adult  swim  sinistrail  sentinel  idm 
december 2018
ATA, scuole chiuse il 24 e 31 dicembre. Recupero giorni, come avviene
La chiusura dei prefestivi deve essere deliberata dal personale ATA? In prossimità del periodo natalizio numerose scuole hanno stabilito
ata  scuola  lavoro  chiusure  festività  recupero 
december 2018
The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | Beyond The Iron Gates: How Nazi-Satanists Infiltrated the UK Underground
A new rock music and pop culture website. Editorial independent music website offering news, reviews, features, interviews, videos and pictures
ona  o9a  satanism  nazi  politics  rightwing  fascism  right  wing  music 
november 2018
How to Compensate for Latency Caused by FFT-based Algorithms in MOLEKULAR – Native Instruments
In MOLEKULAR, the FFT-based algorithms (Fast Fourier Transform) Spektral Hold, Spektral Shift, Spektral Smear, and Vokoder introduce...
latency  native  audio  instruments  molekular  live  reaktor  ableton  fft 
november 2018
Defining the Heisei Era: Examining the rise of otaku culture | The Japan Times
With the number of children shrinking, popular entertainment naturally began targeting the otaku population that didn't hesitate to open their wallets for material many considered juvenile.
heisei  era  japan  otaku 
november 2018
The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | Why We're Investigating Extreme Politics in Underground Music
A new rock music and pop culture website. Editorial independent music website offering news, reviews, features, interviews, videos and pictures
fascism  death  in  june  deathinjune  burzum  rightwing  right  wing  politics  music  industrial  extreme 
november 2018
Designing 2D graphics in the Japanese industry
Designing 2D graphics in the Japanese industry vgdensetsu: “ An Amiga, Deluxe Paint and a mouse. From the late 80s to the early 90s, these 3 tools were at the core of numerous graphic designers’...
videogames  graphic  japan  retrogaming  retro  retrogame 
november 2018
Netflix Italia: annunciati i titoli delle serie animate fino a dicembre 2018!
La piattaforma streaming Netflix Italia ha rilasciato i titoli dei nuovi anime che arricchiranno il ricco catalogo.
netflix  anime  italia 
november 2018
Personale ATA: il diritto alla "pausa caffè". Chiarimenti - Orizzonte Scuola
Il personale ATA ha diritto alla "Pausa caffè"? Quante ne può fare il collaboratore scolastico e quante l'assistente amministrativo?
lavoro  scuola  italia  sindacato  ata  contratto  pausa 
november 2018
Permessi ATA motivi personali e visite: come detrarli dal monte ore. Guida
Come interpretare la fruizione delle 18h di permesso retribuito per motivi personali (art.31 CCNL 2018) da parte del personale ATA.
ata  scuola  lavoro  permesso  personale  visita  specialistica  italia 
october 2018
Permessi ATA: chiarimenti su legge 104, visite specialistiche, trattenute
Elenchiamo alcuni dei quesiti più frequenti sulla nuova disciplina dei permessi prevista dal nuovo Contratto 2016/18 per il personale ATA.
scuola  lavoro  permesso  familiari  visita  specialistica  ata  italia  contratto 
october 2018
ATA, con permessi ad ore non c'è decurtazione stipendio
Ritorniamo sull'argomento visite specialistiche per il personale ATA e sulle novità dell'art. 33 del CCNL 2016/18 che desta ancora un po' di confusione
scuola  lavoro  permesso  visita  specialistica  ata  sindacato  italia 
october 2018
ATA, 18 ore permessi visite specialistiche. Una vittoria o meno diritti?
Dott. Andrea Barsotti, ass. amm. presso l’I.C. Rosmini di Roma - Con il nuovo contratto firmato il 19 aprile scorso da quasi tutte le maggiori
ata  permesso  visita  specialistica  sindacato  scuola  italia  lavoro 
october 2018
ATA: permessi orari per motivi personali e familiari - Orizzonte Scuola
Con il nuovo CCNL 2018 cambia la modalità di fruizione per il personale ATA assunto a tempo indeterminato dei permessi per motivi familiari o
lavoro  scuola  permesso  motivi  personali  familiari  italia 
october 2018
ATA, 18 ore di permessi aggiuntivi per visite specialistiche
Nota di approfondimento della FLC CGIL, CISL SCUOLA e UIL SCUOLA RUA sui permessi del personale ATA della scuola nel nuovo contratto.
lavoro  scuola  ata  permesso  visita  specialistica  contratto  sindacato 
october 2018
Netflix Lovers Italia - Tutto quello che ti serve dopo l'abbonamento
Tutto il catalogo Netflix Italia, le nuove uscite in streaming e le novità di ogni giorno, le scadenze e i contenuti eliminati, i titoli prossimamente in uscita, le classifiche dei migliori film e serie Tv in streaming e molto altro
italia  netflix  catalogo  streaming 
october 2018
Personale ATA: permessi malattia, novità CCNL/2018 - Orizzonte Scuola
Qualche chiarimento sui permessi per visite specialistiche del personale ATA, in riferimento al nuovo contratto nazionale 2016/2018.
lavoro  ata  personale  scuola  malattia  italia  permesso 
october 2018
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